“All of us at anxietycentre.com have experienced debilitating anxiety. But we’ve also overcome it and returned to normal and lasting health. Because we know the hardship anxiety unwellness can cause, we are committed to helping others, with over 30 years of service.” - Jim Folk, President, anxietycentre.com

Sue, Thank You Again For Helping Me Get My Life Back!

First of all, thank you so much for your amazing and detailed anxiety website. It's by far the only worthwhile source of anxiety self-help information on the internet... it really is a god-send for anxiety sufferers and there should be more recommendations to it! It's sad to see that even some government-funded websites still provide the wrong information, talking about 'managing' anxiety like it's a lifelong condition and that medication is sometimes the only way.. this only serves to weaken our confidence. Your information really helped me through the worst and kept me away from the medication, understanding that in the end it will be all worth it... which it has been! Your story was also quite an inspiration, to be suffering so severely for so long to now have been symptom free for over 20 years really shows that anyone can regain their health no matter how bad things are!

I tried some local psychologists but they only made things worse, so I decided to try going through one of the therapists on your website.

Susan Waugh was absolutely amazing, from the first session I already felt like I was in great hands. The initial program regarding eating, sleeping, meditating, etc. really made me feel like this was going to be a comprehensive and effective method of curing my anxiety once and for all.. and not just 'managing.' She provided excellent advice regarding the techniques to contain fear, and also helped me go back into my past and deal with some of the issues that brought me to this point. Susan has been a life saver and I cannot thank her enough.. I would recommend her to anyone who is fed up with psychologists trying to convince you that you have some sort of monster illness which you need to manage, and is looking for a down-to-earth counsellor who has been through this herself. Each session felt like a big step forward and I never hung up the phone without feeling like progress was made.

Sue, thank you again for helping me get my life back! I've been back at work for 5 months and am now planning my wedding.. the anxiety symptoms are fading away... soon they will be gone and forgotten!

To everyone out there suffering, don't worry there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I was in a very bad way and I snapped out of it, if I can do it so can you and everyone else!

Tom B, Australia

The combination of good self-help information and working with an experienced anxiety disorder coach, counselor, or therapist is the most effective way to address anxiety disorder and its many symptoms. Until the core causes of anxiety are addressed - the underlying factors that motivate apprehensive behavior - a struggle with anxiety disorder can return again and again. Identifying and successfully addressing anxiety's underlying factors is the best way to overcome problematic anxiety.

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Authors: Jim Folk, Marilyn Folk, BScN. Last updated April 11, 2017.

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