All of us at have experienced debilitating anxiety. But we’ve also overcome it and returned to normal and lasting health. Because we know the hardship anxiety unwellness can cause, we are committed to helping others, with over 27 years of service.” - Jim Folk, President,

Susan Tavener Waugh, RN., B.Th. M., M.A., CM., PACFA Assoc - Counselor

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Sue Tavener Waugh knows the pain associated with living with anxiety and depression. At an early age, she was abused and neglected. As a result, she learned to experience great fear whenever she felt out of control or vulnerable. Consequently, every moment of her life was filled with anxiety and worry.

While working as a nurse in a Locked Psychiatric unit, a client physically assaulted her. This attack further reinforced her fears of being out of control and vulnerable, and consequently, she became even more hyper vigilant, worried, and fearful.

Overtime, her worry and fear became unbearable. In addition to the many physical symptoms of anxiety, such as the persistent feelings of impending doom, inability to relax, insomnia, agitation, and panic attacks and an unfounded fear of having a serious physical illness. She became despondent and depressed.

To try and ease her fears, and gain control of her life she developed a number of unhealthy obsessions and compulsions, including becoming rigid in her patterns of living. For example, she allowed herself to only shop on certain days of the week and pay bills on others. Everything she did became organized and habituated.

She also became hyper vigilant about her personal safety. For example, she always checked for exits when in new places, and then developed escape plans in case she felt threatened. While this seemed to lessen her fears somewhat in the short-term, over time she became increasingly despondent and cynical about all areas of her life. Eventually, Sue realised this was not healthy. In an attempt to regain her health, she entered therapy.

Therapy helped Sue understand and successfully address the underlying factors associated with her anxiety and depression. After two years of therapy, she was able to overcome her anxiety and depression and completely eliminate her symptoms. Sue has been symptom-free for over six years.

In addition to Sue’s personal experience and victory over anxiety and depression, she brings with her a wealth of professional abilities and experience. For example, Sue worked as a Registered Nurse within public and private health services for over 25 years. Particularly in the area of mental health and dual diagnosis. Sue is compassionate, kind, recognizes the value of every human being, and strives for excellence with a generosity of spirit, openness of dialogue, and a refusal to allow prejudice or ignorance to isolate.

Sue’s personal and professional experience encompasses all areas of mental health, including drug and alcohol abuse, and addictions . From individuals to large groups, she has facilitated many sessions that deal with anxiety, grief and loss, suicide, self-harm, depression, and the effects of physical/psychological/sexual abuse. She also has facilitated Stress Management, Anger Management/Assertiveness Skills, and Relaxation Programs.

In 2005, Sue was awarded a Bachelor of Ministry through the Baptist Theological College, in Sydney, Australia. In 2007, she completed a Masters of Counselling degree with a major study in Psychotherapy through the Wesley Institute for Ministry and the Arts.

Sue resides in Sydney, Australia, with her three adult children living nearby.

Hours available:
Canada and USA (Western Hemisphere): 2 PM – 9 PM, Sunday to Thursday
Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, Europe (Eastern Hemisphere): 10 AM – 8 PM, Monday to Friday

Sue has many clients in Canada, USA, Europe, and Australia.

NOTE: Calls from Sue to North American clients are $3.60 Canadian per one hour session. Skype to Skype calls are free.

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I would firstly like to start by saying thank you for your amazing website and the brilliant work that you all do.

My journey with anxiety started in 2009, after the passing of my mother. I fell into a pit of fear and depression and I had no idea what was happening to my mind or my body. My life became a daily battle of worry, fear, panic, confusion and the deepest darkness. It consumed my every minute and I had never felt like this before, I was so scared.

Countless doctor's visits, many medical tests and an assortment of medications, which none of worked and only made me panic even more. I was convinced that there was something seriously wrong with me because there was no other explanation as to why I felt so ill.

The life that I once had was gone and my world had been turned upside down.

Scrolling the internet, I came across the anxiety centre. It took a while for me to join up, but in desperation, I did.  I could have ticked off every symptom that you listed, but of course, I still did not believe that anxiety could make me feel so bad.

