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Anxiety Answers - Do you have an anxiety question?

Do you have a question about anxiety, panic, stress, sleep disorder, depression, abuse, grief, personal development, or personal or family relationships?

The Frequent Questions section in the members area of our web site has answers to many of these questions. For example it contains answers to:

  • I feel detached from reality, as if living in another universe. Can anxiety cause this?
  • I'm afraid of everything now. Can anxiety cause this?
  • Ever since I’ve gotten anxiety, I have been getting a lot of infections, and sometimes they take forever to go away. Can anxiety cause this?
  • Can anxiety cause a fever?
  • Can anxiety cause your body's temperature to fluctuate?
  • I’ve recently come off of my medication and I don’t want to go back on. But recently, I’ve been getting frequent stabbing pains in my head. I also experience head pressures and burning sensations that come and go. Can these be caused by anxiety?
  • I have constant chest pain, chest tightness, and back pain. I also have difficulty breathing at times, especially prior to falling asleep. Are these anxiety related?
  • Can heavy workouts cause an increase in muscle twitching or elevate anxiety symptoms?
  • I have a lot of pain in my body. Most often it's in my hands, feet, arms, and legs. But it can occur other places too. Can anxiety cause this?
  • I've been having a lot of nausea. Can anxiety cause persistent nausea?
  • Can anxiety cause "eye floaters?" If I rest, will they go away?
  • I have been clearing my throat quite a bit lately. My doctor told me that this could be caused by anxiety. Can anxiety cause more phlegm than usual…can this happen?
  • Can ingesting a lot of salt (table salt, potato chips, salty snacks) increase my anxiety symptoms?
  • Can anxiety make you feel like your brain is tingly?
  • Can anxiety cause back pain and other back problems?
  • I have pain and stiffness in my hands and feet. Can anxiety cause this?
  • Does high blood pressure cause anxiety or does anxiety cause high blood pressure?
  • Ever since my anxiety has gotten a lot worse, I've lost a lot of weight. Can anxiety cause weight loss?
  • I become fatigued and my arms and legs feel achy and sore like I did a rigorous workout. It comes and goes and hits sometimes suddenly. Is this normal with anxiety?
  • Why does anxiety cause breathing symptoms?
  • Can muscle twitching symptoms last for several months?
  • The floor feels like it is moving. What's this all about? How can I get this to stop?
  • Can anxiety cause my skin to feel hot to the touch and look red?
  • Is my anxiety affecting my relationship, or is my relationship affecting my anxiety?
  • Can intense or heavy workouts cause my anxiety symptoms to increase?
  • I often feel worse in the mornings. Can anxiety cause this?
  • How can I get my sleep back on track?

The member’s area of our website has answers to hundreds more.

Do you have a question about your symptoms? The member’s area also lists and fully describes a great many of the symptoms commonly associated with stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders.

For more information on some of these symptoms, see the Anxiety Symptoms section of our website.

If you have questions about your anxiety symptoms or condition, the member’s area of our web site has your answers. If you don't find your question answered there, then members can email them to us and we'll answer them and post your answer in the member’s area if it hasn't already been answered.

Get on with your recovery and life. It is doable when you know what to do, and can help.

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