Frequently Asked Questions about Anxiety

Frequent Questions about Anxiety, Anxiety Disorder, Anxiety Attacks (Panic Attacks), etc.:

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Anxiety Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequent questions about anxiety

I was just diagnosed with anxiety and panic. What should I do?

Help! Anxiety is controlling my life. What can I do to get rid of it and its symptoms?

Why anxiety can make you feel sick?

The most effective help for anxiety

What is the best way to overcome anxiety disorder?

When is the best time to address anxiety disorder?

What does offer that can help me overcome my anxiety disorder?

Is anxiety disorder totally reversible?

Another website said that anxiety isn't harmful. Is that correct? Is anxiety harmful?

The Two Levels of Anxiety Disorder Recovery

Is anxiety caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain?

My doctor said that anxiety and depressive disorders are caused by a biological problem or chemical imbalance problem in the brain? He also said that this biological or chemical imbalance problem is genetically caused. Is this true?

I've recently heard that several antidepressants are no better than placebo. Is that true?

Frequent Questions about Anxiety Coaching, Counselling, Therapy Treatment

I believe there is an advantage in working with a coach/therapist who had to overcome anxiety disorder himself. But since I don't live in Canada or the USA, can I still work with one of your coaches/therapists?

How does's anxiety coaching and therapy program work?

I'm looking for a good therapist. What makes your therapists different from other therapists?

Your website stresses the importance of seeking therapy to overcome anxiety disorder. Is there no hope, then, for people who can’t afford therapy?

I'm thinking of getting therapy from one of your recommended therapists. What is the best way to select the right therapist for me?

What if the therapist I want to work with is not taking new clients at the time. What should I do, wait, or pick another one of your recommended therapists?

Why do your recommended therapists have different rates?

I heard recently that dealing with addictions, such as alcoholism and drugs, could be dealt with the same way as anxiety disorder, since the underlying factors of addiction are similar to that of anxiety disorder. Is this true? If so, do any of your therapists help people with addictions?

I've been trying to get in to see a therapist where I live, but most have really long waiting lists. What do I do in the meantime?

If I work on my underlying factors, will my stress level come down to what has been its normal level (which has always been quite high) or will it reset to a lower state and then that becomes the new normal level?

Frequent Questions About Anxiety Recovery

Can regular deep relaxation (meditiation) help with anxiety disorder?

Frequent Questions About Anxiety and Medical, Medication, Doctors, etc.

My neurologist said I have anxiety, but he only did a CT scan. Should I get other tests just to be sure?

If anxiety is not caused by a chemical imbalance, why do antidepressants help some people feel better?

How can I know if my symptoms are caused by anxiety or a real medical condition/emergency, such as a heart attack, stroke, MS, or cancer?

Frequent Questions About Anxiety Symptoms

How can you tell the difference between an anxiety attack and a heart attack?

Is it possible to have anxiety symptoms and not feel anxious or stressed?

Can anxiety cause chest tightness feeling?

I've been experiencing brain zaps and electric shock symptoms. I'm taking Xanax and heard that Xanax can cause them. I also heard that anxiety can cause these symptoms. Can anxiety cause these symptoms, and if so, what can I do to get rid of them? And should I stop taking my medication right away?

I've been having a lot of symptoms, such as a tight feeling in my head, some tingling sensations in the back of my head, and I also feel like I’m trapped inside my mind. My test results all came back normal. Can this be anxiety? If so, what can I do to get rid of my symptoms?

How can you tell if you are having a heart attack or anxiety attack?

Can anxiety cause chronic fatigue, like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Can anxiety cause your skin to feel like it is itching and burning but with no rash?

Can anxiety cause asthma symptoms?

Can anxiety cause shaking?

Can anxiety cause the feel out of breath anxiety symptoms?

Can anxiety cause a cough?

Can anxiety cause a tingling in the groin area?

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Authors: Jim Folk, Marilyn Folk, BScN. Last updated May 2015. Frequent Questions About Anxiety.