I had just stopped seeing my third therapist when I requested a session with one of yours, Sue Tavener-Waugh. I am struggling to find the words to describe what this beautiful woman has done for me. She has taken me from the deepest darkness to freedom. I was once so badly consumed with anxiety, that nothing else existed. I never wanted to leave the house. I never found joy the things that I used to. I cried all the time.

Sue has worked with me for nearly 2 years. She has helped me work through issues from my childhood and she had been right beside me, every step of the way. She explained things to me that no one else has ever been able to. It brings me to tears when I think of how much she has helped me and set me free. I never thought I would ever feel this way again.

I thank God for leading me to her. I don't know what I would have done without her. Sue saved my life and gave me back to my 3 beautiful children and a very grateful husband, who also thinks the world of Sue.

Our sessions are slowly coming to an end. From the bottom of my heart, I thank her. We will always share a special bond and I will always think of her as a very dear friend.

Thank you, Sue.

Sonia, Australia

Hi Jim,

This e-mail is long over due. I have had anxiety for 30+ years (I thought I was bi-polar and never sought help in pure fear of being labeled with mental illness which is a terrible stigma in the USA). I knew I was going to break...rather I did with a full blown nervous breakdown, had to quit my job and I have/had EVERY symptom that is mentioned on your website, as well as feeling possessed as the energy in my body could literally turn off my iPad. I knew I had to get help. After research, it was your website that addresses all of my issues. I chose Sue. I was drawn to her with her biography, honesty and background.

From the first visit with her I knew there was hope. I cried through 5-7 sessions and she never wavered. Her kindness, calmness and understanding were the necessary tools that started my healing journey. For once in my life, I revealed my true self. No one wants to do this but it has to be done for true healing. She saw right through me. She identified everything that has destroyed my life and explained everything. She never forced anything on me but there is something about her that made me cleanse my soul as painful as it may have been to go through it all.

She has tools, skills, and intelligence that are far beyond any doctor I have ever seen here in California. I owe my life to her. I am not scared or fearful like I used to be. I was a tough case. I still am a little but I am completely functional, healed and humbled by my treatment.

It took a lot of work hard work on my part, but Sue told me to do the work. I followed her plan 90% of the time and I still do. Every time I talked to her it was healing medicine. I literally cry with joy after my visits with her. The whole world needs a Sue. I am through the worst and I will continue to seek counseling from Sue as I talk with her now to deal with new changes in my life that are not anxiety crises but life issues that only Sue can help me with.

I am grateful to the Anxiety Center for having such an amazing professional staff. Sue Waugh is truly the most incredible human being and I will give references to your site and Sue for the rest of my life.

Shara D and family, USA

First of all, thank you so much for your amazing and detailed website. It's by far the only worthwhile source of anxiety self-help information on the internet... it really is a god-send for anxiety sufferers and there should be more recommendations to it! It's sad to see that even some government-funded websites still provide the wrong information, talking about 'managing' anxiety like it's a lifelong condition and that medication is sometimes the only way.. this only serves to weaken our confidence. Your information really helped me through the worst and kept me away from the medication, understanding that in the end it will be all worth it... which it has been! Your story was also quite an inspiration, to be suffering so severely for so long to now have been symptom free for over 20 years really shows that anyone can regain their health no matter how bad things are!

I tried some local psychologists but they only made things worse, so I decided to try going through one of the therapists on your website.

Susan Waugh was absolutely amazing, from the first session I already felt like I was in great hands. The initial program regarding eating, sleeping, meditating, etc. really made me feel like this was going to be a comprehensive and effective method of curing my anxiety once and for all.. and not just 'managing.' She provided excellent advice regarding the techniques to contain fear, and also helped me go back into my past and deal with some of the issues that brought me to this point. Susan has been a life saver and I cannot thank her enough.. I would recommend her to anyone who is fed up with psychologists trying to convince you that you have some sort of monster illness which you need to manage, and is looking for a down-to-earth counsellor who has been through this herself. Each session felt like a big step forward and I never hung up the phone without feeling like progress was made.

Sue, thank you again for helping me get my life back! I've been back at work for 5 months and am now planning my wedding.. the symptoms are fading away... soon they will be gone and forgotten!

