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Anxiety Symptoms, Anxiety Attack Symptoms, Panic Attack Symptoms, , Stress Symptom, Fear, and Anxiety Related Sleep Disorder symptom listing:

Anxiety, panic anxiety attack, anxiety disorder, fear, stress, or anxiety related sleep disorder symptoms - you can regain control of your health...naturally and permanently.

You can live a normal life again...and medication free!

Whether you are experiencing physical symptoms only, psychological symptoms only, fears only, phobias only, or a mix of only a few symptoms or them all, the members area of this website will be helpful to you.

Anxiety symptoms: Don't suffer needlessly. You don't have to.

The information in the Members area of this web site is based on 29 years of personal experience with anxiety, and the latest research and thinking on anxiety disorder, panic attacks (anxiety attacks are the same thing), fear, stress, or anxiety related sleep disorders. If you'd like to get better, discover what you can do today to regain your normal health.

Common Anxiety Symptoms

Here are some of the many anxiety and stress symptoms associated with anxiety disorder (because each person has a unique chemical make up, the symptoms and their intensity will vary from person to person):




  • Dramatic mood swings
  • Emotional blunting
  • Emotions feel wrong
  • Frequently feel like crying for no reason



  • Dizziness or light-headedness
  • Frequent headaches, migraine headaches
  • Feeling like there is a tight band around your head, pressure, tightness
  • Head, neck or shoulder pain, tightness/stiffness
  • Giddiness
  • Shooting pains in the face
  • Shooting pains in the scalp or head
  • When you close your eyes you feel like are beginning to, or will, float upwards
  • Sore jaw that feels like a tooth ache
  • TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint) - clenching of the jaw or grinding of the teeth



  • Frequent or intermittent reduced hearing or deafness in one or both ears
  • Low rumbling sounds
  • Ringing in the ears, noises in the ears, noises in the head


  • Desensitization, depersonalization
  • Fear of going crazy
  • Fear of losing control
  • Fear of impending doom
  • Feelings of unreality
  • Frequent feeling of being overwhelmed, or that there is just too much to handle or do
  • Having difficulty concentrating
  • Obsession about sensations or getting better
  • Racing thoughts, Rapid thinking
  • Repetitive thinking or incessant ‘mind chatter’
  • Underlying anxiety, apprehension, or fear
  • You often feel you are carrying the world on your shoulders


  • Always feeling angry and lack of patience
  • Depression
  • Feeling down in the dumps
  • Feeling like things are unreal or dreamlike
  • Frequently being on edge or 'grouchy'
  • Frequently feel like crying for no apparent reason
  • Have no feelings about things you used to
  • Underlying anxiety, apprehension, or fear
  • You feel like you are under pressure all the time




  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • Frequent bad, bizarre, or crazy dreams
  • Hearing sounds in your head that jolt you awake
  • Insomnia, or waking up ill in the middle of the night
  • Jolting awake
  • Waking up in a panic attack
  • You feel worse in the mornings




Other symptoms are described as:
Being like a hypochondriac, muscle twinges, worry all the time, tingles, gagging, tightness in the chest, tongue twitches, shaky, breath lump, heart beat problems, head tingles, itchy tingling in arms and legs, and so many more.

In addition to these symptoms, you may also find yourself worrying compulsively about:
• Having a heart attack
• Having a serious undetected illness
• Dying prematurely
• Going insane or losing your mind
• Harming yourself or someone you love uncontrollably
• Being embarrassed or making a fool out or yourself
• Losing control
• Fainting in public
• Not breathing properly
• Choking or suffocating
• Being alone

(NOTE: Each anxiety symptom is further described and explained in the Symptoms section in the members area.)

These are some of the more common anxiety symptoms, but this list is certainly not exhaustive.

Anxiety symptoms: It is common for people to experience one or more of these symptoms. While some may experience them all, others may experience only a few anxiety symptoms.

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"I can't thank you enough. I don't think I would be alive today had it not been for you and your web site. You pulled me through some pretty rough spots. I'm very grateful."

Daniel, USA

"Thank you so much for your website. I've read a great many books on anxiety and your site has information that I haven't found anywhere esle. It's great to see you talking about aspects of anxiety that no one else does. It's been very helpful."