Jim Folk is the President and founder of anxietycentre.com. Jim struggled with anxiety disorder from 1974 to 1986. After he recovered from anxiety disorder, he began helping others overcome anxiety disorder. His efforts to help others spawned a booklet, which later was transformed into the website “panicattack-help.com” in 1995. In 2002, panicattack-help.com was transformed into anxietycentre.com.

Today, anxietycentre.com is an organization dedicated to helping people overcome anxiety disorder, as well as a number of other disorders, including stress, sleep, and depressive disorders, as well as addictions, personal development, and interpersonal relationship challenges.

In addition to the comprehensive self-help information in the member’s only area, anxietycentre.com also offers professional coaching/counseling/therapy services provided by highly trained therapists to clients around the world.

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