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Anxiety Test, Free Online Anxiety Self Quiz

Anxiety Test, Anxiety Self Quiz - Take this free online anxiety test to if you are an anxious person, and if so, to what degree.

Complete this short 20 question free online anxiety quiz to see if you have issues with anxiety.

Go through each question and answer it according to how you truly feel. Keep in mind that all questions have a preselected answer. Be sure to make the necessary changes on each question.

Once you are finished, click the "See Results" button to have your results displayed on the next page.

1. Are you a worrier?
Yes. I worry quite a bit and about many things.
Yes. There are some things that I worry about regularly.
Yes. I do worry. But not overly.
Yes. I worry about a few things, but not that often.
No. I wouldn't consider myself a worrier.
2. Are you concerned about losing control?
Not really. I don't need to be in control.
Not really. I'm okay with not being in control all the time.
Yes. Sometimes it bothers me when I'm not in control.
Yes. I like to be in control.
Yes. I HAVE to be in control.
3. Do you ever have thoughts that run on and on and you can't seem to stop them?
Yes. That happens to me sometimes.
Yes. That happens on and off.
Yes. Sometimes it gets quite annoying.
Yes. I feel like this a lot of the time.
4. How have you been feeling emotionally lately?
I feel very satisfied and content.
I feel good. No major problems.
I feel okay.
I'm having some issues right now.
I'm having some major issues.
5. Describe your sleep patterns over the last four weeks.
I've been sleeping very well (6 - 8 hours per night of sound sleep).
Not too bad (5 - 7 hours per night, some interruptions).
Average (4 - 6 hours per night, regular disruptions).
Not too good (3 - 5 hours per night with restlessness).
Not good (2 - 4 hours per night with a lot of restlessness).
6. How often do you feel overwhelmed?
Rarely (once or twice a year).
Occasionally (once or twice in six months).
Frequently (once or twice a month).
Regularly (once or twice a week).
Almost always (almost everyday, sometimes I don't).
7. Describe your rest/relaxation habits.
I take regular relaxation and rest breaks, including holidays.
I take frequent rest breaks and holidays.
I take some time to rest and the occasional holiday.
I don't take enough rest breaks and seldom holidays.
I don't stop often at all. Who has time for holidays.
8. Describe your daily lifestyle.
I have a nice balance of work, play, and rest.
I have a balance, but could take more time to rest and play.
I'm about average.
I frequently feel out of balance. Too much work and too many responsibilities.
I'm busy all day and everyday. Way too much to do.
9. Select the answer that best describes the events in your life this past year.
It's been a very calm and satisfying year.
It's been good for the most part, however, there have been some pressures or changes.
It's been about average.
It's been kind of hectic and chaotic. Many changes and challenges.
It's been very unsettled. Lots of challenges and pressures.
10. How do you feel about yourself.
I'm very confident and comfortable with who I am.
I feel pretty good about myself.
I'm okay.
I don't feel that good about myself lately.
I don't feel very good about myself at all.
11. In the last two months, have you experienced dizziness, upset stomach, trembling or shaking, or an unusual amount of fear or stress when trying to rest?
No. Not at all.
A couple of times, but not too bad.
Frequently, and it's getting more and more.
Almost always.
12. Do you avoid social situations or gatherings because of nervousness or anxiety?
Yes. All the time.
Yes. Frequently.
Yes. Sometimes.
Yes. Very seldomly.
No. I like social situations.
13. Are you afraid that you may get into a place or situation where you may not be able to escape in a hurry?
No. I don't think about that at all.
Occasionally. But not that often.
Yes. It does bother me sometimes.
Yes. I do think about it and do become nervous.
Yes. It is a big fear for me.
14. How often do you feel afraid or worried?
I can't recall the last time I was really afraid or worried.
Not too often, but sometimes.
Regularly. Things have been very challenging lately.
Almost all the time. Things have been very difficult.
15. Are you concerned about what people think of you?
Yes, absolutely!
Yes, often.
Yes, sometimes.
Yes, but only once and a while.
Not at all.
16. Do you have a lot of nervous energy (always on the go, hard to sit down, too much to do)?
Yes. I can go all day and then some. No time to rest.
Yes, I do. But I do rest occasionally.
I think I'm about average.
I have some. But I do rest regularly.
I'm pretty relaxed most of the time.
17. How do you feel about confrontation (arguing or having disagreements)?
I hate it. When there's a problem, I avoid it at all costs.
I don't like it. I try to avoid it if I can.
I don't like it, but I don't run away from it.
It's all part of interacting with people.
It doesn't bother me at all.
18. Do you search the Internet, books, or the library in search of answers regarding your anxiety and/or how you are presently feeling?
No. Not at all. If I do it's just for entertainment.
Yes. But not that often.
Yes. Sometimes.
Yes. I look online for answers about how I'm feeling.
Yes. I'm constantly looking for answers about how I'm feeling.
19. Have you talked with a doctor about your anxiety or anxiety symptoms?
Yes, but only once.
Yes, a couple of times.
Yes, a few times.
Yes, many, many times.
20. When facing uncertainty and/or danger, do you worry about it until the situation and/or danger has been resolved?
No, I don't worry about it at all.
Yes, I worry about it once and a while.
Yes, I worry about it from time to time.
Yes, I worry about it often.
Yes, I can't stop worrying about it.
Be sure you've answered every anxiety test question according to how you truly feel. When you are finished, click on the "See Results" button to see your test results.
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Authors: Jim Folk, Marilyn Folk, BScN. Last updated February 25, 2019.
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