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Anxiety-like Medical Conditions

Anxiety can present a wide range of symptoms. Therefore, we recommend that all new, changing, or persistent symptoms be discussed with your doctor. Because there are a number of medical conditions that can cause anxiety-like symptoms, you want to be sure that nothing more serious is the cause of them.

The good news, however, is that most medical professionals are well trained to identify more serious medical conditions apart from anxiety.

If your doctor has diagnosed your symptoms as being anxiety related, you can feel confident that your doctor's diagnosis is accurate.

If you are not satisfied with your doctor's diagnosis, you might want to get a second or even third opinion. Feeling confident that anxiety is the sole cause of your symptoms can play an important role in alleviating them.

That said, the following is a list of anxiety symptoms along with other medical conditions that can cause or mimic them.

Breathing, difficulty

Chest Pain

Concentration, lack of


Dyspnea (Breathing discomfort or breathlessness)


Heart symptoms

Hyper vigilance (Extreme sensitivity to cues that may signal presence of feared object or situation.)


Muscle tension

Near-syncope (sudden loss of consciousness or weakness)


Sleep disorders


This list is not exhaustive.

Here is a listing of common anxiety symptoms.

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