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Pulsing in the ear(s), throbbing sound - anxiety symptoms

Pulsing in the ear, throbbing sound: Pulsing sound in the ear(s), ache or pain, shooting pains, heart-pulsing like sound, swishing, swirling, throbbing, or beating sound in or seemingly behind the ear. It can occur in one or both ears, and can randomly shift from ear to ear or from one ear to both ears.

It may also feel as though your heart is beating in your ear.

Sometimes this symptom is diagnosed as Pulsatile (throbbing) tinnitus.

Stress and anxiety caused pulsing sound should NOT be considered as a serious problem. In fact, there are many natural and practical things you can do to eliminate this symptom. It should, however, motivate you to better understand stress and anxiety, and to take action to better manage these in your life, since prolonged stress and anxiety can contribute to more serious health conditions if left untreated.

For more information about pulsing in the ear symptoms as they relate to stress, fear, and anxiety, the members area of our web site fully describes this symptom, how it affects the body, why it affects the body, and more importantly, what you can do to eliminate pulsing in the ear.

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