“All of us at anxietycentre.com have experienced debilitating anxiety. But we’ve also overcome it and returned to normal and lasting health. Because we know the hardship anxiety unwellness can cause, we are committed to helping others, with over 30 years of service.” - Jim Folk, President, anxietycentre.com

Meet Our anxietycentre.com Team

Anxietycentre.com believes information is only as helpful as it is accurate. Since we are passionate about helping people overcome anxiety disorder, we have taken great care in researching and writing about the many aspects of anxiety disorder, its symptoms, and recovery.

Each article we create is reviewed by medical and mental health professionals for clarity, accuracy, and completeness. Our team has a diverse background with a combined experience of over 200 hundred years of professional and practical experience. This ensures that our information is up to date and precise. We’ve worked hard to create information you can trust on your journey to anxiety disorder recovery.

We are pleased to present our team of medical and mental health professionals:

Jim Folk
Jim Folk
Calgary, Canada
Jim Folk is the founder and president of anxietycentre.com. He experienced severe anxiety disorder from 1975 to 1987. After finding little help from the medical and mental health care systems at that time, Jim set out to discover the true cause of anxiety disorder and healthy ways of overcoming it. This determination set Jim on the road to extensive anxiety disorder research and study.

Based on his findings after a multi-year investigation, Jim developed natural recovery strategies, applied them, and overcame his struggle with severe anxiety disorder. In 1987, he returned to normal, medication-free health and has remained anxiety disorder-free.

Visit "Jim Folk's Anxiety Story" for Jim's story about his 12-year battle with anxiety disorder.

Jim has over 45 years of experience researching and writing about anxiety disorder, and more than 30 years of experience working one-on-one with anxiety disorder sufferers, recovery support members, and anxiety disorder coaches, counselors, and therapists. Because Jim understands how debilitating anxiety disorder can be, he has dedicated two-thirds of his life to helping anxiety disorder sufferers. Anxietycentre.com is the product of that passion.

Today, Jim and his wife, Marilyn, work with a highly knowledgeable and experienced team of international professional coaches, counselors, therapists, and psychotherapists. They are passionate about helping people overcome anxiety disorder (Social Anxiety Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, phobias), as well as many other mental health challenges.

Marilyn Folk
Marilyn Folk
BScN, Vice President
Calgary, Canada
Marilyn graduated from the University of Alberta School of Nursing diploma program in 1986 and the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in 1999. Additionally, she attended Taylor University College and Seminary where she received an award in the category of theology, philosophy, and ethics.

As a registered nurse, Marilyn worked in multiple surgical services for several years prior to entering the area of mental health nursing. There she worked as a team member with other mental health care professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and so on) who provided assessment services and related counselling to children and their families in a children's mental health program at a major hospital, The Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. As a part of the program, Marilyn provided observation and documentation for the diagnoses of disorders such as Tourette's Syndrome, Autism, Aspergers, Munchausen by Proxy, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Childhood Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anorexia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Psychosis. Additionally, Marilyn offered parent teaching and strategy planning to the parents of difficult children.

Amanda Diehl
Amanda Diehl
MA, Certified Professional Counsellor (CPC) with PACCP - Therapist
Langley, Canada
Amanda has a MA in Counselling, and over a decade of clinical counselling experience. Amanda has worked in a variety of contexts including addictions, pastoral, marriage and family counselling as well as practicing in public health, primary school, and non-profit settings. Amanda is particularly passionate about training and supporting those in her church community in learning how to care for one another in life’s challenges.

Over the course of her counselling practice, Amanda has grown in a specialized focus on anxiety issues. Using a variety of skills, tools and techniques, Amanda supports her clients to learn how to thrive - and not just survive - when battling anxiety.

For those that wish to have Christian faith incorporated, Amanda is passionate about distinctively gospel-centred, clinically-informed counselling approach.

Amanda enjoys learning, laughing, playing music, and having adventures with her husband and three children.

