Anxiety Recovery Stories & Testimonials

Last updated August 17, 2021

Anxiety Recovery Stories and Testimonials

What people are saying about's information, counsellors, therapists, and coaches.

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Stacey And Truly Changed My Life - Mandi, USA

I Highly Recommend Sheri Vincent - A.B., USA

You are literally a godsend - Kimberly, USA

Thank You Anxietycentre - Ray, USA

Thank You For Giving Me My Life Back - John D, USA

Thank You So Much For What You Do - Shelly, Canada

I am incredibly grateful for Sheri Vincent and - Kris, USA

Anxietycentre Saved My Life - Christine M., USA

I am so deeply grateful for You are truly angels. - Stefan W., Australia

Sheri Vincent is an amazing therapist - A.B., USA

Thank You, Stacey, And These Amazing People - Mandi, USA Is Truly A Great Program For Anxiety Disorder - Karla M., Canada

May You And Your Staff Be Blessed For All Time - Abby S., Canada

I am finally free from that torture - Damien, S., Australia

Thank You, Vince, And The AnxietyCentre - S.B., Canada

Marie Is Such A Godsend. I Applaud The AnxietyCentre - Damien, S., Australia

Stacey, thanks for everything you did for me! - Gerjanne, The Netherlands

I could not have travelled this far without Larry Rohrick - Larry C., Canada

Many sincere thanks to you and all you do. - Sean M., USA

Thank You! I Reached An Anxiety Recovery Stage - Nicole M., USA

This Would Not Have Been Possible Without - Nevin F., Canada

Trust Stacey Ellertson and - Howard, USA

I Cannot Thank You Enough - M.C., Japan

Thank You Anxietycentre And Your Team - Elizabeth, USA

I Can't Recommend Marie Enough - Barbara M., USA

"The Anxiety Centre and Hellen have been the best" - Kathleen Connauton, Canada

A Very Big Thank You To One Of Your Counselors - Dianne K., Canada

A Big Thank You To - Maria J., Australia

"Thank You For All The Work You Do At" - John S., USA

Sheri has been such a blessing in my life. I can't recommend her enough - Krista C., USA

"I will always be free thanks to Larry and the Anxiety Centre" - Terry D., Canada

"I never thought I could be freed from anxiety disorder." - Tim, USA

"I Highly Recommend Marie Filion" - D.M., Canada

"I highly recommend Liliana Tosic" - G.E., Italy

"I Wouldn’t Hesitate To Recommend Marie To Anyone Struggling With Anxiety" - R.B., USA

"Your website saved my life a year ago." - Mike S., Canada

"Thank you for sharing your wisdom about anxiety." - K.H., USA

Thank you, Liliana. You are so helpful. - Larissa, USA

"Your website is an excellence resource and contains a library full of information." - Manjo, Singapore

"Anxiety disorders are curable. Thanks to Sheri Vincent and" - Andris, Latvia

"Thank you Stacey and the Anxiety Centre for giving me my life back." - Tim S., USA

Working with Liliana Tosic has been a lifesaver! - J.M., USA

Thanks So Much - Kylie, New Zealand

Thank You And Marie Sherwood! - Laurie D., Canada

"Marilyn Folk and the AnxietyCentre are the true answer to anxiety recovery." - Shelli, USA

"I would recommend Doug and to anyone without hesitation." - Anthony, Switzerland

"Jim Folk, I am eternally grateful." - Sherry, USA

"I know's program works and it will work for you." - Debbie, New England

"Thank You For Your Wonderful Website And Therapist" - Debbie, Australia

"I cannot thank Hellen enough." - Janelle, USA

"Thank you, Jim and Marilyn Folk, from the bottom of my heart." - K.B., USA

"Jim Folk, you've given me my life back." - Peter, UK

"God Bless Doug Wildman for being there for me and" - Nevin, Canada

"Thank You For Your Amazing Website And Therapist Who Helped Me Overcome My Anxiety!" - Nicole, England

"Doug Wildman is great counselor and an extremely easy individual to speak with." - Christ Q., UK

"Getting anxiety counselling from Sheri Vincent was the best thing I have ever done." - K.D., Canada

"I will forever be grateful to you all!!" - Tiffany, Canada

"THANK YOU Brian Sellers and Jim Folk." - Breanne, USA

"Thank you, Amanda. I feel totally recovered." - Theodora, Greece

"Jim Folk, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!" - Julie, USA

"Thank you Doug Wildman and Jim Folk for your help." - Marc, ex anxiety disorder sufferer, Canada

