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Why Do Your Recommended Anxiety Therapists Have Different Rates?

Last updated: August 25, 2019

Anxietycentre.com does not set therapist rates. Therefore, the published rates for each therapist are not based on anxietycentre.com’s recommendation, or on experience or quality of therapy. These rates are determined individually by each therapist.

In many cases, to keep therapy rates as affordable as possible, our therapists charge according to what they believe they require for cost of living.

Since our therapists live in different locations and have differing costs of living, each therapist determines what will work best for him or her. For example, a therapist that lives in a location that requires a lower cost of living can afford to charge less than a therapist that lives in a location that has a higher cost of living. While each therapist may be equally capable, one has a higher rate than the other because he or she may have higher expenses than the other. So, again, the therapist's rate is NOT indicative of the quality or experience of the therapist, but often on other factors, such as cost of living.

All of our recommended therapists are professional, experienced, and well trained in anxiety disorder resolution.

The combination of good self-help information and working with an experienced anxiety disorder therapist is the most effective way to address anxiety disorder and its many symptoms. Until the core causes of anxiety are addressed - the underlying factors that motivate apprehensive behavior - a struggle with anxiety disorder can return again and again. Identifying and successfully addressing anxiety's underlying factors is the best way to overcome problematic anxiety.

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