Stacey Ellertson
Stacey Ellertson
B. Th., M.A.LM., M.A.CM. Member of Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) - Therapist
Swift Current, Canada
Stacey has a Bachelor of Theology degree from Gardner College in Camrose, Alberta; a Master of Arts degree in Christian Ministry majoring in Marriage and Family Counselling; and a Master of Arts degree in Leadership and Management with a major in Organizational Leadership.

Stacey has been in professional practice for over 15 years. His therapeutic approach involves a number of modalities: Family Systems Theory, Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotionally Focussed Therapy, Experiential Therapy, Couples Therapy, Grief & Trauma Therapy, and Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapy.

Stacey understands the despair and challenges of severely debilitating anxiety. His struggle began almost immediately when he spent the first year of life in the hospital, and the next nine years in and out of hospital due to multiple surgeries.

Because of these early life experiences, Stacey’s childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood years were filled with fear, loneliness, and a sense of loss of control and inferiority. Consequently, he learned to live anxiously, expecting that bad things would continually happen to him.

In 1991, Stacey experienced excruciating panic attacks, social anxiety, and deep depression. It was during this time that he seriously considered suicide.

That same year, Stacey sought counselling for his anxiety and depression, which began his journey back to normal and lasting health. Today, Stacey lives a life completely free of debilitating panic attacks, anxiety, and depression.

Marie Filion
Marie Filion
Msc, RPC. - Psychotherapist
Coldstream, Canada
Marie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in addition to a second undergraduate degree in Psychology from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Her graduate work is comprised of a Master of Science in Psychology from Walden University and additional course work from University of Calgary and Duke University.

Marie’s professional training includes having been trained by Dr. Bruce Perry of the Child Trauma Academy and Dr. Daniel Hughes of the Dyadic Developmental Institute. She also did some training with Dr. Karyn Purvis whereupon she completed that Adult Attachment Interview and rated as a securely attached adult. This is testimony to God’s healing power in her life. She has continued supervision under Dr. Joanne Crandell, Clinical Psychologist, in order to keep current and complete hours to become a psychological assistant registering with the College of Psychologist of British Columbia.

Marie has over twenty years working with individuals and families who struggle with a wide variety of challenges. She is often called in to work with difficult cases that other clinicians would not consider taking. Marie believes that there is health and healing for everyone and works hard to prayerfully find solutions with her clients.

Marie lives in Coldstream, British Columbia. Marie has four grown children and three grandchildren.

Karen Gibson
Karen Gibson
MA, Certified Professional Counsellor (PACCP), Registered Marriage & Family Therapist (CAMFT) - Therapist
Saskatoon, Canada
Karen has a Master of Arts with a major in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has taken additional training in Discernment Counselling, Emotionally Focused Therapy with Individuals, and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. Karen has Level 1 Certification in Eye Movement Integration and is a Certified Edu-Therapy Solutions Facilitator (Grief Specialist). She incorporates Narrative and Family Systems modalities in her work and has a particular interest in integrative approaches such as Mindfulness and Interpersonal Neurobiology.

Karen has always found it easy to make meaningful connections with people. Her own struggle with self-worth, depression, and anxiety have shaped her into an empathic and caring counsellor.

She is passionate about gently exploring the deep and difficult places of ones story and helping people find clarity, healing, and wholeness in their lives.

Karen has lived on a small island in the West Indies, where her husband is from, for several years. She continues to enjoy developing relationships with people from other cultures. Through her faith community, she is actively involved in sponsoring, welcoming, and settling refugees as well as volunteering as a Support Group Facilitator.

Karen has a private counselling practice where she works with individuals, couples, and families. When she is not at the office, she is reading, gardening, hiking, and travelling.

Rae Harwood
Rae Harwood
M.A. (Counselling), B.N., EdD (Counselling Psychology) - Therapist
Winnipeg, Canada
Rae has a Doctor of Education in Counselling Psychology from Argosy University, Sarasota, Florida; Certificate in Adult Education from Red River College, Winnipeg, Manitoba; Master of Arts in Biblical Counselling from Providence Theological Seminary, Otterburne Manitoba, and a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Manitoba.