"Brian Sellers is absolutely wonderful to work with." - Betty, Canada

"Amanda Diehl, thank you for giving me my life back." - Name Withheld, USA

"Marilyn, Folk, thank you for all you have done for me." - T.M., Canada

"I can't thank Sheri Vincent and enough." - C.W., USA

"Thank you very much, Doug Wildman and Jim Folk." - S.B., USA

"Amanda Diehl, thank you from the bottom of my heart." - Vanessa, Canada

"Thank you anxiety counsellor Hellen Krahn. is the best!" - J.B., USA

"I made tremendous progress since I began my therapy with Hellen." - Annie, Canada

"I highly recommend Stacey to anyone who struggles with anxiety." - Chris, USA

"Thanks to Marilyn, the change in my thoughts and actions has been huge." - S.B., Canada

"Doug Wildman THANK YOU. You helped me get my life back." - D.T., USA

"Doug Wildman and have been a Godsend to me." - W.B., UK

"I thank Brian Sellers and from the bottom of my heart." - Cayla, USA

"Thanks again, Stacey Ellertson, for the great work you do!" - Doug, USA

"Stacey Ellertson is a really great anxiety counsellor." - Mike, Canada

"I highly recommend Doug Wildman and" - Jill, USA

"I am very thankful to Hellen Krahn and" - name withheld, Canada

"Thank you, Stacey. I could not have done it without you." - Heather, Canada

"Brian Sellers is an amazing coach and I can't thank him enough!" - Julia, USA

"Thanks Stacey and the" - D.E., USA

"Incredible thanks to Nancy and" - J.S., Central Europe

"Thank you, Stacey Ellertson, from the bottom of my heart." - Barbara, USA

"I am so happy to be symptom-free and no longer fearful of anxiety." - Suzanne M., USA

"Stacey genuinely cares." - C.R., USA

"I highly recommend Stacey Ellertson as an anxiety counsellor." - Mary Anne, Germany

"Thank you and thank you Stacey!" - Daniel, USA

"Stacey Ellertson led me out of the trap of anxiety disorder." - J.M., USA

"Amanda's guidance led me step by step." - L.H., Canada

"I am so grateful to Stacey and" - Nicole, USA

"Stacey, you've been the world's largest help to me." - Logan, Canada

"Stacey helped me greatly." - Nick, USA

"Thank you for making me a whole lot happier and healthier." - Cathy, Canada

"Thank you for giving me this gift of freedom!" - Rochelle, USA

"I highly recommend this approach for anxiety." - Scott, Canada

"Thank you, Stacey Ellertson." - Julie, USA

"Therapy was probably the best investment I could have ever made." - Theo, Canada

"Amanda, you and the Anxiety Centre are the true answer to anxiety recovery." - Shelli, USA

"I know this may sound over dramatic, but saved my life!" - Caron, UK

"I'm grateful to anxietycentre and your whole organization. You truly were a godsend." - Catherine, USA

"I am so very thankful to everyone at" - Jacky, USA

"Thank you very much, Marilyn Folk." - J.M., UK

"I recommend Stacey and the anxietycentre to anyone dealing with anxiety." - Brandon, Canada

"Marilyn has been a blessing to my life." - M.W., USA

"Thank you to Stacey and Anxiety Centre for everything!" - Donna, Canada

"I would have never achieved my recovery without your help, Marilyn." - T.S., USA

"Thank you for giving me the tools to succeed." - Francene, Australia

"Amanda, I am just so thankful for you." - R.V., USA

"I wanted to thank you for your wonderful ministry to anxiety sufferers." - Kayleen, USA

"Stacey has a combination of experience and compassion." - N.C., Europe

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart." - K.K., Australia

"Thank you so much for all of the information and services you provide." - S.T, USA

"Your anxiety work has truly changed my life." - D.B., USA

"Thank you, anxietycentre!" - C.C., USA

"Thank you - I am now free and healthy." - April, USA

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! - A.S., USA


Sheryl V., Canada

I used to be an R.N. and I have found your site to be the best one I have ever read.


Barry S., Australia

I have no intention to renew my subscription. The reason is the best reason you can expect - with your great help I am now completely OK. You have a great website and I hope a lot of people got positive results just like I've got.

Thank you very much!

Christine C., UK

Marie T., USA

Thank you for providing an inportant service. It was so convenient to have sessions by phone, in the comfort of my home. I have and will continue to recommend your website.

Best regards.


Christine C., UK

Hello, I have just had an episode of anxiety attacks that seemed to come from nowhere. I went straight away to your website and was rewarded straight away by reading through your explanations, reminded myself of getting back to 'calm,' and began to feel the benefits straight away.

Thank you for being there, for your explanations, and for symptom reminders that feel so comforting. I hope anyone who is experiencing any kind of anxiety manages to find your site.

