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Dizzy, dizziness, lightheaded, off balance anxiety feeling

Dizzy, dizziness, lightheaded, off balance anxiety feeling:

You feel suddenly light-headed, woozy, dizzy, or that the room is spinning. This is sometimes accompanied by a feeling that you might faint or pass out. It also may feel as though you are walking on a boat, or that the floor seems to move up and down and it's hard to balance. You may also have difficulty placing your feet because your perception of the ground or floor may be incorrect. In some cases it may seem that even though you are standing on a firm floor, the floor may be vibrating or moving.

Dizziness, feeling dizzy or light-headed are common symptoms of stress, fear, and anxiety.

Unfortunately, this symptom often is misdiagnosed and not attributed to stress and anxiety because some doctors don't believe that dizziness is a common symptom of stress and anxiety.

If you are having a hard time pinpointing the cause of your dizziness, you may want to ask your doctor to look into the latest research about dizziness and anxiety. New research has found a significant link between the two. In support of this new research, the Mayo Clinic's web site lists anxiety as one of the potential causes of dizziness. Many of those who struggle with anxiety experience dizziness as a symptom. The good news is that once they have dealt with their anxiety issues, their symptoms, including dizziness, are eliminated.

The member's area of our website has a number of resources that address dizziness, including a number of natural and practical things you can do to eliminate it. For example, the SKYPE LIVE CAll-In session archive, which is located in the member's area, has a number of audio segments devoted to dizziness. Many of our members have said this information, in addition to the others section in the member's area that talk about dizziness, have been very helpful to them.

Dizziness often is a stubborn symptom. Unless we do the right things, it generally persists. Knowing how to eliminate it, then following through with the right recovery strategies is the way to eliminate dizziness. Nonetheless, dizziness at any intensity can be eliminated, and for good, when you know what to do and persevere with the right recovery strategies. Here again is where the information in the member's area of our website can be very helpful.

I (Jim Folk) struggled with dizziness 24/7 for many years, and was misdiagnosed many times. It only disappeared when I addressed my anxiety issues and did the right things to overcome it.

For more information about dizziness as it relates to stress, fear, and anxiety, the members area of our web site fully describes this symptom, how it affects the body, why it affects the body, and more importantly, what you can do to eliminate dizziness.

You can find out more about membership options here.

"I'm really glad I became a member. With your information, I now truly believe I can overcome my struggle with anxiety. Thank you for providing such great information. Anxiety is no longer a mystery!" - Rachel, Australia Membership Options
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