Electric Shock Feeling, Zapped Anxiety

Written by Jim Folk
Medically reviewed by Marilyn Folk, BScN.
Last updated April 23, 2021

Electric shock feeling or sensation

You feel like your body (or any part of) has just been jolted or electrified. It also may feel like a sharp and quick tremor or vibration. This can happen at any time and most often without warning. This symptom can be more noticeable when trying to relax or go to sleep.

It also may feel like a head buzz or tremor. It can also be accompanied by prickly sensations throughout the body. It may be infrequent or frequent in occurrence.

This symptom can affect one part of the body, many parts of the body, or the entire body. It can occur rarely, occasionally, or persistently.

What causes the electric shock feeling anxiety symptom?

Behaving apprehensively (anxiety) stresses the body. Stress affects the body's nervous system, which is primarily made up of neurons - cells that have an electrochemical property (chemistry and electricity). When the body becomes overly stressed, the nervous system, which includes the brain, can act involuntarily and erratically. This in voluntary and erratic behavior can cause sudden 'shock-like' feelings in any one part, or throughout the body. The electric shock feeling anxiety symptom is a consequence of stress and how it adversely affects the body.

While the electric shock anxiety symptoms can be startling, and even unnerving, they aren't an indication of something more serious, nor are they harmful. You don't have to worry about them. Simply reducing your anxiety and your body's stress, and giving the body ample time to calm down will eliminate the electric shock feeling anxiety symptoms. Therefore, they needn't be a cause for concern.

Chapter 9 in the member's area of our website is our Anxiety Symptoms chapter. We list all of the symptoms commonly associated with anxiety in this chapter, including the electric shock feeling anxiety symptoms. Each symptom listed in Chapter 9 contains a complete description of what the symptom feels like and how others describe it, has a complete description of why it occurs (we have a more complete description about the electric shock feeling symptom), natural and practical ways you can eliminate each symptom including the electric shock feeling anxiety symptoms, as well as how common each symptom is (the percentage of people who experience it).

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