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Stacey, Thanks For Everything You Did For Me!

Written by Gerjanne.
Last updated: October 17, 2019

When I was thinking about starting therapy with the Anxietcentre, I doubted because my English isn't good, and I was nervous because of it. I had never really ever spoken English before with somebody else. But the first time I spoke with Stacey, my nervousness diminished immediately. Stacey is very patient and understanding. I felt comfortable talking to him.

The reason I needed therapy was because of my chronic dizziness/unsteadiness.

After years of chronic stress, I developed a lot of symptoms. I depended on my husband and couldn't function. I couldn't take care of our 2 children. After a few years of feeling exhausted, and many other symptoms, a lot of my symptoms disappeared, but my dizziness/unsteadiness stayed with me.

Different doctors told me I had problems in my neck and that was the reason for my dizziness. I believed it for many years because my dizziness was really "bad!" Unfortunately, different therapies made me worse and worse. I was so dispirited. Every day was a big struggle. I felt so anxious in my own body.

Every day I sought a solution on the internet.

On YouTube, I heard a story from Jim Folk. He was talking about chronic dizziness, and I recognized myself in his story! Finally!

I am so glad I found the Anxietycenter and Stacey! It was not an easy journey, but I worked hard every day on my recovery, and Stacey helped me a lot! And....I am almost there! I have days when I almost feel "normal." My symptoms are less intense and I can function again. I am not afraid anymore, and I know I will fully recover.

I'm looking forward to the future!
Please, when you are doubting, give yourself a big chance in recovery and begin therapy with a good therapist like Stacey! It's a gift for life!
Dear Stacey, thanks for everything you did for me! I also want to thank the Anxietycentre and Jim Folk for the information on the website and the Skype calls I listened to.
It has all made my therapy complete.
Gerjanne, The Netherlands

The combination of good self-help information and working with an experienced anxiety disorder therapist is the most effective way to address anxiety disorder and its many symptoms. Until the core causes of anxiety are addressed - the underlying factors that motivate apprehensive behavior - a struggle with anxiety disorder can return again and again. Identifying and successfully addressing anxiety's underlying factors is the best way to overcome problematic anxiety.

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