Susan G., USA

Susan G., USA

As year closes, I want to thank you for giving me my life back. Last New Year's Eve I was so crippled from muscle tension that my husband had to help me dress, and the entire evening was pretty much one long panic attack. This year I have no aches or pain or muscle tension, and we're about to leave for a party with a group of our friends. I would never have believed fear and anger could have caused all the 'symptoms' I was having without you and Sue convincing me it was so.

I have met some other people who work in this field (offshoots of Sarno's work) and they have also helped immensely. And I worked with a life coach who helped me practice setting boundaries.

But none of that would have been possible if my sister hadn't found your website. I've recommended it to many people, and what I've learned has helped others. So, I thank you for giving me my life back as I can't imagine what my life would have been like without you.

Ron H., UK

Ron H., UK

Hi Jim,
I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic website. I just recomended it to someone and thought I'd take the time to write to you.

I suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and panic disorder in 2008 and 2009, and reached the bottom of all bottoms with them. I was a member of your website for that time and the help I got from the reading I did on there was just phenomenal and one of the main reasons I'm alive and well today, and no meds. I have no doubt about that.

Particularly the symptoms list, I would check in regularly with it to help stay sane as I experienced 90% of the symptoms in that list. It was the most unpleasant time of my life and I still count my blessings that I'm here today and I can't thank you enough for your website.

Keep up the great work.



To be called a success story is a huge thing because of where I was and where I am [now], it's amazing. And Jennifer is just incredible.

I've never been happier...I feel so good on the inside and on the outside, it's unbelievable. I am totally living my life.

Please let anxietycentre do what they did for me, for you.

I will be forever grateful...You guys are great.

Keep up the great work.

Click here to see D.F.'s YouTube story about her struggle with anxiety disorder and how she successfully overcame it.

D. B., USA

D. B., USA

Dear Jim:

I know it's been quite some time since I last contacted you, but I just wanted to take the time to come back and thank you for all you did to help me turn my life back around! When I first stumbled across your website by some miracle of God, I was in a total pit of misunderstanding of what was going on, how I had gotten in such a state, or what on earth I could do to ever get out of it. However, thanks to your wonderful insight, understanding, patience, and counseling, (not to mention your invaluable website), I have managed to wake up to a bright and happy future. I am no longer a slave to anxiety. I now have the tools I need to control and even beat it!

Just last month I spent a whole carefree day with my family at an amusement park going on all kinds of roller coasters with my family--something I wouldn't have even thought of doing awhile back. It was such a fun, carefree day!

There are times, of course, that the stress and forgetting to keep in practice what you taught me get me a bit off track, but then I just remember to come "home" to your website and take a refresher course. And, that puts me right back on the right road.

God has given you a remarkable gift in the ability to help others, and I know it did come at the cost of going through terrible anxiety yourself; however, it has made you a great man!

So, on behalf of myself and all the others you have helped or will help in the future--THANK YOU!

Faith in God, prayer, and you have made all the difference in my life.

God's continued blessings to you and your family!

Peggy B., USA

Peggy B., USA

Prior to finding, I went through an intense period of anxiety that completely overwhelmed me. I was desperate for help. I thank God, literally, for helping me to find this website. The information was life saving for me. I also utilized the available coaching. Working with my coach, combined with the information at the website, allowed me to take serious strides toward recovery and then management of my condition. Understanding what was going on and the reasons underlying it, were essential in allowing me to calm down and start changing my thought patterns and reactions.

I continue to practice the skills and thought patterns I've learned on a daily basis. I highly recommend to anyone struggling with anxiety or overwhelming stress.

Thank you for your life changing help.

Manjo, Singapore

Manjo, Singapore

I want to register my admiration for the wonderful website maintained by all of you. It is an excellence resource and contains a library full of information nicely condensed for easy reading.

I also wish to say that the integrity of the information and the honest answers only add to the competent advice found on the website and the Skype recordings.

Great job and I hope you will be around for many many years to come rendering the amazing help to everyone out there. God Bless You.

V.S., Australia

V.S., Australia

I knew I had reached the bottom when I registered onto an internet site that cost money!!! But this is the best site ever. It has really helped. I no longer think I am dying of a strange disease.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, common sense, and years of anxiety experience.

T.S., Canada

T.S., Canada

FINALLY. Someone who understands anxiety!!

Thank you so much for your wonderful website. It's the best information available. I now understand what's going on. Your information has made a big difference in my life.

Why don't doctors know this information? It makes me angry that they so don't understand anxiety. I'm glad you guys do. Thanks again.



THANK YOU ANXIETYCENTRE! You guys saved my life.

I was totally freaked out about what was going on. Out of desperation, I became a memberb of your excellent website and IT WAS THE BEST THING I COULD HAVE DONE.

I can't believe how much of a difference it has made. Yes, you saved my life!! THANK YOU!!

P.G., UK

P.G., UK

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done. The health and peace I now experience was, in a large part, due to your help and support...