Rae was also a College of Nursing faculty member in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba; a Clinical Course Leader for a variety of clinical courses, including Mental Health, Palliative Care, Geriatrics, Senior practicum, Maintenance; a Clinical Education facilitator; a lecturer in many courses, including Physical Health Assessment, Gerontology, Counselling Skills for Nurses, Palliative Care, and Simulation in Nursing.

Rae has many years of experience as a therapist and nursing educator. She has worked with a diverse range of people from therapy clients to nursing students.

Rae is passionate about walking alongside people as they make their way through their own recovery journey.

Hellen Krahn
Hellen Krahn
B.A., M.A.(Honours), Member of Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) - Counselor
Aylmer, Canada
Hellen has a Master of Arts in Counselling (Honors) from Providence in Manitoba, Canada. With almost 30 years of experience counseling, she has used her skills in a variety of contexts, including abuse, anger management, and addictions. Since 2010, Hellen has grown in a specialized focus on anxiety issues, incorporating professional learning as well as knowledge gleaned from her own journey of healing from anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Hellen also has 4 decades of experience supporting children and adults living with developmental disabilities (many with dual diagnosis) and their families. In that context, she has worked as a team member with other mental health care professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, youth workers).

Although currently not teaching, Hellen has been an instructor in various capacities: Community Support Worker Program at a college in BC, Canada; the adult education program at a large church also in BC; a counselling related course while working in northern Mexico.

Hellen has also presented at many speaking engagements and seminars covering topics such as grief, forgiveness and healing with humor.

Hellen is from the Fraser Valley in BC but is currently living in South Western Ontario supporting her mother as she is aging.

Grace Lian
Grace Lian
BA (Psychology), MDiv (Counseling), DMin - Psychotherapist
Quickborn, Germany
Grace Lian received her Bachelor degree in Psychology at University of Waterloo. She also has a Master degree in Divinity from Tyndale Seminary, specializing in Marriage and Family Counselling and acquired her Doctorate of Ministry in Missions and Cross-Cultural Studies at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. Her doctorate research thesis was on Conversion Disorder (a category of Anxiety Disorders in the DSM V and ICD-10). She specializes in the areas of anxiety, depression, oppression, domestic violence (men, women and children), marriage enrichment, forgiveness and conflict resolution.

She is a member of the College of Psychotherapist in Ontario , Professional Association of Christian Counsellors and Psychotherapist in Canada, Akademie fuer Psychotherapie und Seelsorge and Dachverband Christlicher Seelsorger und Berater.

Grace has been working in the area of counselling for over 15 years in various capacities and has a wide range of experience working with diverse populations, ranging from children to the elderly. She has worked extensively with underserved children and women; abused women and men; individuals struggling with mental illness and addiction, cognitive impairments, and who have been impacted by trauma and grief. She specializes in modalities such as CBT, ACT, Family systems, Narrative approach, Adlerian and mindfulness.

Her expertise and cultural competency is attributed to her insight and knowledge gained from living in Jamaica, Germany, Malaysia, Canada, the United States of America, India, Tanzania and Nepal. Living in such diverse global communities, afforded Grace the opportunity to engage with the inhabitants of those lands, including the marginalized groups, which offered an in-depth understanding of the nation’s cultures and sub-cultures.

Vitaly Liashko
Dr. Vitaly Liashko
MD, FRCPS(C), Psychiatrist/Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Moncton, Canada
Dr. Vitaly Liashko completed a Residency in General Psychiatry at Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute in Philadelphia (Medical College of Pennsylvania) and a Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine). He subsequently went on to complete a clinical/research fellowship in the Anxiety and Mood Disorders Program at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto (University of Toronto School of Medicine).

In 2003 he joined the Department of Psychiatry at the Moncton Hospital. He holds faculty appointments as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at both Dalhousie and Memorial Universities. Dr. Liashko holds specialty certification in Psychiatry by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. His areas of clinical interest are Anxiety and Mood disorders, Childhood Trauma and Parent-Child Relationships.

