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Anxiety Attack, Panic Attack

There’s no question that an anxiety attack (a panic attack is the same thing) can be a frightening experience.

Many people describe an anxiety attack as the worst physical and emotional experience they’ve had. Some of the symptoms associated with an anxiety attack include, intense feelings of fear, doom, foreboding, and gloom; a sudden urgency to escape, run away, or get out; the fear that you may lose control of your thoughts and actions; dizziness; nausea and vomiting; a feeling like you might pass out; trembling or shakiness; weakness; difficulty breathing; pounding or racing heart; hot or cold flashes; chest pain; hands and feet may feel numb; you may be lightheaded or woozy; irrational thoughts, and a number of other physical, psychological, and emotional symptoms.

The peak of an attack can range anywhere between a few moments to 30 or more minutes. The symptoms and after effects of an anxiety attack can last much longer.

While everyone experiences brief episodes of intense anxiety that are caused by stressful or fearful events and circumstances, anxiety attack disorder (panic disorder) occurs when these attacks become frequent, persistent, seem uncontrollable, begin interfering with or restricting a normal lifestyle, or when the individual becomes afraid of them.

Anxiety attacks (panic attacks) affect 13% of the world’s adult population (ages 18 to 54). Anxiety attack disorder often begins in early adolescence or adulthood, but it’s also not uncommon for it to start earlier. It is reportedly more likely to develop in women than in men, but these statistics may be misleading because men are more reluctant to report them or seek professional help.

Fortunately, anxiety attack disorder (panic disorder) is fully reversible. If diagnosed early, anxiety attack disorder can be successfully resolved relatively quickly. If undiagnosed or left untreated, it can become more complex and complicated, and therefore, may take longer to resolve. With the advancements in today’s cognitive treatments, however, the success rate is very high. In fact, anyone can fully recover from anxiety attack disorder with the right information, help, and support

When I (Jim Folk) was suffering with severe anxiety disorder including intense panic attacks, many people told me that I might have to live with it (and be on medication) for the rest of my life. I'm glad I didn't follow their advice.

If you are experiencing anxiety attacks, you can regain control of your health...naturally and permanently. You can live a normal life again...and medication free!

Don't suffer needlessly--because you don't have to.

The information in the Members area of this web site is based over 31 years of personal experience, and the latest research and thinking on anxiety attack disorder. If you'd like to get better, discover what you can do today to regain your normal health. It is achievable.

Anxiety attack disorder often co-exists with other disorders such as depression and GAD.

For more information about anxiety symptoms.

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