Thanks. I couldn't have done it without you! Keep up the great work!!



Thanks to your help, I'm doing really well. I struggled for so long (20 years), I thought I would never feel normal again.

Thank you so much. There's no way I can ever repay you for your help!

P.A., Canada

P.A., Canada

I've just started reading your site, and I must say it's some of the best information I have read, in books, or on the net.

R. G., India

R. G., India

Really a great website. I was suffering from anxiety symptoms for many years. I didn't realize what was happening until I read the chapters at your website. I spent lot of money contacting doctors and taking medication, but they were of no use...

This website has given me good knowledge of what is happening (symptoms) to me. Thanks.



Thank you for your wonderful website and help. I couldn't have done it without you.

With what your website has taught me, and of course your excellent help, it's easy going from here on out. Great job!

J.T., Australia

J.T., Australia

Your website has helped me so much. I'm just about 100% better.

Thank you so much for all the support and useful information you offer with your website.

Steve Goodwin, Australia

Steve Goodwin, Australia

My Journey

This has been one interesting journey from having my life turned upside by a series of panic attacks, more anxiety symptoms than I could count both mentally and physically to today.

The day my doctor said to me “Just Learn To Live With It” I was lost and thinking, how, live with this, what sort of life would that be. Lucky enough I stumbled across this website and the information here gave me all the resources I needed to find what I needed to do to overcome this terrible condition that has been flagging me for as long as I can remember.

The people on this site and the information in it gave me the courage to leave the Zoloft script from my doctor in the cupboard unused, however there were many times I felt maybe it would be just easier to use it and see what happened, I didn’t.

At first the light at the end of the tunnel seemed so far away and getting to it seemed like climbing an unsurmountable mountain but as time went by I could see that light getting closer and closer. Sure sometimes I stumbled and fell back a way but I always said to myself to stumble backwards I must have been able to go forwards.

I’ve learnt a lot through this, how to relax, meditate, breathe properly, eat properly and for me the most important control my thoughts.

It certainly has been the most difficult thing I have done in my life. It is hard to believe that I really thought I was going to die from a heart attack not all that long ago due to all the symptoms and mental feelings I was having. That was the scariest thing I have ever been through, I really thought I was going to die any second from a heart attack, it just seemed so real. The only people that probably understand how “real” it feels is people that have experienced similar panic attacks. The doom & gloom feeling, the mental tricks and the physical symptoms are so convincing. I listen to that song at time by "Missy Higgins" called "The Special Two" and she has a part in their we she sings, "And I look over me like a doctor looking for disease, Or something that could ease the pain. But nothing cures the hurt you, you bring on by yourself". While that is more about lost love, it kinda seemed relevant to the way I felt at times with anxiety/panic attacks.

I feel healthier now than I have ever felt (for as long as I can remember), I feel an inner peace and calmness that I never had before. I just don’t worry about things now and just do one task at a time, and take each day as it comes. No stress, No worry, inner peace. I also feel happy, while this may sound silly, for me it’s a big thing, happiness was not something I readily felt in the past.

People around me have commented on how healthy I’m looking and recognise a distinct change in my behaviour in general. I also believe that all the things I have learnt will help me in many ways to overcome any other illness or problems I may run into in the future.

In many ways going through this has helped me become a better person both spiritually and physically.

I thank Jim and his website for that along with all the people in this discussion group that provide links and information to various resources that were definitely of great aid to me in more than one way.

Good luck to everyone on this journey, never give up hope, stay positive and you can come out the other side not just feeling great, but in many ways a new person.



I also wanted to tell you after 8 months of searching and praying to God that I have finally found peace of mind with your website.

I am truly grateful.

May God truly bless you Jim, and know this, You have truly touched my heart with your kindness and generosity, the information on your website has already began to heal my mind and soul.

Joseph, USA

Joseph, USA

I want to tell you how very much I appreciate your site. I've learned quite a bit already!

Your site has been invaluable in educating me (and my wife!) about this condition, and how to approach it.

When I first found it, I was feeling pretty low. Your insights are wonderful, and I thank you very much.



And I have to say, best $20 I ever spent - I took a risk trying your site and I am ever so thankful I did. I feel so much better. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!!!!!

