Highly Sensitive Nervous System and Anxiety

A program that helps people overcome panic attacks said that people who suffer with anxiety and panic have more sensitive nervous systems than people who don’t have anxiety and panic. Based on your experience, what is your opinion about this? I’ve (Jim Folk) heard others talk about anxious personalities having a more sensitive nervous system than other people. There have … Read More

Childhood psychological abuse as harmful as sexual or physical abuse

Experiencing psychological/emotional abuse as a child is just as, if not more harmful than experiencing sexual or physical abuse, study finds The state of being anxious (anxiety) results when we behave in an apprehensive manner. Therefore, anxiety is caused by behavior. We learn our behaviors when growing up. The people who raise us and the environment we are raised in … Read More

Barriers to overcoming anxiety disorder and its symptoms – Part 2

Believing you know what to do, but haven’t done it yet, thinking some day you will do what it takes to recover Another reason some people struggle with anxiety disorder and its symptoms for years is that they are fully convinced they know what to do to overcome their anxiety disorder but just haven’t done it yet. This type of … Read More

Barriers to overcoming anxiety disorder and its symptoms – Part 1

Too many people focus on their anxiety symptoms as if the symptoms themselves are the problem. But anxiety symptoms are just an indication (symptom) of the problem, and not the cause of the problem itself. And unless the cause of the problem itself is dealt with—our unhealthy underlying factors—it’s unrealistic to expect the symptoms of the problem to diminish, or … Read More

Anxiety and anxiety disorder brief overview

Many people view anxiety as an “IT”: a condition that takes control of their health and lives. But anxiety is not an “IT.” Anxiety is simply being fearful. When we are fearful too often, however, the body can become stressed, and a body that’s overly stressed can produce symptoms. Therefore, anxiety symptoms are actually symptoms of stress. We call them … Read More

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