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Anxiety symptoms - Stuck thoughts; thoughts, mental images, concepts, songs, or melodies that "stick" in your mind and replay over and over again.

Thoughts, concepts, mental images, melodies, or songs seemingly get “stuck” in your mind:
No matter what you do, you seemingly can’t stop your mind from thinking of them over and over again. In every undistracted moment you find your mind replaying the unwanted thought, concept, melody, or song.

These thoughts are like a hamster running on a squeaky hamster wheel in the background. No matter what you are doing, that squeaky wheel seems to be always turning.

Many become distraught and worry that their mind is “stuck” in a never-ending loop. Others fear that the loop could get worse and may never end.

This anxiety symptom is often referred to as “unwanted” and “repetitive” thoughts. Some refer to it as “obsessions” or “obsessional thinking.”

NOTE: There are direct physiological and psychological reasons why anxiety symptoms occur. The members area contains detailed information about common anxiety symptoms including what they are, why they occur, and what you can do to eliminate them. It includes the anxiety symptoms "Stuck" thoughts.

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