Outside of his professional responsibilities he enjoys spending time with his family, travelling, reading and the various outdoor activities offered in the Maritimes.

Christie Meinema
Christie Meinema
M.A. RP, Registered Psychotherapist, CRPO Certified Professional Counsellor, PACCP
Saskatoon, Canada
Christie Meinema has been providing clinical counselling for almost 20 years. She holds a Master’s degree in Counselling and Psychology, and is a Registered Psychotherapist. Christie’s first specialized training was in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She has also had training in other modalities such as, Solution focused and Narrative therapy. She likes to work with an integrative approach to counselling to meet the needs of each individual. Christie is in her last year of certification in Somatic Experiencing, a therapy that she feels truly incorporates a mind and body approach to healing.

Christie began her career working at a Sexual Assault Center, it was here that she quickly learned the importance of being a trauma informed therapist. She continued to work as a therapist within the non- profit sector where she had further exposure to diverse issues, and individuals. This was a formative and invaluable experience. She has given many presentations on a variety of topics including; depression, anxiety, impact of trauma and parenting. Two years ago Christie moved into private practice, and she is very pleased to be a part of the healing team with Anxietycentre.com.

Having experienced anxiety herself, Christie understands the impact that anxiety has on overall well-being. Having processed and worked through her anxiety, Christie holds the hope that we can heal. Christie enjoys living on the Canadian Prairies, with her husband and two daughters…and her cat!

Jacqueline Nadworny
Jacqueline Nadworny
M.A. (Counselling); B.A.(Psyc), Registered Professional Counsellor - RPC, MPCC-S, Qualified Clinical Supervisor (CPCA), Certified Supervisor - CPCS (PACCP) - Therapist
North Vancouver, Canada
Jacqueline graduated with a Master's Degree in Counselling, and an undergraduate degree in Psychology almost 20 years ago. During that time, she worked in her private practice, Fresh Insites Counseling, both in Calgary, Canada, New Zealand, and now in Vancouver. Jacqueline has also enjoyed teaching counselling, being the Director of a non-profit Christian counselling center (in NZ), and supervising other counselling therapists.

Jacqueline works with a diverse population and with diverse issues - young adults to seniors, those suffering with anxiety, depression, trauma , grief/loss, abuse, marriage and family challenges. addictions, personal growth and life transitions.

Jacqueline specializes in the modalities of CBT, Mindfulness, Narrative, Family Systems and Live Span Integration and most recently she has begun to study and incorporate Somatic Experiencing which is a mind-body approach to her work. Having lived in Europe, Canada and New Zealand, Jacqueline also brings an understanding of different cultures and beliefs to the counselling process.

Jacqueline's goal is to bring clarity to life's challenges, and help her clients navigate a path of changed thinking and behavior to help them make the changes needed to live a healthy, balanced life.

Working with individuals who suffer from anxiety disorder has become Jaqueline’s focus over the last 4 years. Jacqueline suffered from anxiety herself - years of being a perfectionist and people-pleaser left her trapped in the grip of anxiety. Now, Jacqueline uses the tools, skills and techniques that released anxiety's grip on her to help others overcome anxiety. As a woman of faith, Jacqueline also brings the spiritual component into her work when desired by her clients.

Jacqueline and her husband have been married for over 30 years and have two lovely grown children. She loves running, travelling and being near a sunny beach.

Chris Papastamos
Chris Papastamos
M.A. CPC, CSD - Registered Psychotherapist
London, Canada
Chris has a Masters of Arts in Counselling from Providence Theological Seminary, Otterburne, Manitoba; Bachelor of Religious Education, Counselling from Heritage College in London, Ontario; and a Clinical Counselling Internship Award 2000 from Providence Theological Seminary, Otterburne, Manitoba.

Chris is the past president of the Professional Association of Christian Counsellors and Psychotherapists, a Certified Professional Counsellor with the Professional Association of Christian Counsellors and Psychotherapists, a member of The Canadian Pain Society, and a past Certified Brain Injury Specialist with The Academy of Brain Injury Specialists.

