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You are the only "YOU" on earth - January 10, 2007

“It’s your job to fix your life. You must take ownership for fixing the things in your life that aren’t working. It isn’t anyone else’s responsibility.”

This may be a sobering reality for some. The good news, however, is that personally owning change is empowering because you are fully in control of it. The only thing that will hold you back is yourself.

As we’ve said in earlier tips, all human beings are equal. And while we are all equal (no one is of more value than another), we are all different. For example, you are truly unique on this earth. There is not another “you” anywhere. Two examples to prove your uniqueness are your DNA and fingerprints. Both are solely unique to you.

Other evidence of your uniqueness include:

  • Gifts, talents, abilities, skills, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Life experiences, background, upbringing, and parental mix
  • Physical characteristics
  • Values, beliefs, attitudes (preferences), and behaviors
  • Family, relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues, co-workers, associates

…to name a few.  Only you have your unique blend.

Truly, you are unique. There is not anyone else exactly like you on earth. Even if scientists cloned your DNA and another human being grew up that physically looked like you, it wouldn’t BE you because only you grew up with your specific set of circumstances and thought processes. While someone may physically look like you, it wouldn’t BE you.

A positive step towards being treated more as an equal is learning to celebrate your uniqueness. Learn to appreciate and accept yourself for who you are “today”…this is your uniqueness. You are unlike anyone else in the world, and that’s a cause for celebration.

Certainly, there may be things about yourself that you’d like to change, but most people have areas about themselves that they would like to change.  None of us are perfect. We all have our own struggles and issues. We are all works in progress. Expecting to be perfect is unrealistic, unhealthy, and unattainable.

We are all unique and equal. No one is higher or lower than another. Being unique is a good thing because the world would be a very boring place if we were all the same. Uniqueness brings color and variety to our lives, and everyone plays an important role in this diversity.

This week:

  • Learn to appreciate yourself for who you are right now.
  • Learn to see yourself as being truly unique, AND equal.
  • Learn to accept your pluses and minuses.
  • Celebrate your uniqueness.
  • Celebrate the role you are playing in our world’s diversity.
  • Enjoy being yourself this week because you are the only YOU on earth!


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Have a great week!

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