Doug Wildman You Helped Me Get My Life Back

Last updated April 25, 2021

If you are in the website, then you are looking for something or someone to help you as I was when I came here. Well, look no further, because if this can not help you nothing else will.

I was at my very lowest point when I came to For FORTY YEARS I had panick attacks, and everything that came from anxiety, such as dizziness, breaking out in sweats, burning and pains in my chest, and scary thoughts. I even had agoraphobia, afraid to leave my house or drive my car.

I read everything in the member's area of this website, then looked over all the counselors. I sent an e-mail to have a session with Doug Wildman.

In just a few days, Doug called me. That was the first day of my recovery. No matter what symptoms I had, he explained them. It didn't matter how "off the wall" my questions were, with kindness and patience he told me why I experienced them.

I am 100% better today than I was since my first session. "Thank You" to the Anxietycentre for making your anxiety website available to me.

Doug, "THANK YOU" will never be enough for showing me the way to recovery. You helped me get my life back. God Bless You And Yours.


The combination of good self-help information and working with an experienced anxiety disorder therapist, coach, or counselor is the most effective way to address anxiety and its many symptoms. Until the core causes of anxiety are addressed – which we call the underlying factors of anxiety – a struggle with anxiety unwellness can return again and again. Dealing with the underlying factors of anxiety is the best way to address problematic anxiety.

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