Chris has over twenty years of counselling and psychotherapy experience in private practice and clinical settings, providing therapy to individuals, couples and families.

Chris has counselled countless individuals, couples, and families suffering with anxiety and depression, among other issues. He is committed to helping others as they seek to recover from their anxiety and depression.

Emmanuel Parenteau
Emmanuel Parenteau
Board Certified Chiropractor in U.S. & Canada
Victoria, Canada

Emmanuel hails originally from Québec but has lived in Alberta, British Columbia and California. He attended the University of Victoria from 1994 to 1997 where he studied in the science department. He then attended the University of Alberta where he wrestled varsity and studied in the kinesiology program from 1997 to 1999. Next he graduated from the Southern California University of Health Sciences in 2002 with a doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine. He interned as the rehabilitation supervisor at the Brea Canyon Pain Relief & Rehabilitation Medical Center before he began practicing exercise rehabilitation, sports medicine and family chiropractic in northern California. Currently he resides in Victoria, British Columbia where he continues this practice and lives with his wife and four children.

Dr. Parenteau is a former client of the Anxiety Centre. For several years he suffered from anxiety and depression yet when he began working with the therapists on this site he overcame his struggles without medication. He is now years into his full recovery and is extremely confident in and grateful for anxietycentre.com.

Dr. Parenteau has joined the anxietycentre team to offer his expertise in the field of pain resolution and management. After nearly 20 years of working with car accident victims, work place injury patients, amateur and professional athletes as well as the general public, Dr. Parenteau understands what works when it comes to dealing with pain. There are home remedies that can bring significant relief. Those who require outside help can benefit by receiving professional advise as to what is and is not effective help to avoid being taken advantage of. Also, knowing that the pain is most likely an offshoot of anxiety and not being caused by a more sinister issue can bring peace of mind. Dr. Parenteau is excited to offer his expertise to anxietycentre.com website visitors, Recovery Support members, and therapy clients.

Larry Rohrick
Larry Rohrick
M.A. Missiology; M.A. Counselling Psychology; Associate member of PACCP – Therapist
Invermere, Canada
Larry received his Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from Providence and has gone on to be recognized as a certified professional counselor with PACCP. Larry understands anxiety from both sides of the fence. As a long-time sufferer, he experienced the debilitating effects of anxiety. He now considers it a privilege as a therapist to help others recover as he himself has done. For the past 7 years, he has specialized in working with anxiety disorder and has walked with hundreds of clients through the recovery process.

Larry is also experienced in helping parents help their children with anxiety.

Nancy Saggio
Nancy Saggio
MA, LPC, ACS - Anxiety Coach/Consultant
Phoenix, USA
Nancy brings over three decades of clinical experience to empathically help clients with a variety of mental, emotional and relationship challenges. For the past 10+ years, she has honed her expertise in helping clients recover from problematic anxiety. Nancy taught for 15 years at both the graduate and undergraduate level and was highly reviewed as an instructor. Nancy is a licensed mental health practitioner in Arizona, California and Washington State and is trained as a life coach.

Nancy is an Approved Clinical Supervisor through the Center for Credentialing & Education and has facilitated licensure of other mental health practitioners. Nancy holds clinical membership with the American Counseling Association and the American Association of Christian Counselors. Nancy holds a Master’s Degree and all but dissertation toward a Ph.D. from Western Conservative Baptist Seminary in Portland, Oregon.

Brian Sellers
Brian Sellers
M.Ed., NBCC, Coach/Consultant
Starkville, USA
Brian Sellers is a national board-certified counselor and has a Master of Education in community agency counseling. He began working toward a master's degree in counseling at the University of Montevallo in Montevallo, Alabama. In the fall of 2006, Brian and his family moved to Mississippi where he completed his Internship and began working as a counselor at Turning Point Counseling in the area of drug and alcohol addiction.