I have never come across another resource like this. This has been a blessing in helping me begin healing from chronic fatigue syndrome, especially the wired feeling and the strange symptoms. What I did not know, was that I have been dealing with a lifetime anxiety disorder which caused the thinking and behaviors that were behind me getting CFS, such as pushing myself really hard at work and in the gym, or people pleasing and hanging on to toxic relationships. I have also had trouble recovering from CFS because it has been impossible to turn my mind off or to stop focusing on the array of symptoms, which are also frightening. Both anxiety disorder and CFS have the commonality of affecting the autonomic nervous system and the limbic system of the brain, and also, both conditions require a progressive slowing of the body and the mind in order to heal. Anxiety Centre has provided me with a wealth of tools of information to begin the next level of healing. I am seeing improvements in both conditions in just a few weeks. I am currently on Chapter 6, and am looking forward to the rest of the journey as I finish the other modules. After reading the information in the first six chapters alone, I now am certain that I can not only heal from both CFS and anxiety, but afterwards, I can live a life that I have never dreamed of, one that is authentic, free of fear based decisions, full of logic but not devoid of the richness of faith and emotion, and filled with joy and relaxation. I know this is going to take a long time to rewire my nervous system and the operational patterns in my brain(thought and physiological/systems communication), but I also know I have found the right resource to solve a puzzle I've been working on for more years than I care to admit. These people running Anxiety Centre are awesome. Everyone behind the scenes has experienced the full spectrum of debilitating physical and emotional symptoms that come with the disorder(and similar autonomic or limbic system disorders); and best of all, each and every one of these people is fully cured and they have now devoted their lives to helping others get there as well. This is truly an excellent operation. I found them on YouTube, listened to the podcasts, looked around the site for a few months here and there, then finally took the leap and joined the members only area. Once I did, that is when I knew I found the right place. The members only section is so full of information, it makes the public pages look paltry in comparison, which is something to be said, because before signing up for the members only area, I found the public area of the website to already be hands down better than any other anxiety resource on the web. Jim *****, if you are reading this, you are awesome and an inspiration, and I truly appreciate all of the hard work you have put in, and the knowledgeable and kind manner in which you deliver your message, both on the Youtube podcasts and within the contents of the member's only modules. I can't speak highly enough about this operation. I wish I could give it a few more stars than the maximum five that BBB allows.Adam F.
Anxiety Centre was the only hope I found in recovering from a severe anxiety disorder. They have what I consider to be the most up-to-date research and information available. I have been working with one of their coaches for about a year now and have seen remarkable results. This is an organization that can be trusted to conduct business with integrity. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who has the willingness to do the work and the perseverance to see it through.L.J.
Their information is amazingly helpful!Jeanine M.
Amazing and full of helpful information!Lindsay M.
So much information and support - really helpful and gives hope.Jenny C.
Hello, Thank you for providing an important service. It was so convenient to have sessions by phone, in the comfort of my home. I have and will continue to recommend your website. Best regards,Marie
Hello Anxiety centre, I have just had an episode of anxiety attacks that seemed to come from nowhere. I went straight away to your website and was rewarded straight away by reading through your explanations, reminded myself of getting back to 'calm,' and began to feel the benefits straight away. Thank you for being there, for your explanations, and for symptom reminders that feel so comforting. I hope anyone who is experiencing any kind of anxiety manages to find your site. Thank you, Christine
"Wow-I can't believe it's been a year already. I just today renewed my subscription, and I continue to be greatly appreciative of your work. I feel a lot better, mainly because of one thing: information. Even though I haven't been on the site in a while, I continue to benefit from what I learned when I initially signed up. Knowing what's behind anxiety in all its forms is tremendously helpful in beating it. What you do is incredible and I hope it continues. Because of your support, you have my support. May you be blessed in your efforts!" J.C., USA
"Who would have known that a google search would have changed my life by pointing me to your website? I have lived the last 15 years with a buffet of anxiety related issues... Then I stumbled onto your site and immediately became a member. Every new page is a treasure chest of information and thoughts that I had never known. I was amazed how I could have read a number of books and web sites and never had found all the answers until now. As I read I felt the most cathartic rush of understanding and peace. Not the kind of temporary peace that anxiety sufferers get from a doctor telling them they are okay, but a true peace where I finally "saw the light". Everything makes sense now. You spoke to every fear and symptom that I had ever thought, no matter how irrational it seemed. I had been driving through winding mental roads, never understanding why certain streets lead you in directions I didn't understand. Your website is a map that showed me the landscape as a whole and it clicked. I am now far above the ocean looking down instead of caught underwater in the undertow. It feels so good to be free. Just like before the panic ever happened. I also enjoy living in the "now" so much instead of in the land of "what if?". "Now" is such a great time to live in, especially because of your site. Thank you for time and passion that you put into this." C.S., USA
