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Similar to anxiety, depression is caused by behavior, new research finds

Research led by Ann Marie Roepke and Professor Martin Seligman from the University of Pennsylvania has found that a pessimistic view of the future may not be the result of depression but the cause of it. The researchers reviewed literature on depression and ‘prospection’ — the mental representation of possible futures. From it they propose that three kinds of faulty … Read More

Publication bias and ‘spin’ inflate efficacy of antidepressants for anxiety disorders

A new analysis reported in JAMA Psychiatry raises serious questions about the increasingly common use of second-generation antidepressant drugs to treat anxiety disorders. It concludes that studies supporting the value of these medications for that purpose have been distorted by publication bias, outcome reporting bias and “spin.” Even though they may still play a role in treating these disorders, the … Read More

SSRI’s virtually ineffective for anxiety and depression, study

A few weeks ago, a study found that SSRI medications were working backwards – instead of fixing the serotonin problem these medications were making it worse – which is now thought to be the reason the majority of people felt worse or experienced no benefit when taking an SSRI. SSRIs generate multiple billions of dollars in sales each year. Last … Read More

10 Signs Your Body Is Becoming Overly Stressed

Anxietycentre.com has coined the term, stress-response hyperstimulation. It means that the body has become overly stressed due to too frequent and/or dramatic stress responses. When the body becomes overly stressed, it can exhibit symptoms of stress, such as the symptoms commonly associated with anxiety, since anxiety activates the stress response. For more information, see our anxiety signs, symptoms, causes, and … Read More

Domestic Abuse May Affect Children In The Womb

Researchers have known for some time that children learn even while in the womb. The experiences outside of the womb can still affect the unborn if these experiences affect the mother and how the mother reacts to these experiences. Recent research by Michigan State University has once again demonstrated this. Their recent study found a link between domestic abuse of … Read More

Half of US children exposed to traumatic social or family experiences during childhood

Research has shown that early traumatic experiences can set us on a course for mental and physical health issues later on. Based on our own personal and professional experiences with anxiety disorder, we almost always see a link between early traumatic experiences and the development of problematic anxiety. With anxiety disorder showing a dramatic increase in prevalence over the last … Read More