Anxiety and anxiety disorder brief overview

Many people view anxiety as an “IT”: a condition that takes control of their health and lives. But anxiety is not an “IT.” Anxiety is simply being fearful. When we are fearful too often, however, the body can become stressed, and a body that’s overly stressed can produce symptoms. Therefore, anxiety symptoms are actually symptoms of stress. We call them anxiety symptoms because anxiety is the main stressor.

So there is no reason to be afraid of anxiety (being afraid) or its symptoms (which are symptoms of stress). Being afraid is a natural response to the perception of danger. Everyone experiences anxiety when they think they are in danger.

But regular anxiety, which most people experience, turns into a “disorder” when we become overly fearful, and the consequences of being overly fearful negatively impact our health and lifestyle. Therefore the goal of anxiety disorder resolution is NOT to fear anxiety or it’s symptoms, or to fight against them, but to learn how to live less fearfully overall. Living less fearfully overall eliminates anxiety disorder and any symptoms it may cause.

And because living more fearfully than others is a learned behavior, we CAN change it simply by learning how. Anxiety disorder recovery needn’t be any more complicated than that.