"I'm incredibly impressed with the amount of work you have put into this, and with all of the material you have made available." David G.B. Sc., M.D., F.R.C.P. (c) - Psychiatry
"Once again, thank you very much for your kind and helpful words. What an awesome feeling it is to not be consumed with fear and anxiety 24/7! It was definitely worth the effort and hard times I had to go through to get here. I honestly never thought I would get back to this point. Thanks again, Laura
"Your site is like a salve on a wound. I'm relieved and inspired everytime I visit. I am grateful beyond words. Marie
"Of all the 10,000 websites I've visited on panic disorder, I'd say yours is definitely the best. I just wish you lived next door to me so I could call in and get some first hand advice." Thanks again, Fergal, France
"You really should write a book. I bought both of Claire Weekes books. Those books combined with your web page gives such a clear explanation of this disorder and a cure as well. These resources should be a must read for all practitioners who claim to treat anxiety and for all G.P's who treat bewildered symptomatic patients. My symptoms continue, but I'm practicing, practicing. Patience, Floating, Acceptance. I know I have been hung up on getting off the medication, if only to clear the decks and not be clouded by it. In my mind I believe it is holding up recovery. I should be done in a week or so. I am not going to anticipate anything. I will accept what transpires, and with gratitude, recover. It's been a revelation to understand that I have had this disorder a long, long time and that it is responsible for behavior and thought patterns that have ruled my life. I am releasing the struggle now and I am on the path of joy. Kindest Regards,"Marie
"Dear Jim and all involved in this site, Thank you so very much for my membership details. Today I've been into the site and have to say how wonderful it is. You have made it so easy to understand anxiety and panic instead of confusing sufferers like some of the medical sites on these subjects tend to do. I know that at the height of my panic etc. the last thing I needed was too much technical jargon and that is why I found your information was so helpful and comforting and taught me more than 4 years of Psychiatric Counselling ever did. I thank you not just on my behalf but for everyone out there who is going through this illness. God bless you all, love"Carol
"Wow, wow, wow, you are a great big shiny star! The site is fantastic, be proud of yourself! Here's to helping many more people dance with life!! Love as always," Andrea, UK
"Just wanted to say I "stumbled" onto your web site today and I am so very glad I did. Most importantly I am so appreciative that someone has taken the time, and expended so much effort to share this information." Ronnie
"While feeling pretty bad I discovered your web page and when I read it through I thought, "Now I know I have a guardian angel"! Thanks for making a wonderful difference in my life at this time. I never understood what was happening to me. God Bless You" Anonymous
"It was a validation of my experience that I had never had before from anywhere. It made me feel great. It made me feel, well, normal! And I just wanted to thank you. Your site is wonderful. Keep up the good work! Thanks!" Jim
"Thank you for this wonderful web site today! It may have helped me save my life! I woke up with a panic attack this morning, that became increasingly worse! The only way I could see hope was to end my life! I know others have this disease. I have been diagnosed with it for 5 years, when I tried to end my life in an attempt to get help. I had a Dr. that thought the only way to treat it was with meds. I have not had anything this scary in a long time! It is a vicious cycle of events. Thank you for helping me today and hopefully changing my tomorrow's!" Shelly
"Hi Jim, ' just a quick note to say I have been feeling pretty good. Something you said to me last time we wrote, was just to tell myself I am not going to allow the anxiety to get to me. Since then , I have faced these feelings with a feeling of power over them. Isn't it funny how something so easy can be so effective. I am traveling to New York city this coming weekend, that probably wouldn't be happening if it was 4 months ago. Anyway, thank you for your kind words, continued success in reaching out to people. I listened to some George Whiston music this week and I thought of you and how much hope you are giving to others. Take care,"Chris
"Hi I'm Janinne .. I really enjoyed your informative and common sense web site. I had my first panic attack 2 years ago. I went to see the doc who told me it was the onset of a "virus" ...I thought that was rubbish (well ... A load of b---ll--sh, actually !!) having to be carried later on that evening into the local casualty dept by my partner , who was as distressed as me. Was not amusing. I had lost the use of my hands and my ankles felt like jelly ... Luckily for me, the doc lady recognized my illness, gave me a beta blocker and within 20 minutes I was fine. Two really useful tips, please put them up , if you haven't got them already. 1...if you feel on the edge of a doozy, massage your right jugular vein (only the right side) in a slow circular motion. Approximately 5 minutes later it will have reduced the oxygen flow and the doozy will pass (works like a treat for me every time). 2..another is to massage just under the eye in the outside corner, in a circle. There is a "sympathetic nerve " there, which helps. I recent met a lady who was clearly a fellow sufferer, but was undiagnosed. She'd been called a time waster. Treated with all manner of anti-depressants without any success. When we talked it through we realized her problem. We chatted for awhile and she was rejuvenated to have a sympathetic ear at last. She sent me a little note last week, to thank me for changing her life ... Keep up the good work." Janinne