To everyone out there suffering, don't worry there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I was in a very bad way and I snapped out of it, if I can do it so can you and everyone else!


Tom B, Australia

I am writing today to say a very big thank you to Susan Waugh, who has been my counsellor for more than a year. We are nearing the end of our counselling sessions. She has been an amazing counsellor. I have struggled with anxiety for most of my adult life. I own and have read just about every book ever written on the topic and have seen several counsellors but didn't reach recovery. While I still have moments of anxious thinking and bodily symptoms, they are fleeting rather than all consuming.

Sue was the perfect counsellor for me. She shared her own struggles with anxiety and that gave me confidence that she 'really understood' and knew what she was talking about. She was skilled, knowledgeable, understanding. She called me out when needed and was tough when needed. She didn't let me get away with excuses. We worked really well together and I felt she was as committed to my recovery as I was.  She was a gift.

I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

D.K., Canada

I just wanted to write in and say how grateful I am for your website and for Sue.  I have learned so much about what anxiety is and, more importantly, what it isn't.  When I first contacted Sue back in June last year, I felt locked in a prison of fear and anxiety. She helped me see clearly that I was a product of my own choices of behaviour.  Yes, these had come from some of life's circumstances, but as a grown woman, I had chosen to carry on thought patterns that were so unhealthy. I have learned with Sue’s help that I am a beautiful, strong, courageous and confident woman who is loved and acceptable as I am.  I love that I can see so clearly now that the choices I make in what I choose to think are going to directly influence my emotions and ultimately my health and wellbeing.  I accept that life is not perfect and neither am I, and I am so thankful that Sue has worked with me along the way and at times given me the good hard reality of who I am and what I need to work on to make the necessary changes to be free of anxiety. Sue is a wonderful person and a great counsellor.  Thanks so much Sue and

Kylie, New Zealand

Dear Sue,

As you may know, it was Thanksgiving here in the States yesterday. I wanted to write to you to tell you that I am most thankful for what you have done for me in the past almost two years. I was in such a dark place, not even sure I wanted to live, and you helped me to never lose hope. You answered my anxious questions about symptoms seemingly hundreds of times over, and you never made me feel like there was something wrong with me for asking. You made me see the strengths in myself that I was blinded to, and made me feel strong and confident again. You made me believe in myself, keep my faith in God strong, and learn to just live life again.

Just knowing you were there for me helped me to get through. I would have never imagined that those stupid weak legs, after an eternal year and a half, would ever actually feel normal again. (Aren't you glad I don't have to hound you about that again?!) But you never let me think otherwise. Your no-nonsense approach was just the kind of tough love I needed; no sugar-coating anything so I knew I could trust you.

I now feel like I've conquered this whole anxiety thing. You said I would make a full recovery, and I didn't know if I could trust that. Now I know it's possible, and I'm actually glad I went through it so that I now have the tools I need to move forward and not end up like my mom or sister who will probably struggle with anxiety disorder their whole lives from lack of knowledge and counseling. While my life still isn't perfect, at least it's free from debilitating anxiety.

No more waking up in a panic. No more obsessing about my health or symptoms. No more thinking I'm going insane. No more thinking that there's no way out of the darkness and that things will never get better.

Thank you for giving me this gift of freedom! There's hardly any other occupation you could be doing on this earth that could be more meaningful than giving people that precious gift.

I thank God for you.

Rochelle, USA

Thank you doesn't seem strong enough to describe the gratitude I feel towards Jim, the website, and my counsellor, Sue Tavener Waugh.

Last November 21st, I fell rapidly into a terrifying pit of symptomatic high anxiety with most of the symptoms mentioned on the website. I knew I had been stressed with money worries and a new two-year course I had started, but this felt like I was in a 24-hour living hell. It took me 4 months to even accept this was anxiety. And like most, I visited the doctor many times and had all the neurological tests done. I just couldn't believe this was just elevated stress! I also thought it must be the beginning of a severe mental illness that would never go away. I didn't even want to write this testimonial at first as I got better, for fear of jinxing myself or speaking too soon. But I can honestly say that with the combination of in depth information on the website, Jim's super kind voice on the Skype chats, and my no nonsense, practical, and reassuring counsellor, Sue, I have finally found my way out of what I would describe as the worst phase of my life.

