Hormone Changes

Written by Jim Folk
Medically reviewed by Marilyn Folk, BScN.
Last updated June 15, 2021

Hormones affect the body in many ways. A change in hormones can cause many anxiety-like symptoms and aggravate existing anxiety symptoms, such as:

  • Aches and pains
  • Blurred vision
  • Constipation
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Depressed feelings
  • Digestive and bowel problems
  • Dry skin
  • Fatigue
  • Frequent urination
  • Hair thinning
  • Increased hunger
  • Increased or decreased heart rate
  • Increased thirst
  • Irritability
  • Joint and muscle stiffness
  • Muscle weakness
  • Nervousness
  • Profuse sweating
  • Weight gain or loss 

Dramatic hormone fluctuations can occur for many reasons, such as:

  • Puberty
  • Pregnancy
  • Monthly menstruation cycle
  • Perimenopause, menopause, postmenopause
  • Age
  • Medical conditions
  • Medical treatment
  • Medication
  • Stress
  • Poor diet
  • Overweight
  • Lack of exercise
  • Allergies
  • Exposure to environmental toxins and chemicals

To name a few.

Consequently, it’s wise to discuss all new, changing, persistent, and returning symptoms with your doctor to ensure they are solely anxiety- and stress-related and not being caused by dramatic hormone fluctuations.

If some of your anxiety symptoms are being caused or aggravated by dramatic hormone changes, addressing the cause with your doctor could alleviate the anxiety-like symptoms, as well as stop aggravating your existing anxiety disorder symptoms.

The combination of good self-help information and working with an experienced anxiety disorder therapist, coach, or counselor is the most effective way to address anxiety and its many symptoms. Until the core causes of anxiety are addressed – which we call the underlying factors of anxiety – a struggle with anxiety unwellness can return again and again. Dealing with the underlying factors of anxiety is the best way to address problematic anxiety.

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