"I used to suffer from panic attacks and believe my father now suffers from them. After reading your web page I know that this will help him. Your tools to getting better is how I beat my panic attacks. Thank you." Jane
"Hello. My name is Ashley, and I logged on to your site on January 9, 2000. I logged on not because I have panic disorder but because I am doing an informative speech on it for my English class. I just wanted to tell you how informative and neat your site was. Thank you for providing the public with this information. Because of your site, I can now better understand this growing problem in out society today, and so can my peers from my English class. Thank you again. Sincerely," Ashley
"WOW...up until I read this I thought I was losing my mind...I'm 16 and I had one of these attacks this morning actually FULL BLOWN...for the past few days however I had been feeling wierd and depressed and now I understand everything! THANK U SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for this information!" Jenna
"all your info was great, very informative.. thanks!!" Anonymous
"I have been doing a lot better recently, and I am finding that I have learned how to identify even the smallest of anxieties. I have also learned that when I am under little to no stress, I feel better than usual. Thank you for your site- it has really been a benefit and a true blessing. May the holiday season be prosperous for you and your family. Have a wonderful new year." Wendy
"I just like to thank you for producing a very informative website on panic disorders." George
"hi Jim- Your input was so valuable--I thought I would just give you a brief update. I'm doing fine-under control. I've consulted a dr./friend whose been very helpful. Hope all is well with you and yours and HAPPY HOLIDAYS." Joe, USA
"You might think this is crazy but it has worked for me. When I start to feel an attack coming on and all of the positive thinking and breathing techniques aren't working. Or not working fast enough I have sex with my husband. It relaxes you in several ways. You breath differently and your thoughts are distracted into pleasure instead of fear. I have done this several times and it always work. The difficult thing is remembering to do it. I find that in the middle of an attack you are not thinking clearly and is difficult to think of things to get you out of the attack. My husband now knows to start with a back rub and progress from there. And thanks for your reply. I'm doing much better today." Anonymous
"As a sufferer of panic disorders, I was so grateful to have found your website. I cried the entire time I was reading all of the different categories. I know I would be interested in a chat room to help myself, along with others, by being able to talk about this disease." Kathy
"Just wanted to let you know I found your web site and found it VERY informative. I have been suffering from panic disorder for most of my life, and until just recently didn't even know what I had. Everytime I went to the Dr., they would just tell me it "was in my head" and that there was nothing wrong with me. By the time the Dr. would see me, of course the attack had passed and is very hard to describe to someone who has never had one what you have experienced without them thinking you have some type of physical problem. I think I am luckier than most people in that I don't have it as severely, (don't have feelings of dying or anything, ) just the heart racing and all the other physical symptoms. It is encouraging to see that I am not alone, and now am trying to find the right combination of relaxation therapy to fight this disorder. I try to visualize calming scenes, like beaches or clouds floating by. I have also found that doing something to occupy myself while having an attack, like working on a crossword puzzle or listening to soothing music helps. I have them sometimes a couple times a night, (hardly ever during the day), I guess I am too busy at work to have one!. I can go weeks at a time without having an attack and then BAM one will hit with no warning. Thanks again for providing a great site and for listening. May God Bless You !!" Linda
"Hi, my name is MaryAnn. I've suffered from agoraphobia and panic attacks for about 8 yrs. I've read every bit of psycho babble imaginable. Your page is a stroke of genius. You've actually made me feel positive about my illness. You've given people some good thinking tools to act upon and I am now looking forward to moving forward with my life. My head's been turned to see the illness for what it is and not some unknown scary entity that lives in my head. Thank you so much for this insight into your life. I will certainly be recommending these pages to others with similar dispositions." MaryAnn, USA
"Hi, as a person who has suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for nearly 12 years and has read numerous publications on the topic, I found your site to contain the most accurate and helpful information available. What a refreshing change to have this information written by someone who has firsthand experience instead of a doctor trying to sell tapes. My driving is severely limited as I become dizzy and lose my equilibrium and I fear having an accident. After many tests, the doctors tell me to "live with it." Thanks again for providing such a great resource for those people like me who suffer from these problems. Sincerely," Jeff
"I am a 16 year old teenager who suffers from anxiety and panic disorder. I thought I was familiar with all the symptoms and that causes but I regretfully was not. It was a awful experiance when I was sure that the dimming lights in my eyes (little flashes of them) and other such "eye tricks" were the precursors of a brain tumor or something. Your site really helped... just wanted to say thanx." Michael
"Hi My name is Anna. I read through your website and it was great! Thanks for making that information available to me and others. I recently been experiencing this stuff. Tingles in the head kind like numbness in the neck, kinda like pressure in my chest, and it keeps coming and going coming and going when is pleases when i think about it it comes. I really hope it goes away i know its anxiety/panic disorders so i try to over come the fear of me dying or something i know that wont happen but sure feels like crap when they keep coming. Thank you" Anna :o)
