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Anxiety Questions?

Do you have anxiety questions?

Do you have a question about anxiety, panic, depression, stress, sleep disorder, or medications?

The Frequent Questions section (Chapter 10 in the member's area of our website) has answers to over 800 questions wev'e been asked over the years. For example, Chapter 10 contains answers to questions such as:

  • I feel detached from reality, as if living in another universe. Can anxiety cause this?
  • I'm afraid of everything now. Can anxiety cause this?
  • Ever since I’ve gotten anxiety, I have been getting a lot of infections, and sometimes they take forever to go away. Can anxiety cause this?
  • Can anxiety cause a fever?
  • I've had my symptoms for almost a year now. Can anxiety really cause my symptoms to last for so long, and if so, why?
  • Can anxiety symptoms come on slowly or quickly? Or does it vary from person to person?
  • I have a friend who has anxiety and her symptoms are different than mine. She also has a friend who has anxiety and his symptoms are different than both of ours. Why can people with anxiety disorder have different symptoms?
  • Can anxiety cause just one symptom?
  • Can anxiety symptoms change? For example, one going and a different one appearing?
  • I have symptoms galore and they are through the roof!! Tremors, numbness, tingling, brain zaps, shaking body (especially legs and hands), stomach tremors, stomach knot, weird and frightening thoughts, stomach gas, diarrhea, muscle tension, ringing in the ears, intense fatigue, and a whole host of body aches. My doctor has tested for EVERYTHING and says my condition is caused by anxiety. I can't stop worrying that she's missed something and I have some terrible disease. Can anxiety really do this???
  • Can anxiety cause excruciating stomach pain?
  • Why do my symptoms feel different than other people’s descriptions of them? Because my symptoms feel different, does that mean they might not be anxiety symptoms and might be caused by something else?
  • My symptoms feel slightly different to how your website describes some of them. Does that mean my symptoms aren’t related to anxiety?
  • My newest symptom is a sensation of suddenly feeling like I'm choking. Like there's too much saliva in my throat and I have to cough to get rid of this feeling. There's no rhyme or reason for this, so can it still be caused by anxiety?
  • Why can anxiety symptoms appear or escalate 'out of the blue?’
  • From my understanding, when people get symptoms, they can experience either one symptom or a variety of symptoms. When it comes to a variety of symptoms, is it that one comes and then moves on to another symptom, or is it that all symptoms come together? For example, can you have excess energy, a racing mind, unsteadiness, a feeling of being spaced out, facial tingling, and others all at the same time?
  • Can anxiety cause ear problems, such as occasional, what feels like partial deafness or a 'full' feeling in either one or both ears with a slight ache occasionally?
  • Can heavy workouts cause an increase in muscle twitching or elevate anxiety symptoms?
  • I have a lot of pain in my body. Most often it's in my hands, feet, arms, and legs. But it can occur other places too. Can anxiety cause this?
  • I've been having a lot of nausea. Can anxiety cause persistent nausea?
  • Can anxiety cause "eye floaters?" If I rest, will they go away?
  • Can anxiety make you feel like your brain is tingly?
  • Can anxiety cause back pain and other back problems?
  • I have pain and stiffness in my hands and feet. Can anxiety cause this?
  • Does high blood pressure cause anxiety or does anxiety cause high blood pressure?
  • Can intense or heavy workouts cause my anxiety symptoms to increase?
  • I often feel worse in the mornings. Can anxiety cause this?
  • How can I get my sleep back on track?

This is just a small sample of the questions we have provided answers to. There are over 1000 answers to commonly asked questions about anxiety in Chapter 10 in the member's area.

Do you have a question about anxiety symptoms? Chapter 9 (The Symptoms Section) in the member's area lists, describes and fully explains all of anxiety's symptoms. These detailed explanations contain descriptions of how they feel, what causes them, self-help solutions to eliminating them, and how many people experience them.

For more information about some of these symptoms, see the Anxiety Symptoms section in the general public pages of our website.

If you have questions about your anxiety symptoms or condition, the member’s area of our web site has your answers. If you don't find your question answered there, members can email their questions to us and we'll provide an answer.

Get on with your recovery and life. You can when you know what to do. can help.

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