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Lyme Disease - a conversation with Sheri Vincent and Jim Folk

Lyme Disease is the fastest growing disease in the world. What you should know. What you should watch for. The difference between Lyme Disease symptoms and anxiety symptoms. What you can do. A discussion with Sheri Vincent, an anxietycentre.com recommended therapist, who has Lyme Disease.

Play the video below for Sheri Vincent and Jim Folk's discussion about Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease information, symptoms, treatment and tips.

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Sheri is currently undergoing special treatment for Third Stage Lyme disease. The costs associated with this treatment are approximately $50,000 CAD. Since Canada health issurance doesn't cover these types of costs, Sheri and her family are trying to pay for her treatment themselves.

If you'd like to help Sheri with these costs, you can find her GoFundMe page here:

You can view CTV's interview with Sheri here.

You can find Dr. Murakami's website here.

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Authors: Jim Folk, Marilyn Folk, BScN. Last updated January 1, 2019.

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