All of us at have experienced debilitating anxiety. But we’ve also overcome it and returned to normal and lasting health. Because we know the hardship anxiety unwellness can cause, we are committed to helping others, with over 27 years of service.” - Jim Folk, President,

Stacey Ellertson, B. Th., M.A.LM., M.A.CM., Associate member of CCPA - Counselor

Jim Folk

Stacey specializes in counseling for:

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Jim Folk's interview with Adam about Adam's recovery - Part 3



Stacey understands the despair and challenges of severely debilitating anxiety. His struggle began almost immediately when he spent the first year of life in the hospital, and the next nine years in and out of hospital due to multiple surgeries.

Because of these early life experiences, Stacey’s childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood years were filled with fear, loneliness, and a sense of loss of control and inferiority. Consequently, he learned to live anxiously, expecting that bad things would continually happen to him.

Stacey did his best to try and feel better, by trying harder and harder to be better and better, however, the persistent thought of, "It's never enough," continued to pervade in his life.

To relieve the "gloom and doom" he was feeling, Stacey began to sleep excessively, because he found that his dream life was safer than his real life. As a result, he often slept sixteen hours a day. Nicotine, caffeine, and immersing himself into his work also became his drugs of choice, all in an attempt to relieve the heaviness and fear he was experiencing.

In 1991, Stacey experienced excruciating panic attacks, social anxiety, and deep depression. It was during this time that he seriously considered suicide.

That same year, Stacey sought counselling for his anxiety and depression, which began his journey back to normal and lasting health. Today, Stacey lives a life completely free of debilitating panic attacks, anxiety, and depression.

Stacey has a Bachelor of Theology degree from Gardner College in Camrose, Alberta; a Master of Arts degree in Christian Ministry majoring in Marriage and Family Counselling; and a Master of Arts degree in Leadership and Management with a major in Organizational Leadership.

Because of Stacey's personal experience with anxiety and depression, he is passionate about helping others. Stacey specializes in offering support to adults and teenagers who are experiencing:

Who feel:

And may find it difficult to:

Stacey is a member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. He owns the Southwest Family Life Centre in Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

Stacey and his wife, LeeAnne, reside in Swift Current, Saskatchewan with their two daughters.

Members can read more about his personal experiences with anxiety in the member's area of our Web site.

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Stacey is a really great counsellor.

I have used a few counsellors in the past and Stacey is by far the best I have used.  He was the one that was able to get me over the hump and really hone in on the negative behaviours that were causing me to be stuck with stress and anxiety. I finished my counselling sessions with Stacey over 2 years ago and I have never felt better or been happier.

My wife and I actually used Stacey for marriage counselling first as we really hit a low point.  It was amazing how quickly Stacey helped us get over these minor issues and see things from a different light.  We still refer to one of the quotes Stacy gave us, “Would you rather be happy or be right?”  I liked his approach so much that I decided to have him coach me through my anxiety issues, and I am so glad I did!

Stacey provided me with a real practical and realistic approach to help change my behaviours and break me free.

I really enjoyed the convenience of being at home and doing our counselling sessions using video over SKYPE or FaceTime.

Thank you Stacey for all your help!

Mike, Canada

I am very grateful to the anxiety centre website and the excellent counseling sessions with Stacey. I was under a lot of stress from an overload of business trips, was experiencing anxiety and feeling overwhelmed when I first started working with him. I was under pressure to bring in more work and I let the pressure build up in me and actually took on more business assignments than was healthy. I did not have the work-life balance I so treasure.

I had never had any counseling before, so I cannot compare the sessions with Stacey with any other sessions. However, right from the very start I felt an immediate sense of trust being built. I could feel that he genuinely wanted to help me. He is very gifted as a counselor and a coach. He helps you to see and really understand things more clearly and deeply. He also gives you practical tools to work with.

It was especially comforting to work with someone who really understands anxiety and takes the time to help you understand symptoms and how not to fear them. I learned how to understand the symptoms better. Afterwards they started decreasing more and more. I moved from a state of "fight or flight" to a state of "rest and recuperation". I still have a lot of work, but it is better paced now because I also make a conscious effort to pace it better.