I know I still have some work to do, but my symptoms have very nearly completely disappeared. But more than that, I have a totally reformed outlook on life and can honestly say I am glad I went through this, as it has allowed me to re-evaluate every aspect of my life.

For those out there suffering right now, please know that you will get better. It just takes time. Be strong.

I would definitely recommend speaking with a counsellor, if like me, you couldn't see a way out on your own. It is worth every penny.

I know this may sound over dramatic, but saved my life.

Thank you, Jim, for giving back to so many people at their wits end.

Caron P., UK

Words can’t describe how this marvelous woman has changed my life! She literally was placed in my life deliberately by God to help me through the trial of anxiety. Sue taught me so much about myself and I swear every conversation with her led to so many epiphanies and a self-awareness I never had. I literally thought I would be suffering with this “issue” my entire life but Sue debunked that thought and gave me the tools and support I needed to live my life.  I have recommended countless friends to her because I know that if she can help me then she can help anyone.

I thank God for leading me to her, because I know I needed her to put me on the right path. She is not just a counselor, but a friend now.

Thank you, Sue.

Lindsey G., USA

Hi Jim,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your amazing website and also to Sue who helped me overcome my anxiety.

I came across your website searching the internet when I was struggling with anxiety symptoms, including panic attacks. The amount of knowledge and help the website provides is astounding and nothing else I have come across comes close. Once I had read through the chapters, I began to follow your recovery strategies and the symptoms started to calm down. I decided to start talking with Sue (over Skype) as I felt I needed to identify the behaviours that had caused the over stimulation in the first place and get help to change, recover, and never have this happen again. If anyone is thinking about whether or not to talk to one of the Therapists, I strongly recommend you do. You can't put a price on regaining your normal health, and I bet like me, you have spent lots of money trying different methods and ways to find a 'cure' anyway. It doesn't need to be every week. I started talking to Sue fortnightly.

Sue was completely nonjudgmental, kind, and encouraging. She is also very patient as I was not very good at following what I had been told to do at times and can be quite stubborn and tend to question everything!

We started by putting in place the recovery strategies to calm the body down and she explained how the symptoms were being caused. We had a look at my childhood and she helped me see why I had developed certain behaviours. She taught me that we can choose to be the person we want to be. It is all in our power. She taught me that it is okay to let my guard down and not feel I have to be in control of everything (because the truth is, we are actually in control of very little). She also showed me that the answers actually all lie within us.

Don't waste your time continually searching for a cure. Although it feels like it, you are not ill. Your body is just over stimulated creating very horrible symptoms, I agree, but they all go away in time. It does take some time, but it also generally takes longer to recover because we do a good job of getting in our body's natural way of recovering. I know I did.

Talking with Sue helped me during my recovery over the last couple of years. She helped me with challenges, such as coming off of my medication, taking a flight again, the death of my cat amongst other things. We all have doubts and need reassurance at times to keep us on the right track. The journey is bumpy and it isn't easy, but we can all recover if we do the right things. Jim you are so right when you say that if we do the right things and for long enough, the body has to recover…and it will. It is the same for everyone so follow the recovery strategies the Anxiety Centre recommends. Persist with them!

Sue also helped me reconnect with my belief in God which has helped me with my fears of death and dying. To any one reading this, religion doesn't need to have anything to do with your recovery if you are not religious. We talked about it because I chose to and I asked Sue for help in this area.

I would like to say a couple of things about the symptoms. Unfortunately for me having the symptoms fed right into my health anxieties! A big recipe for an anxiety disorder! I struggled for a while to accept them and I was fearful of them but this just keeps them going! Doctors can tell the difference between anxiety symptoms and other medical conditions so try and believe your Doctor when he tells you it is anxiety. It will make such a difference.

Also, I really struggled with the psychological symptoms. The depression, the overwhelm, doom and gloom, depersonalisation, constant mind chatter, negative thoughts, and even suicidal thoughts. I know these were all a by-product of a tired, stressed, and over stimulated mind. In flight and fight mode, we are continually risk assessing. I did not have any of these thoughts before I developed an anxiety disorder and I don't again now that I have recovered. The point I am trying to make is that once the body calms down and we return to normal health, all these thoughts and feelings just disappear on their own. We don't actually need to do anything except to try not to fret and worry about them while they are there. Of course, doing this just stalls recovery. I learnt not to attach any importance to them. They will come and go, so just let them be. It does take a leap of faith.

