Domestic Abuse May Affect Children In The Womb

Researchers have known for some time that children learn even while in the womb. The experiences outside of the womb can still affect the unborn if these experiences affect the mother and how the mother reacts to these experiences. Recent research by Michigan State University has once again demonstrated this. Their recent study found a link between domestic abuse of … Read More

Half of US children exposed to traumatic social or family experiences during childhood

Research has shown that early traumatic experiences can set us on a course for mental and physical health issues later on. Based on our own personal and professional experiences with anxiety disorder, we almost always see a link between early traumatic experiences and the development of problematic anxiety. With anxiety disorder showing a dramatic increase in prevalence over the last … Read More

A lack of sleep can make us feel more anxious and symptomatic, study

Feeling more anxious lately? Finding that your body is more symptomatic and is having a harder time calming down? It could be a lack of sleep. Recent research by Binghamton University finds that when you go to bed and how long you sleep at a time can make it difficult for you to stop worrying. Meridith Coles, director at the … Read More