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Anxiety Research

Last updated: February 22, 2021

What's New in Anxiety Research

Click on any of the links below for the recently published reseach on anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, stress, and other physical and mental health topics:

2/22/2021 Genes Don't Predict Mental Illness
1/23/2021 Conflict Between Divorced Parents Can Lead To Mental Health Problems In Children

11/17/2020 Lack Of Sleep Can Inhibit Fear Extinction
10/1/2020 Fear And Anxiety Activate The Same Brain Circuits
9/26/2020 Awe Experiences Can Reduce Anxiety And Depression
6/23/2020 Lack Of Sleep Increases Anxiety And Negative Feelings
6/22/2020 Earworms; Stuck Melodies
6/12/2020 CBT Best For Anxiety, Depression, And To Reduce Inflammation
5/30/2020 SSRI Antidepressants Linked To Increase In Violent Crime
5/20/2020 Personal Interpretation Of Maltreatment More Important Than The Event Itself
4/28/2020 How Anxiety Hijacks Emotional Regulation In Children
4/21/2020 Being Grateful Does Not Reduce Anxiety Or Depression, study finds
4/21/2020 Increased Anxiety Is The Main Concern Of COVID19, Americans Say
4/16/2020 Anxiety And Depression Could Increase Due To Grappling With COVID-19
2/21/2020 Antidepressants Create Physical Dependence, researchers
1/28/2020 Post-Antidepressant Sexual Dysfunction
1/16/2020 We Can Extinguish Unwanted Fears
1/9/2020 High Success Rate For Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

12/20/2019 CBT Could Also Protect Cells Against Stress And Aging
12/19/2019 Genes Have Little To Do With Medical And Mental Health Outcomes
12/16/2019 CBT Alone Is Superior Treatment For Major Depression
11/11/2019 Deep Sleep Can Reduce Anxiety
10/24/2019 Hard To Justify Medical Cannabis Use For Mental Disorders
10/29/2019 Hope Promotes Recovery From Anxiety Disorder
7/11/2019 Psychiatric Diagnoses Found To Be Scientifically Meaningless
4/11/2019 20 – 30 Minutes In Nature Reduces Anxiety, Depression, and Stress
4/5/2019 “Depression Genes” Hypotheses Debunked By Latest Study
3/28/2019 Three Theoretical Framework Of Dissociative Or Somatoform Disorders Such As Conversion Disorder
3/15/2019 Mental Health Problems Increased Significantly In Young Adults Over Last 10 Years
2/22/2019 8 Percent of UK Youth Have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) By Age 18
2/19/2019 Marijuana Use Increases Risk Of Depression And Suicidal Behavior In Young Adulthood
2/5/2019 Healthy Diet Can Boost Mood And Ease Symptoms Of Depression
2/5/2019 SSRI Antidepressants Significantly Increase Risk Of GI, Intracranial Bleeding
1/29/2019 A Lack Of Sleep Can Make Pain Worse
1/21/2019 Antianxiety Drugs Tied To Increase In Overdose Deaths
1/4/2019 Benzodiazepines, Antidepressants Linked To Increased Risk Of Falls And Fractures In Older Adults