I learned to slow down again and not feel I had to carry the burden alone of finding funding opportunities at work. I understand that it is a team project to be shared by all team members.

I would recommend Stacey very highly. He walks with you, empowers you and helps you to help yourself thrive.

Thank you again, Stacey. I really valued our time together.

Mary Anne, Germany

Before I met Stacey I had been struggling with the physical symptoms of anxiety for my entire life without really knowing the cause. Two years before I contacted Stacey these symptoms boiled over and really began impacting my life. I spent thousands of dollars visiting doctors, specialists, and emergency rooms trying to solve my health problems. Each trip ending with the doctors telling me there was nothing wrong with me.

Stacey led me out of the trap of chasing the symptoms and helped me understand that my focusing on them was actually making them worse. He also helped me understand the behavioral patterns I had been following my entire life which have caused me to live more anxiously. The biggest thing he helped me understand is that healing is a process, it takes time to change behaviors we have developed over the course of our lives.

J.M., United States

In April of 2012, while researching the symptoms of Lyme's disease, which I feared I had contracted, I found  The symptoms of Lyme's disease and anxiety disorder were almost identical.

I had been through a bunch of medical tests, including CT scans, blood test, lung X-rays, speriometry, heart ultrasounds, etc. I was sure I was dying from some mysterious undiagnosed disease. I was prescribed medication for anxiety and depression. The world had become a desolate and sinister place back then, and I felt like my days were numbered.

After reading the biographies of the counsellors on the website, I chose to set up an appointment with Stacey. He was a reassuring voice and enlightening presence during those dark days. Between our phone sessions, reading the website materials, and some lifestyle changes, I slowly began to regain control of my life. I learned that anxiety disorder didn't happen overnight, that it had been brewing all my life. I had been taught to be fearful and anxious as an infant by my parents, who were just doing the best they could at the time. 

I was able to start working again. My physical, emotional, and financial health slowly began to improve. Bit by bit, my experience began to shift. Every month I felt a little stronger, a little more confident. 

A little over a year has passed, and it's hard to even imagine that I couldn't sleep without taking an Ativan. I am no longer at the mercy of a negative inner dialogue, and respond to life's ups and downs in a more effective manner. I feel optimistic about the future now. I am much happier, and am able to appreciate all the things I have in my life. Although I still experience some anxiety from time to time, I am no longer thrown into turmoil by it. I know I have more work to do, but I can enjoy the process and am grateful for it. I am able to count my blessings these days...

I would say that the biggest benefit of my sessions with Stacey is that I learned not to be afraid of my symptoms. By learning not to be afraid of my symptoms, my anxiety began to subside. I learned that anxiety and fear are inside jobs, and I was given tools to change that. Being armed with this knowledge, and putting the techniques into practice, was very empowering. As the anxiety subsided, so did the symptoms. My physical, mental, and emotional health improved, as I learned to be more self-accepting.

I didn't think I could afford to pay for therapy, but in retrospect, I could not afford to continue without it. Therapy was probably the best investment I have ever made.

Theo, Canada

I am so happy that I found anxietycentre. I had spent the last four years dealing with anxiety that kept growing and was slowly ruining my life and ability to live happy.

Working with Stacey was comfortable and rewarding. The methods that he taught me and helped apply have changed my life and helped me to gain my life back. Though it was hard work, the effort is well worth it.

I recommend Stacey and the anxietycentre to anyone that is dealing with anxiety in any way. It was very helpful to have someone to relate to. His experience with anxiety in his own life was very helpful in realizing I wasn't alone and this battle is winnable.


In August 2011, the peak of my anxiety roared like an angry lion with no relief in sight. It had been such a long time since I had experienced this level of intensity that I panicked when my prayers seemed to go unanswered. 

I found a counselor, and after that session, I thought there has got to be someone better who can help. While surfing the Internet for anxiety websites, I came across What a blessing and lifesaver this has been to me!  I can't even begin to explain how much this website, combined with the counseling from Stacey, has helped me make huge strides in moving forward. 