I now live a more balanced and healthier lifestyle and with Sue's help, I have learnt to contain my worries. I still have some work to do on my thoughts and behaviours, but I have all the knowledge and tools to continue doing this.

So thanks again Jim and Sue. Keep up the good work!

Best Wishes

Nicole, England

Dear Jim,

I want thank you for your wonderful tenacity which you used to initially work through your own anxiety. I loved reading your story. But you didn't stop at helping yourself, you used your experience and ever growing knowledge to help so many others.

Your website offered me the first glimmer of hope when I was in such despair.  I worked my way through chapter after chapter of all you had written and identified with so much. I also gained understanding of all that was happening in my body and mind.

I was also deeply troubled because I am a Christian and felt that as such I shouldn't be in the state I was in. It was a huge comfort to me to see that other Christians had been the same state before me and that it did not make me a failure.

When I read that I could increase my chances of full recovery by 40% if I had a personal coach or counsellor I did not need to think too long about it. I knew I didn't want to live in the state I was in. If there was a way out I was taking it.

I read the profiles of all the counsellors available. I wanted to make a good choice. I finally settled on Sue Travener-Waugh. She is Australian and therefore understands the culture I live in. She is also an ex nurse. I am a nurse and wanted someone who could understand the culture I work in. Nurses also develop similar patterns of thinking. It was a good choice.

It was such a relief to finally talk to someone who understood what was happening to me. I think I cried the whole first session (and during others!). She gave me homework which was painful but necessary. I did a lot of writing! She was firm with me and demanded complete honesty. This too was necessary. I needed to learn that I am not a victim of my circumstances, that I am no longer that little girl who asked for help but couldn't get it, who could never be good enough for anyone, even God ,especially God. I was waiting for rejection at every turn.

I needed to learn that I am my own person and I am free to make my own choices. That I am a person of value who is easy to love. That I am allowed to have my own voice and that conflict is not a thing to be avoided at all costs but can actually be a good and positive thing. That I can set boundaries.

I am still a work in progress, but I now have the tools I need to keep developing and growing. I am so grateful to you and to Sue for giving me that wonderful gift. I can now get up and look forward to the day. I get pleasure out of life. There are still stressors, but they no longer cripple me, I can deal with them and move on.

When I used to read the bible, it was hard for me to believe that all those good and wonderful promises were for me. I could believe them for everyone else, but not for myself. As I read my bible now, that is changing. It is so much easier to believe that all the good stuff is for me too. I think that is the best gift of all. To finally, really be able to start to see myself through God's eyes. What a wonderful gift.

Thank you so much,
Francene, Australia

Firstly, thank you for this incredible website. Finding you in a Google search that day finally gave me the knowledge and hope I needed to come through. 

Since day one, Sue reassured me that I would make it through, and she was right. Not only am I almost on the other side of all of this, I’ve learnt more about myself than I have ever known.

Thank you for everything Sue, you have changed my life.

LD, Australia

Hello Mr. Folk,

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful ministry to anxiety sufferers. God used your website to bring me out of a pit of misery. I have had anxiety most of my life and a few traumatic events as an adult brought the anxiety to a new level. I thought it was a physiological problem so I began seeking medical help. Testing found nothing, but I continued to feel terrible so I sought help from natural doctors.

My body continued to react poorly to natural remedies and any medications. I was put on Lorazepam one year ago and I was on it for 5 weeks. Being on that and withdrawing from it was one of the more horrifying experiences of my life. I spent many days crying out to God asking Him to take me home or heal me.

One Sunday morning, I "happened" to run across your website. I read through the list of anxiety symptoms and also listened to your story. Wow, it sounded so close to mine. I kept thinking, "is this really stemming from my thinking…there just has to be something wrong with my body." Well, I continued to worsen and was to the point where I could not drive and could not be left alone because I was so anxious. I was an adult, and me and my children needed a babysitter! I was mostly only sleeping one hour a night.

