• Progressive Relaxation - Voice with WAVES sound effects

Progressive Relaxation - Voice with WAVES sound effects version

Stress and anxiety can agitate the mind and body. An overly energized body and racing mind are common symptoms of stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, these symptoms are often the reasons why many people CAN’T relax, making recovery difficult. This is a common “catch 22” problem: want and need to relax, but can’t.

Fortunately, there is a way to address this problem.

Voice directed guided relaxation techniques can help bring about deep mind and body relaxation, even when it would be normally difficult.

Voice directed relaxation techniques help to focus and still the mind, which can then help to calm and relax the body. Jim Folk used these techniques to aid in his recovery. In fact, this track is exactly the technique he used during his recovery. That’s why anxietycentre.com has developed it, so that others may benefit from it, as he did.

This MP3 sound file contains the Progressive Relaxation track. Many people find a progressive relaxation technique relaxing, especially if their mind and body are overly stimulated. Using a progressive muscle relaxation technique, Jim Folk leads the listener through a series of relaxation steps that are geared to relax the complete body, starting at the top of your head and ending at the tips of your toes.

This is a popular “voice and sound effects (sfx)” progressive muscle relaxation technique. Once learned, you can practice this technique anywhere and at anytime, even without the MP3 audio track. It’s a great tool to help you achieve total body relaxation where and whenever you like.

This track has a runtime of approximately 20 minutes. Many find it to be the perfect length for a relaxation experience.

This MP3 audio track was specifically developed for deep relaxation. It was designed to still the mind, and interest and relax the listener.

This MP3 audio track is a "Voice with Waves sound effects" version.

For those that enjoy voice only, this relaxation technique is also available without sound effects (AC-PR1-VO-DNLD). And for those that prefer a different sound effect, this relaxation technique is also available with voice and babbling brook sound effects (AC-PR1-BROOK-DNLD). See their product descriptions for more information.

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Progressive Relaxation - Voice with WAVES sound effects

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