Barriers to overcoming anxiety disorder and its symptoms – Part 2

Believing you know what to do, but haven’t done it yet, thinking some day you will do what it takes to recover

Another reason some people struggle with anxiety disorder and its symptoms for years is that they are fully convinced they know what to do to overcome their anxiety disorder but just haven’t done it yet. This type of thinking often leads to the conclusion that, “Some day I will get a handle on my anxiety disorder and symptoms.” Unfortunately, that “some day” seldom arrives.

Since the causes of anxiety disorder often involve complex issues, unless a person is trained to uncover and successfully resolve these complex issues, the self-help approach most often produces only limited results.

And because the issues often at the core of anxiety disorder are complex, there aren’t “quick-fix” or “miraculous” cures for anxiety disorder. Overcoming anxiety disorder for good almost always requires professional assistance, hard work, and persistent effort.

A part of overcoming anxiety disorder, then, is accepting that your issues may be more complex than you can handle on your own and that they may require the help of a professional. The next part is following through on not only getting professional help but also on following through with the work the therapist asks you to do. Knowledge, while helpful, doesn’t produce results. It’s the faithful application of that knowledge that brings results.

Also keep in mind that anxiety symptoms AREN’T the problem themselves, they are just an “indication” of a problem with anxiety. It’s the underlying factors of anxiety (the complex issues) that are the cause of anxiety disorder. Until these underlying factors are successfully addressed, the core of the problem remains. Eliminating symptoms is JUST eliminating the “indications” of the problem but not the problem itself. (Anxiety symptoms often ebb and flow. Many people struggle with “episodes” of anxiety disorder their entire lives because they haven’t addressed the core issues of their anxiety, so their problem replays itself over and over again.)

Lasting anxiety disorder recovery is attainable for anyone with the right help, support, and effort. People only continue to struggle because they either haven’t received the right help yet, or haven’t done the right work.

Getting the right help is the first step in lasting success.