Brian has worked with anxietycentre.com for over 10 years. His clinical experience is with drug and alcohol, obsessive compulsive disorder, general anxiety disorder, phobias, panic disorder, social disorder, as well as performance related anxiety.

In addition to Brian's experience and training, Brian also has experience working with adolescents who have been physically and sexually abused, adolescent sexual offenders and their parents, as well as others who have experienced anxiety and depression.

Brian enjoys spending time with his family, jogging, and recreational opportunities in the great outdoors.

Liliana Tosic
Liliana Tosic
R.H.N. - Registered Holistic Nutritionist and engineer
Burnaby, Canada
Liliana Tosic has a double engineering degree and a diploma in Science of Nutrition. Liliana has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the former Yugoslavia and Electrical Engineering Degree from BCIT, Burnaby.

After graduating, Liliana worked on the Canadian Space Agency project for Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM), known as the Canadarm, which is part of the Mobile Servicing System on the International Space Station (ISS).

After her dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer, in an effort to increase the life expectancy and the quality of his life, Liliana researched nutritional sciences. After two years of self-directed study, Liliana entered and completed her two-year diploma in Natural Nutrition with merit award from Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

Resigning her position in engineering, she began working within a clinic setting in Vancouver supporting clients in weight loss, sports nutrition, diet related health conditions, IBS, GERD, cancer and other chronic illnesses.

In 2008 stressful circumstances triggered delayed-onset PTSD as an aftermath of surviving the 1992 war in Bosnia. To recover from debilitating PTSD related anxiety and depression, Liliana used her analytical and science-based research background to discover holistic healing combining nutrition, orthomolecular medicine, CBT, SRT, counselling and prayer.

After Liliana recovered from PTSD in 2010, she began working with the team at anxietycentre.com specializing in nutrition for recovery from anxiety disorder and other mental health issues. Liliana also helps her clients safely taper off the psychotropic medications while supporting their overall health.

Liliana enjoys tennis, hiking, reading, gardening, cooking, and great BC outdoors.

Vince Urquhart
Vince Urquhart
BAR, MDiv, MA Counselling - Registered Psychotherapist
Calgary, Canada
Vince understands the emotional and physical turmoil of anxiety both as a therapist and through personal experience. He specializes in helping those dealing with anxiety and integrates a faith-based approach with psychotherapy.

Vince graduated with his Bachelor of Religion from Taylor University in Edmonton, Alberta, and went on to complete his Clinical Pastoral Education I at the Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary, Alberta. Since then, he has graduated with both a Master of Divinity from the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary in Cochrane, Alberta, and a Master of Arts in Counselling from Providence Theological Seminary in Otterburne, Manitoba.

Vince has over 20 years of experience in Pastoral Counselling and Ministry, Spiritual Coaching, Pre-marital and Marriage Counselling, and is a licensed therapist specializing in Anxiety Disorders. He is certified in Transactional Analysis (TA), Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 1 & 2, and is an Associate Professional Counsellor with PACCP (Professional Association of Christian Counsellors and Psychotherapists).

Vince continues to run his private practice, iCare Counselling, in Calgary, Alberta.

Sheri Vincent
Sheri Vincent
B.HAdm., M.A.CM.; Certified Member of CCPA - Therapist
Edmonton, Canada
Sheri is a Certified Counselor (CCC) with many years’ experience assisting clients and their families in finding their path to wellness. Sheri trained as a front-line professional in the rehabilitation and occupational therapy field. This experience, coupled with her own difficult journey through anxiety from which she was able to regain full wellness, led her to focus on mental well-being and its importance to overall wellness. She attained her health care undergraduate degree (with high honors) from Athabasca University.

Sheri went on to complete her Masters’ Degree at Briercrest Family of Schools (an AAMFT accredited program) where she successfully completed her thesis on Intercultural Counselling Practices. She graduated with high honors and was awarded the Counselling Proficiency Award for her graduating class.