Through a series of events, God brought me to the end of myself and I could not deny that I needed help with my anxiety and that the anxiety was the cause of my symptoms and not the other way around. I became a member of your website and started reading all of the information. It was like it was written just for me. I also ordered one of the relaxation CD's which was so helpful. I also asked to be referred to a counselor.

I will never forget my first appointment with her. Sue Waugh finally gave me hope and help. She spent the first several appointments giving me lifestyle changes to make in order to help my body relax, and also ways to help me change my thought patterns. It was so great having someone be so honest with me and to push me to make changes even when it was hard.

The hard work paid off and I began seeing changes. We then moved into dealing with situations in my past and present and how I was dealing with them. She opened my eyes to how controlling I have been all of my life and also why, and that everything (including myself) does not have to be perfect. It was so freeing! I just so appreciate her being my cheerleader and also teacher. When I would get discouraged, she would keep me on track.

I now drive, laugh, smile, sleep, play with my family, take time for myself, know that God is in control, (not me, thank goodness!) and many other good changes! I am living life like never before!

My family and I thank you for the help of your website and for referring me to Sue. My husband tells me almost everyday he is amazed at the changes. I have referred several people to your website. I pray they contact you to take a step towards freedom!

We cannot thank you enough!


Kayleen C., USA

Hi Jim

I just wanted to congratulate you on your wonderful organization. Four years ago I recovered from chronic, crippling anxiety with the help of one your counsellors, Sue Waugh. I am happy to say I have been feeling great for four years now and I know I will continue to do so.  

I have had life's ups and downs in the past four years but I feel so empowered by what I learnt from you that anxiety just doesn't surface. I feel like I focus on the right thoughts that come naturally now. 

I also have to say your teachings have helped my young son, too. For various reasons a few years ago, I started to recognize my son was becoming anxious. Being 11 years old, he panicked about what he was feeling and was convinced he had some sort of health issues. I immediately recognized what the problem was and implemented your teachings. I worked on his thinking, explained to him what was happening to his body, told him to let the symptoms just come and go, meditated with him daily, and within a month, he was back to being my normal young son. He really did learn a great deal from the experience. Two years on, he is perfectly fine. Whilst it was nothing serious, I felt I taught him some life skills due to you guys. So a big thank you to you.

I hope you and your family and team are well. Please pass on my warmest regards to Sue.

God Bless

Maria J., Australia

Dear Jim,

I just want to let you and others know how great a counsellor Sue is. I finished my counselling sessions with Sue 6 months ago, after spending a year working with her, and I am doing great! The last 6 months have also been the busiest time of my life with the most change (a new job, welcoming a new child, and a new house) and I have handled it all great!  

Looking back, I never knew that I was living my life with anxiety. It was only when I pushed myself over the top and developed anxiety/stress symptoms, and then stumbled onto this website and started working with Sue, that I knew that I had suffered with anxiety all my life. When I starting talking with Sue I was at a low point. Sue very quickly determined the negative behaviors that were causing me stress and anxiety. These were all behaviors that I had learned from my childhood, my parents, and my life experiences.

Once I dealt with the past and was able to notice these negative behaviors, the hard work really began. Sue provided me with many new tools and insights to help change these behaviors.  Sue was very patient and encouraged me during this process.

With Sue being located in Australia and myself in Canada, I found it very convenient to have sessions over the phone (using SKYPE) as Sue was available on Sundays or in the evenings in North America.

Thank you Jim for this great website, and thank you Sue for helping me deal with the behaviors that were causing me anxiety.

Mike, Canada

Twelve months ago anxiety was ruling my life. Three failed attempts at counselling and endless doctors that wanted to medicate me, I thought I had to live with this condition forever.

Then, a random Google search changed my life. I stumbled upon the Anxiety Centre and whilst I proceeded with caution, it was my last hope.  Wow, I wish I had discovered you 10 years earlier!

I started counselling with Sue Waugh in November last year. Her approach was different to everyone else I had seen and knowing she had gone through what I had, made me feel like she understood and didn't think I was crazy. She was so supportive and very quickly I noticed improvements. Now 11 months later I no longer see Sue but I am a new person!