"Thank you so much for your advice and response. It is very comforting to know there is someone out there that can ease our minds. Don't be surprised if you hear from my daughter. It seems to comfort her greatly to know others are experiencing this. Thank you very much."Corrine
"Hi! Thank you so very much for responding so quickly and totally reassuring me. You can't imagine how much stress that takes off of me just knowing why this is happening to me. I'm sure I'm just like other anxiety-ridden people and just assume that something was wrong with my heart even though the Dr. told me it sounded fine. Thank you so much again. God Bless!!! :0)" Kim
"I just wanna say that I loved your website. After reading everything that you wrote, I feel that I have a chance again. I've never felt so motivated to make a change in my life...and I have no doubt that your techniques wont work. I've never read something about my illness that's made me think "wow this is EXACTLY how I feel and EXACTLY what I'm going through". So, once again THANK YOU so much!!!! " Lisa, Canada
"Hi! I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful web site you have created. I've suffered with anxiety and panic attacks off and on for 5 years and have researched and read books but they didn't explain things as well as you have about what is going on inside the body. It really helps to understand why I feel the way I do. Your site has been a great help to me as I'm sure it has been to others. Thanks," Kim
"Jim, I want to Thank You for responding to my e-mail. I have not had this illness that long yet and I'm still trying to cope with it, as well as, avoid becoming a hypercondriac. But, It is getting easier to adjust my thoughts as the wave of panic starts to progress. I know it is nearly impossible to avoid adrenaline pumping events through out the course of my life, Basic, i'm trying to improve my skills of handling the attack as they come on and lead a normal life at the same time. I truly appreciate people of your nature going to every effort to inform and support individuals with this ( I can't think of a proper word to describe this illness) Monster that's good one. Thanks again." George
"Hello: I can't tell you how comforting it was to see your web site! I have had panic/anxiety since 1978. Actually I can recall having it even earlier, but not recognizing it at the time. Over the years I have read various panic comes and goes. All that you have discribed. Sometimes one can get very depressed....I have fears that come and go. I will read all your writings and hopefully I will return to society as before. I have quit my job, etc. Love to you all and thank you. Sincerely," Laurel
"Hi. I found your site amazing and totally helpful. Thanks," Erin
"Jim, Thanks for writing me, you have become kind of a life line for me. I have experienced recently frequent bouts of anxiety, and it is very difficult to talk to anyone about it. I was able to get to my doctor, and she is putting me on a low dose of estorgen, thinking it might help. I heard there are drugs that can help this condition, I really prefer to do it naturally. Did you really get over this completely? what a message of hope you send. I love life, and i dont want this to ruin mine. I remain optimistic. a little scared. Thank you," Chris
"I've experienced my first attack (three actually) last week and I would like to express my gratitude for helping me unmask this illness I have to learn to live with from now on. I will keep you inform with my recovery. Thank you very much again!" Sylvie, Canada
"Dear Jim, Sometimes I think that I will live with this disease until the end of my life and feel sorry. But I must say that, your comment and help was greatest of all others and from time to time made me feel well, as you know it is not easy to get well from this disease, Best wishes," Selen
"My husband has been suffering from this for 2 years now, has been to counseling, is on meds, still no relief. Just found your site & printed all for my husband, can't wait till he reads it. I'm so happy for you that you have overcome this horrible condition. You give me hope that my husband can feel better and we can get back to our lives! Thank you and God Bless!" Judy
"I think that having a bulletin board or a chat area would be wonderful. Sometimes, just knowing that I am not the only one with panic attacks, and knowing that others can relate, is enough to calm me down and get me back on the right track of thinking. Thanks again for your help," Wendy
"Thanks for the great web site! I see myself all too clearly in your descriptions and cannot believe that this illness has happened to me.Anyway, you've probably heard all this a thousand times, but if someone reads this--thank you 'cause I feel better having said it! Also, i would like to see the FAQ board." Anonymous
"I can't thank you enough for your simple, straight-forward approach to my recurring problem. Your ideas are very much appreciated. They're simple, pragmatic and encouraging. Thank you. I will think of all these "tools" tomorrow as I work to get through my day without an attack. I am not alone. Thanks so much." Anonymous
"Hi Jim, Well again, thank you. This information has been invaluable as well. I don't know how to help others with panic disorders since I don't know anyone who has them, but I would be glad to help anyone at anytime if I could. I am printing out your responses so I may have as little booklets to read. I hope to have the opportunity to help someone in the future as we know how awful this thing can be. I will take your advice seriously as it sounds like the best advice I have gotten. Thanks again," Joe
"You all have been very helpful and supportive!" Carmen C.

These are just a few of the comments we've received. If you would like us to post your comments here, just send them along. Also, if you wish to have your comments removed, send us an email as well. Thank you everyone for your very nice comments. God bless you.

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