Sheri furthered her training and experience in Mental Wellness in the Elderly, Canadian Indigenous Culture Training, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Marriage Counselling, Anxiety Approaches for Children and Teens, Families living with Special Needs Children, Foster Care and Adoption, and is certified as a Level 2 TEAM-CBT therapist.

Sheri is also a writer, having contributed to journals, magazines, and blogs in Family Wellness, Parenting, Special Needs Education, Eldercare, and Cross-cultural Counselling.

Sheri is a mother of 5 children, enjoys spending time with her family and their two Basset Hounds, and loves reading about European History.

Doug Wildman
Doug Wildman
M.A., M.F.C., B.A., B.G.S. – Coach/Consultant
Simpsonville, USA
Doug Wildman understands the struggle of deep anxiety, fear, low self-esteem, and feelings of incompetence. For years he struggled with the symptoms and consequences of anxiety and depression. He also learned how to overcome them. It’s this personal experience combined with his professional training that makes Doug a much sought after anxiety coach/consultant.

Doug, who has a Master of Arts in Counseling, has been working with clients for more than 20 years. While he specializes in many areas, such as depression, grief, marriage and family, and abuse, he has a special fondness for working with anxiety disorder sufferers because of his own struggle early in his life. He understands the hardship, frustration, and loneliness anxiety disorder can cause. But he also knows anxiety disorder can be overcome.

Doug's personal experience, that created a deep desire and passion for helping those who are suffering through issues of anxiety/panic and depression. His personal experience with anxiety, training, many years of experience as a professional coach, and gentle character and understanding nature make Doug an effective and compassionate anxiety coach/consultant.

Doug is the Counseling and Marriage Pastor at one of the largest churches in South Carolina, developing and overseeing about seventy lay counselors, marriage mentors, and program facilitators.

Jill Zimmer
Jill Zimmer
B.A., M.A., CPCS – Therapist
Calgary, Canada
Jill is a member in good standing with the Professional Association of Christian Counsellors and Psychotherapists (www.paccp.ca) and holds the highest level of certification with PACCP - Certified Professional Counsellor Supervisor (CPCS - in training). Over a decade ago, Jill completed her Masters of Counselling from Providence Theological Seminary and prior to that was a graduate of Briercrest Bible College in Saskatchewan.

Since becoming a Counselling Therapist, Jill has also completed Level 1 & 2 of Gottman Marriage Training among other modalities in relationship support. Jill is also trained in Enneagram work plus became a certified provider of TJTA testing to give clients more resources into understanding their unique personality. With an extensive knowledge in REBT style cognitive work and Dialectical skills training, this has added to the practical exploration of trauma and relationship counselling support she largely provides.

Jill knew from a young age that her delight in hearing the stories of people around her would play a significant role in her future. After tragedy hit in early adulthood, she was forced to change life direction and moved fortuitously into becoming the Counselling Therapist she is today. With a strong sense of truth-telling and need to give empathy, she delights in the stories people courageously tell and how they have survived. She is blessed and amazed everyday by the resilience of the human spirit and can’t believe she gets to do this “work” on purpose.

Virtually an empty nester now (are we ever?), she is transitioning from a dynamic family life to one of more vocational freedom. Mom and wife to a large and delightful motley crew of a family, she continues to work out of her residential office in Calgary, Canada. Born and raised in Alberta, she delights in being surrounded by both the Rocky Mountains and Prairies. She has lived in both Canada and USA and has travelled extensively both home and abroad. Funny, as she would say she is an introvert who likes a stable, non-changing life!

Friends, discussions about faith and politics over meals (two things allegedly never to be discussed with food involved!), eclectic volunteering, rest/retreat and learning are the other ways she chooses to fill the spaces of her life left over from that above.

The combination of good self-help information and working with an experienced anxiety disorder therapist is the most effective way to address anxiety disorder and its many symptoms. Until the core causes of anxiety are addressed - the underlying factors that motivate apprehensive behavior - a struggle with anxiety disorder can return again and again. Identifying and successfully addressing anxiety's underlying factors is the best way to overcome problematic anxiety.

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