For the first time I am living my life without fear and looking forward to a world of opportunity that I can now confidently embrace.

Sue has changed my life and I can't thank her and the Anxiety Centre enough.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

K.K., Australia

I had started experiencing anxiety symptoms the last couple of years off and on, and at one point was experiencing severe burning nerve pain in various parts of my body and was waiting to see a neurologist to rule out Multiple Sclerosis or other physical conditions. Somehow I felt that all the physical symptoms I had been undergoing were all stress and anxiety related and I kept searching the internet for information.

I came across your site, and read through all of the information available and felt confirmation that I had to get serious and deal with my thinking habits and inherited/learned personality traits that were contributing to my ill health. I worked with Sue Tavener Waugh and it was very enlightening to connect with some of the childhood experiences and relationships that were at the root of some of my negative beliefs about myself, as well as to work through why I had developed such a pattern of stress reaction and worry during my life.

Over time, my physical symptoms subsided and I now do not experience any significant levels of anxiety and have the tools to relax myself and put life events into perspective so that I am not creating unnecessary stressful thoughts and reactions. It is a journey well worth taking and I would recommend Sue highly.

I have also referred your website to several other people dealing with anxiety. Thank you so much for all of the information and services you provide.

God Bless


Dear Sue

I have such great appreciation for our weekly counselling sessions. Without these I would not have been able to overcome my panic attacks, dizziness and so many other symptoms. I had tried a couple of psychologists and they were of no help. Your patience with my symptoms and listening to what I had to say weekly were the things that have gotten me on the road to recovery.. Then providing with my homework to support our session and move forward with healing..

I do not know what led me to the website – probably God. . I believe I was searching for help for my panic attacks, my life and came upon the wonderful website. The discussion forum has been a godsend. I have used it extensively to help with my healing along with the counselling.

I have been able to heal weekly and rather quickly due to your great advice and listening ear. I can’t thank you enough for your help, pointing me to tools like books, tasks and the to help with my recovery. I was crippled with anxiety for many years and Extensively this last year.

I am healing daily after I became a member of your website and started our counselling.

Thanks again,. May God continue to bless you, all the others at, and the work that you do. It has truly changed my life.

With great respect and wishes,


Dear Jim,

I just want to comment on how great Sue is as a counselor. She has become a friend that I can ask any question to. She was so encouraging and helped me in ways I hadn't expected when I signed up. She has brought me through to being a stronger, more confident person.

Your web site is also fabulous. It has so much information, states the issues so clearly and all is very simple to understand.

Thank you so much for having this web site and these counselors available.

Eleanor, Canada

I love this website and my coach, Susan W. I have struggled with panic attacks all my life. I have tried everything to stop them. I've tried medication that helped for a little while, but then the anxiety came back. I have been in three mental hospitals for anxiety. I have also seen several therapists. Nothing has stopped my anxiety until now.

I highly recommend the coaching on this website. Its worth every penny and all you have to do is be willing to do the work.

The tools taught through coaching will help keep your anxiety away. Its the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Thank You, Anxietycentre.


I want you to know I appreciate your help and I will never forget you and what you did for me. I am free and I am healthy.

This past year has not been without its challenges. In fact, it had more stressful events than most years. Many of them we major life events. But I have to tell you, despite the challenges, I have had no anxiety. I have no fear. I take care of myself. I have healthy boundaries. I grow everyday. I am not afraid of my emotions or expressing them. I find my life is richer everyday and my relationships are more genuine. I accept all challenges as new adventures and opportunities for me to grow. I know how to grieve my losses and I enter into the process willingly. I know who I am.

I don't know where I would be without you. Everyday I am grateful for being able to mature with you helping me.

April S., USA

Counselling over the phone has been great. It doesn't matter where the therapist is - you can still get help.

S.T., Australia

Dear Sue,

First off, let me say Thank You, Thank You , Thank You. I know it is only by the grace of God that I found the Anxietycentre website. I read the information and started implementing the self help work on my own. After a few weeks it was clear to me that I needed more help to uncover the underlying factors that attributed to my anxiety. It was hard to admit and accept but I knew that I was impeding my own recovery.

