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21 years of service helping anxiety sufferers
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Anxiety Calgary Alberta Canada

Anxiety Calgary, Alberta, Canada is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We also have counselors in other cities across Canada, the United States, and Australia.

You can contact us at:
P.O. Box 91007
Calgary, AB T3G 5T0
Phone: 403-208-0091
Email is an organization committed to helping individuals who are struggling with anxiety disorder, including anxiety attacks and panic attacks, stress, sleep disorder, depression, addictions, abuse, and interpersonal relationship challenges. provides two forms of help:

  1. The member's area of this website provides a wealth of self-help information. A large portion of this information is not found elsewhere.
  2. Provides specially trained and experienced personal coaches, counselors, and therapists for those who prefer to have help resolving their condition.

While good self-help information can play an important role in recovery, the most effective form of treatment is with the combination of good self-help information and professional therapy.

Working with an experienced anxiety professional (an anxiety coach, counselor, or therapist who has personally conquered anxiety in his or her own life and is medication-free) produces the most effective results.

Note: It’s our experience that anxiety professionals who are currently taking anxiety medication themselves, and psychiatrists, usually don’t produce the desired results. We’ve found that those who work with someone who has successfully beaten anxiety in his or her own life, and has remained anxiety condition-free for an extended period of time—more than ten years--produces the best results. It will be their personal experience with anxiety, and their successful recovery, that can make a profound difference in your recovery.

We realize that this statement may irritate some anxiety professionals, but our experience has shown that this is generally true. Many of our clients have previously tried these options only to find that their condition remained, or for some, grew worse.

When anxiety turns into a condition, it becomes a disorder (a medical condition that involves a disturbance to the normal functioning of the mind or body). See our section on anxiety disorders for more information about when normal anxiety turns into an anxiety disorder.

If you are experiencing anxiety symptoms or looking for anxiety, stress, sleep disorder, depression, addictions, abuse, or relationship help, please don't hesitate to contact us. We believe you would benefit from our years of personal and professional experience. provides lasting relief from stress, sleep disorder, depression, addictions, abuse, relationship problems, and anxiety.

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