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We'd like to thank the following for their generous donations and sponsorships. Their donations and sponsorships will help us continue to raise awareness about anxiety disorder, as well as help those who are struggling with anxiety disorder. With the dramatic increase in people seeking help for mental health disorders, our sponsors' generosity is making a mental health difference.

We'd like to thank the following difference-makers:

Financial gifts, donations, and sponsorships:
Mrs. I Wishart, Calgary, AB, Canada
Mr. & Mrs. W Morris, Calgary, AB, Canada
Mr. & Mrs J Mason, Lake Jackson, TX, USA

Gifts of volunteered service:
Mr. & Mrs. J Folk, Calgary, AB, Canada
Mr. & Mrs. D Wildman, Norquay, SK, Canada
Mr. & Mrs. S Ellertson, Swift Current, SK, Canada
Mr. & Mrs. A Diehl, Langley, BC, Canada
Ms. H Krahn, Chilliwack, BC, Canada
Mr. & Mrs. L Rohrick, Invermere, BC, Canada
Mr. & Mrs. Tosic, Burnaby, BC, Canada
Mr. & Mrs. Saggio, Peoria, AZ, USA
Mr. & Mrs. B Sellers, Olive Branch, MI, USA

Click here for more information about our difference-maker opportunities.

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