Having spoken to a therapist locally with no results but the continued offer of medication, I was reluctant and unsure what, if any help counseling would be. I called in and was set up with my initial appointment with Sue. Sue was exactly the personality that I needed. It was a relief to know that she knew exactly what I was experiencing and reassuring to know that she and all the other counselors at Anxiety Center had experienced and conquered anxiety. If anyone had the answers, it had to be her.

It has been several months. I look back now and don’t even recognize the person I was. I have grown more in the last several months than I could ever imagine. My road was not easy. It was challenging, hard, and sometimes even scary. For anyone reading this, if you really want to be done with an anxiety disorder, completely, then please look into counseling here. If you commit to the work, it will be the best investment you ever made. You will be free.

Sue… there will always be a special place in my heart for you. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow with your help.


Looking back, I believe I have suffered with anxiety all my life. Over the last 25 years, as an adult, I have had my share of ups and downs, all which have contributed to my of varying degrees of anxiety.

Late in 2007, I experienced a full-blown anxiety attack. I was sitting watching a movie with my husband and my eight-year-old daughter when it hit me, out of the blue. Panic, vomiting, churning stomach, sweating, and the feeling I was going insane. I was terrified. Although I knew what was happening, I didn't know what had triggered it, and that is what scared me the most. It felt like I had no control over these feelings!

Two days later I saw my doctor. I was prescribed very mild anti-depressant medication, which I have never taken. I got on the computer and searched the web so I could learn about anxiety and what caused it. Words cannot describe my feelings when I found your web site. I spent nights reading the information, this was the beginning of my healing process. I didn't feel alone.

I needed professional guidance. Deep down I knew I couldn't unravel all my negative thought patterns I had taught myself over the years. Medicating myself was definitely out of the question (I knew it was only going to be a short term fix). I needed to address the cause, not the symptoms.

For nearly 12 months I have been meeting with Sue weekly. As part of my healing process, I have opened up and shared very personal information with Sue. It has been very hard for me to bring those feelings and (sometimes very scary) thoughts to the surface and acknowledge, accept, or reject them. Sue's guidance, patience, and understanding has allowed me to grow and move forward at a pace I feel comfortable with.

During our sessions, Sue provided me with tools to begin my healing. Tools to recognize my self worth, tools to acknowledge my contribution to my family as a mother and wife. But most importantly, tools to help give meaning to my life on a daily basis.

I feel a different person today than I was 12 months ago. I am on the road to recovery. My persistent anxiety symptoms have diminished.

This may sound strange from an anxiety sufferer, but my aim is not to eliminate anxiety, my hope is to feel a level of anxiety that is appropriate to the situation. And I expect that will happen as my 'tool box' continues to be filled with the right information and tools to help me build a stronger and more resilient me.

For me personally, having the sessions over the phone, in my own environment is great.

Thank you

D.L., Australia

Hi Marilyn,

I don't know if you remember me. I have Sue as my counsellor and when I started personal counselling you were my counsellor for a while and Sue was listening in, training I presume. After a while Sue then became my counsellor.

I am writing to let you know that Sue is absolutely fantastic. I have gone from being an absolute wreck who at my lowest thought quite seriously about suicide. I just couldn't find a way out of the mess I found myself in. I thought I'd be an anxious mess for the rest of my life.

I really clicked with Sue. With her patience and guidance she has pulled me through a very difficult part of my life. I have been taught skills that I know will remain with me for the rest of my life. I'm almost a year into my therapy and I'm doing so well.

My mum was diagnosed with ALS 18 months ago and has deteriorated and continues to do so. So many of my friends told me that I wouldn't recover until my mum passes away. That made me even more anxious. I felt I had little hope. I'm happy to say that yes my mum is still around but I'm almost my normal self. Sue has pulled me through this despite my life’s challenges. I'm now able to spend quality time with my mum. I don't feel sick to the stomach when I see mum or rather her condition. I have been able to get past mums illness and realise that she is still my wonderful mum that I love dearly.

Sue has helped me develop coping skills. She is the voice of reason. I can't thank her enough for all her help. I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful counsellor you have as part of your staff. I now can smile.

Thank you to the Anxiety Centre and especially to Sue.
God Bless

M. J., Australia

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