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Anxiety symptoms - Shooting pains in the head, sharp stabbing pains in the head, neck, and face

Stabbing or shooting pains in the neck, head, and face. You may also feel light to severe pressures regularly or sporadically in the neck, head, and face areas. While these pains and pressures may feel different from one another, they are caused by the same reason.

These pains and pressures may appear in the same place, or may randomly change and shift throughout the neck, head, and face areas.

They can also present in a wide variety or combinations, such as just shooting pains or just pressures, as well as a combination of stabbing pains and pressures. They don’t necessarily have to occur as one or the other, but commonly occur as a combination of pains and pressures.

NOTE: There are direct physiological and psychological reasons why anxiety symptoms occur. The members area contains detailed information about common anxiety symptoms including what they are, why they occur, and what you can do to eliminate them. It includes the anxiety symptoms shooting pains in the head, sharp stabbing pains in the head, neck, and face.

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