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Research has shown that the most effective way to address problematic anxiety is with the combination of good self-help information, support, and coaching/counseling/therapy. Based on our personal and professional experiences with anxiety disorder, we agree. This combination was instrumental in our own recoveries and lasting success. was established to help people address anxiety disorder. Because we understand the importance of good self-help information to assist with recovery, we wanted to make this information available to anyone in the world, regardless of location, time, and affluence. To that end, we developed

The public pages of our website address the many aspects of problematic anxiety from an overview perspective. This general information includes the types of anxiety disorder, their common sensations and symptoms, and other tips and concepts. This information is available to everyone.

To help people apply their recovery concepts and to encourage them toward success, we developed the Recovery Support area of our website. This area is a private members only area requiring a nominal membership fee to gain access.

We developed this area so that anxiety sufferers could talk freely about their struggles in a private and secure setting away from the general public. In addition to offering recovery privacy, this area also includes a wealth of comprehensive and more detailed information about anxiety, its complications, recovery, and sustaining anxiety disorder-free success. Members frequently refer to this area as their ‘online virtual support group.’

The small fee we charge for membership to this area helps us maintain and grow it on a full-time basis. In addition to what this area already contains, we add to it daily. The Recovery Support area includes:

Over 10,000 pages of pertinent information

  • what anxiety disorder and panic attacks are
  • what causes them
  • how they affect the mind and body
  • how the mind can affect an anxiety condition
  • the biological aspects of anxiety
  • numerous natural and practical strategies you can use to reverse anxiety and panic
  • a practical, no nonsense strategy that returns the body to normal health
  • what you can do to maintain normal health
  • what causes sleep disorder
  • how sleep disorder can be eliminated
  • information in Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 are MUST reads for anyone struggling with anxiety

Information not found elsewhere

A comprehensive symptoms section

  • the most comprehensive Symptoms resource available today
  • over 300 anxiety symptoms listed and detailed, including comprehensive descriptions about how each symptom feels, what causes each symptom, strategies on how to eliminate each symptom, and the percentage of people who experience each symptom

A Frequent Questions section

  • over 1500 answers to questions common asked about anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and recovery


  • Talk with Jim Folk live via SKYPE during our regular SKYPE LIVE Call-In sessions and group discussions
  • Send in questions for Jim and other therapists to answer during the next SKYPE session
  • Have a one-to-one conversation with Jim Folk about your specific situation and circumstances
  • Listen to over 70 hours of past SKYPE Call-In session recording

Virtual Support Group via SKYPE

  • Join our bi-weekly support group meetings with Jim Folk via SKYPE
  • Many of our Recovery Support members participate each meeting
  • These meetings are free to all Recovery Support members
  • Listen to past meeting recordings in the SKYPE archives section

Immediate access

  • without having to wait for a book or package to be shipped

Money Back Guarantee

Information that is continually added to, updated, and expanded

  • rather than having static information that may have been created years ago, the information in the members area is continually updated and continues to expand

A private Member’s Only Discussion Forum

  • with discussion threads going back to 2004. There is a wealth of information in the Discussion Forum alone.

Sound files

Multimedia files

Member’s Discount on Relaxation MP3 downloads

Members can send us your questions

  • If you have a question that hasn’t been answered in the Member’s area, send it to us. r more information.

Everything in one place

Over 30 years of experience helping others overcome anxiety, stress, sleep disorder, and depression

Recovery Support area membership options:

  • One Month membership: $6.99
  • Six Month membership: $34.99
  • One Year membership: $54.99

The above amounts are in US dollars.

We don’t automatically renew memberships. If you want to renew your membership, you can do that securely online. If you don’t want to renew your membership, do nothing and your membership will expire on its expiry date. Nothing else is required.

If you want to join our Recovery Support area, click on the “Become Member” button below.

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“Coming across your website has been a great blessing for me. It has answered my questions. Thank you for putting this helpful resource together. I’m sure it’s helping a great many people. God bless you and the work that you all do!” J.N., Canada

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