• Guided Journey #2 - Voice and Sound Effects

Guided Journey #2 - Voice with SFX (sound effects) version

Due to the many requests from those who purchased the Guided Journey #1, anxietycentre.com has produced a second Guided Journey relaxation experience.

Travel along with our host as he takes you on a second imaginary journey through more of nature's most tranquil locations.

The sounds and environments you'll hear include:

  • Early morning in the country, in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains (morning birds, farm sounds in far distance – a soothing a peaceful setting)
  • Beside a babbling brook in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains (babbling brook, light birds in background – remarkably comforting and enriching)
  • Sitting beside a quiet and serene lake in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains (birds, ducks, geese, fish jumping in lake – a serendipitous experience in the foothills)
  • Sitting on a porch in the evening, in a quiet little town in the country during a light rain (light rain, very light birds and evening sounds, distant train – wonderfully evocative, peaceful, and serene)

This MP3 relaxation audio resource is a "voice with natural sound effects" version.

It has a runtime of approximately 22 minutes. The perfect length for a relaxation experience.

This audio resource was specifically developed for deep relaxation. It was designed to still the mind, and interest and relax the listener.

(NOTE: All sounds on this MP3 audio track were digitally recorded in the pristine foothills and mountains of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Many of the locations described on this track are actual locations in or near the Canadian Rockies.)

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Guided Journey #2 - Voice and Sound Effects

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