12/19/2018 Junk Food Diet Linked To Depression
12/13/2018 Healthy Parenting Can Protect Children From Developing Issues With Anxiety
12/11/2018 You Can Use Your Imagination To Extinguish Fear, Research Confirms
12/3/2018 Why We Stay In Unhealthy Relationships
11/27/2018 Psychological Intervention Life-Changing For Women Experiencing Domestic Abuse
11/21/2018 Link Between Anxiety Disorder, Early Life Trauma, and Empathy
11/20/2018 In-person Relationships Better For Mental Health Than Online Relationships
11/19/2018 Suicide Attempts Linked To Psychotropic Drug Prescriptions
11/13/2018 Insomnia Doesn’t Shorten Longevity
11/8/2018 Inability To Cope With Uncertainty Linked To Mental Health Problems
11/6/2018 Genes Have Little To Do With How Long You Live
11/5/2018 Happy Childhood Memories Linked To Better Health Later In Life
10/30/2018 Screen Time Linked To Anxiety And Depression In Children
10/29/2018 Vulgar And Crude Behavior Produces Abusive Relationships
10/26/2018 Parent-Child Bond Predicts Depression and Anxiety In Teens
10/26/2018 The Smell Of Lavender Is Relaxing
10/22/2018 Aerobic Exercise An Effective Antidepressant
10/22/2018 Therapy Twice As Effective As Medication For PTSD
10/16/2018 Most People Don't Know The Difference Between OCD And OCPD
10/2/2018 7 - 8 Hours Of Sleep Per Night Is Best For Cognitive Performance
10/2/2018 Stress Reduces Women’s Fertility
9/27/2018 Want To Reduce Stress And Anxiety? Write Your Positive And Happy Thoughts Dow
9/19/2018 Internet Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (ICBT) Effective Even For Children
9/13/2018 SNRI Antidepressants Can Cause Dependence And Withdrawal Syndromes
9/13/2018 One Third of College Freshman Worldwide Report Having A Mental Disorder
9/13/2018 One In Four Older Adults Prescribed Risky Long-term Benzodiazepine Medication
9/13/2018 Discuss Religion, Spirituality When Treating Mental Illness And Suicide
9/6/2018 Sexual Violence Haunts Women With Vivid Memories Decades Later
9/5/2018 Just Knowing You Are Supported Can Help You Cope With Uncertainty
8/31/2018 Mental Training Creates Resilience To Anxiety
8/30/2018 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) Most Effective Treatment
8/30/2018 For Optimum Health Get 6 - 8 Hours Sleep Per Night
8/29/2018 Restless Leg Syndrome Caused By Stress researchers confirm
8/29/2018 A Peaceful Mind Produces Sweeter Dreams
8/28/2018 Marijuana Found In Breast Milk
8/27/2018 Diet Impacts Emotional Well-being In Women More Than In Men
8/20/2018 Prenatal Exposure To Violence Leads To Increased Toddler Aggression Toward Mothers
8/1/2018 Stressed? Anxious? Eating High-Fiber Foods Could Help
7/31/2018 Meditation - A “Silver Bullet” Strategy For Anxiety Disorder
7/26/2018 Half Of Female Students Experience Psychological Distress
7/24/2018 Marijuana And Cannabis-Based Drugs Harm Your Brain
7/18/2018 Mental Disorders As Risk Factors For Chronic Pain In Teenagers
7/18/2018 Anxiety, Pain, and Chronic Pain
7/17/2018 Psychological Stress Can Make Pain Worse
7/11/2018 Probiotics Don't Reduce Anxiety, study finds
7/9/2018 Marijuana Makes Anxiety And Depression Worse In The Long Run
7/8/2018 Medical Marijuana Doesn’t Reduce Chronic Pain
7/2/2018 Less Than A Quarter Of American Youths Remain Anxiety Free After Treatment
6/18/2018 Marijuana Use Directly Increases Risk For Psychosis In Teens
5/21/2018 Americans Experience A Sharp Increase In Anxiety
5/19/2018 Anxiety Linked To Bone Health Problems In Postmenopausal Women
5/18/2018 Up To 14 Percent Of New Mental Illnesses Caused By Job Stress
5/15/2018 CBT Considered A Cure For Social Anxiety Disorder
5/2/2018 Psychotherapy For PTSD Proves Effective Long-term
4/23/2018 OCD Caused By Maladaptive Coping Skills
3/1/2018 Smartphone Addiction Causes Imbalance In Brain, research finds
1/31/2018 Only 1 in 10 Anxiety Disorder Sufferers Receives The Right Treatment, research finds

11/21/2017 CBT for OCD Provides Long-term Relief
11/14/2017 Screen time might boost depression, suicide behaviors in teens
11/6/2017 Stop And Smell The Roses - It’s True, It Does Make People Happier
11/2/2017 Childhood Adversities Linked To Mental And Physical Health Problems In Tweens And Teens
10/25/2017 Why Is Mental Illness On The Rise?
10/19/2017 Antidepressants Linked To Higher Diabetes Risk In Children
10/19/2017 Having Migraines? You Might Be Anxious Or Depressed (or both)
10/18/2017 Gentle Touch Soothes The Pain Of Social Rejection
10/18/2017 No, A Serotonin Transporter Gene Variant Does Not Cause Depression
10/11/2017 Going To Church Reduces Stress And Mortality
10/10/2017 Efficacy Of Antidepressants Largely Psychological
10/6/2017 Delivering Bad News? Don't Beat Around The Bush
10/5/2017 Child Abuse Affects Brain Wiring
10/5/2017 Mental Training Changes Brain Structure And Reduces Social Stress
10/4/2017 Bullying Causes Mental Health Issues Such As Anxiety And Depression
10/3/2017 One Hour Of Exercise A Week Can Prevent Depression, But Not Anxiety
9/27/2017 Sleep Deprivation Can Alleviate Symptoms Of Depression
9/27/2017 One In Four Girls Is Depressed At Age 14
9/26/2017 Antidepressants Provide Small Benefit Over Placebo But Produce Harmful Side Effects Including Suicide Ideation
9/25/2017 How Parents Handle Conflict Impacts Their Children
9/15/2017 Happiness Has A Positive Effect On Physical Health
9/15/2017 Antidepressants Found To Significantly Increase Risk Of Death
9/9/2017 Stress Can Activate Past Fears
8/26/2017 SSRI Antidepressant Medications Can Worsen Tinnitus
8/17/2017 Feeling Bad About Feeling Bad Can Make You Feel Worse
8/10/2017 Sexual Assault Linked To Increased Risk Of Mental Health Issues
8/9/2017 Self-Distancing Can Reduce Anxiety And Stress
8/3/2017 Fear Of The Unknown Common To Many Anxiety Disorders
7/31/2017 Talking To Yourself In The Third Person Can Help Control Emotions
7/28/2017 Marijuana Use Link To Psychosis Confirmed
7/19/2017 Overcoming Mental Health Issues Can Benefit Physical Health, Too!
7/6/2017 Going To Bed Late Causes Less Control Over OCD Symptoms
6/26/2017 Mind Body Interventions (MBIs) Reverse Changes In DNA That Cause Stress
6/21/2017 Meditation Changes Brain Structure In 8 Weeks
5/25/2017 Chronic Childhood Illness Linked With Later Life Mental Health Problems
5/25/2017 Survey Finds Widespread Ignorance, Stigma About Anxiety, Depression, and Others
5/19/2017 SSRI Antidepressants Tied To Increased Risk In Dementias, another study finds
5/2/2017 There Is An Upside To Worry, study finds
4/27/2017 Sleep Research Shows How The Brain Resets During Sleep
3/15/2017 Tackling Depression By Changing The Way You Think
2/7/2017 Talk Therapy Normalizes Brain Function, University of Zurich research finds
1/18/2017 CBT Changes The Brain, new research finds.
1/5/2017 Antidepressants linked to increase in Alzheimer’s and other dementias, research finds.

10/25/2016 Females Experience More Stress Than Males When Alone.
10/24/2016 Antidepressants Worsen Sexual Dysfunction and Depression, new study finds.
10/13/2016 Anxiety Therapy Sessions Best In The Morning, new study finds.
10/2/2016 SSRI Antidepressants Trigger Fear And Anxiety, Research Finds.
9/19/2016 CBT is the ‘Gold Standard’ treatment for anxiety disorder, multiple studies find.
8/31/2016 Insecure childhood can make dealing with stress harder.
8/29/2016 Less than one-third of adults with depression receive treatment.
8/25/2016 Memory Activation before exposure can reduce fear, Uppsala University research finds.
7/20/2016 Women with ADHD are much more likely to have a wide range of mental and physical health problems in comparison to women without ADHD.
7/19/2016 Same genes involved with both depression and happiness.
7/12/2016 Tinnitus (ringing in the ears): Cause and treatment identified.
7/11/2016 Most antidepressants are ineffective for children and teens, yet more likely to be dangerous than previously recognized study author concludes.
7/11/2016 Antidepressant use during pregnancy can affect newborn brain activity Helsinki University study finds
7/9/2016 A popular anti-anxiety medication, benzodiazepine, reduces empathy, new study finds
6/27/2016 Want to reduce anxiety? Depression? Spend time in nature, new study finds
6/23/2016 Why you can experience fear even before you realize you are in danger.
6/15/2016 Making art at any level reduces stress hormones
5/12/2016 Online therapy effective at treating depression and anxiety

12/17/2015 Talk therapy better for winter blues than light therapy, study finds
12/16/2015 Unhappiness and stress do not increase mortality, new study finds
12/15/2015 Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy Increases Risk Of Autism By 87 Percent
12/14/2015 Helping Others Reduces Stress, research finds
12/8/2015 The approach anxietycentre.com uses to resolve anxiety disorder is the most effective, research finds
11/25/2015 Computer Assisted Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Provides Little Or No Benefits For Depression, study finds
11/25/2015 Serotonin exerts different and sometimes opposing effects on different parts of the brain
11/16/2015 Anxiety Can Aggravate Asthma and Vice Versa, study finds
11/2/15 Children's self-esteem already established by age 5, new study finds
10/21/15 Marijuana use disorders rise as marijuana use rises
10/21/15 Depression is caused by behavior
10/20/15 Burnout and Depression: two entities or one?
10/7/15 Over half of workers with depression do not recognize need for treatment
10/5/15 Benzodiazepine Medications Ineffective For Anxiety Disorder, May Increase Dementia Risk
10/5/15 Face-To-Face Social Interactions Can Reduce Anxiety, Depression - research finds
9/30/15 The placebo response is behind much of a patient’s response to drug treatment when it comes to depressive disorder
9/18/2015 Why people end anxiety therapy too soon - University of Houston
9/16/2015 Antidepressant, Paxil, was misrepresented as safe for adolescents, study finds
7/31/2015 Anxiety And Fatigue
7/30/2015 Anxiety and Inflammatory Bowel Disease Linked
7/14/2015 Benzodiazepines not recommended for patients with PTSD or recent trauma
3/31/2015 Publication Bias Inflates Efficacy Of Antidepressants For Anxiety Disorders
3/9/2015 SSRIs Virtually Ineffective For Anxiety And Depression

12/14/2014 Domestic Abuse May Affect Children In The Womb
12/11/2014 Half of US children exposed to traumatic social or family experiences during childhood
11/24/2014 Teens Prescribed Anxiety Or Sleep Medications Likely To Illegally Abuse Them
11/7/2014 Love Drives Out Fear
10/14/2014 Childhood Psychological Abuse As Harmful As Sexual Or Physical Abuse
8/14/2014 Traumatic Stress Affects DNA But Psychotherapy Heals It
8/10/2014 Reading For 6 Minutes Reduces Stress By 68 Percent

The combination of good self-help information and working with an experienced anxiety disorder therapist is the most effective way to address anxiety disorder and its many symptoms. Until the core causes of anxiety are addressed - the underlying factors that motivate apprehensive behavior - a struggle with anxiety disorder can return again and again. Identifying and successfully addressing anxiety's underlying factors is the best way to overcome problematic anxiety.

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