An illness with my dad in 2010, along with other stresses, triggered my anxiety again. Going through’s program, I now better understand all of this - the belief systems, underlying factors, and behaviors/habits that contribute to anxiety. 

For anyone out there, I highly recommend counseling.  If you can't afford it, contact a counselor anyway, as they are willing to work with you. The fact that Stacey and others have been through this really makes a difference. 

I must admit, I haven't been as diligent lately and I can tell because my symptoms have increased.  However, I now have the tools to just go back and start over. It may not sound good, but believe me, it is because now you will have the tools and info always at your disposal. I know a lot of folks fear rebounds, setbacks, and such. But Stacey helped with that immensely, and now I just go back and re-read them. I know where to find him if I need him.  At least now I don't have the level of fear that I can't do anything about my anxiety. I know that's not true. It does take time, but more importantly, consistency.  Even with the increased symptoms, it's a long way from where I was a year or so ago. 

I am SO very thankful for Jim Folk and everyone that commits their lives and time to helping the rest of us.  There is hope folks!  Always!


I joined the Anxiety Centre website over a year ago.  I found it so encouraging - gave me answers to all my questions in regards to my health and explained why I felt the way I did.  After studying the information, listening to every recorded Skype message, I had so much information that I became anxious just trying to figure it all out. 

I knew I needed to speak to a counsellor to sort out my thoughts and all the information that I had been learning, but took me awhile to finally make that decision to do so. After reading about each of the counsellors, I chose Stacey Ellertson because it seemed he had struggled with the same type of symptoms. Nervously, I awaited his call - but right from the start of our conversation, he was kind and easy to speak with.  He explained how the body works - and that this was simply “biology”. It is really interesting to look at how our bodies are created perfectly - and that if we over-tax them with too much stress (which could be a physical stress, emotional stress or even too much caffeine and sugar), there is no balance and we become “over-stimulated”. When we become over-stimulated - it causes many bizarre sensations, that eventually will lead to symptoms (because the body doesn’t ever get a chance to calm down). Stress comes in many different forms, our thoughts, our actions, health issues etc., which leads to an un-balanced life.

Stacey was great at giving me the tools I needed to realize that my thoughts and actions - and the way that I looked at situations were causing my stress. He helped me to create a new file folder in my brain - what used to be FEAR is now a file folder called FREEDOM.  This file folder contains the information that I go to when I was feeling anxious and stressed. 

I am a perfectionist, over-responsible and have high expectations of myself and others …. do you think that could cause stress??  YES!  My overly anxious behaviours caused an anxious mind. Stacey’s greatest advice was to have a life that is balanced and have rhythm. Now I take the time to think about what I am thinking about and use the tools to calm my mind - which in turn - calm the body and vice versa.

If you are thinking of talking to someone but too afraid - or embarrassed - don’t be!  I cannot encourage you enough to speak to someone about the fears and struggles that you are having. Speaking to a counsellor that has gone through the same issues is so awesome - they understand - have beaten the anxiety and have the compassion to know what it feels like to struggle.

I use my new folder everyday - do my relaxation everyday and my so grateful for the encouragement and help that Anxiety Centre has been!  I have always looked at life as a challenge - now I am choosing to look at life with joy - and it is wonderful.  Thank you to Stacey and Anxiety Centre for everything!

Donna, Canada

After suffering with many minor bouts of anxiety disorder throughout my lifetime, in the fall of 2011 after experiencing a near fatal car accident, I experienced a severe dark time in my life. It was during this time I was searching the Internet to find help and solace for all the horrible and confusing symptoms I was experiencing on a daily basis when I came across the website. Looking back now, I believe it was a God-send.

After reading all - and I literally mean all - of the information, I began practicing and implementing all the strategies that Jim Folk suggested. I began feeling better a little bit day after day and eventually “cured” myself through the self-help information through the website on my own. In my mind, I believed I truly understood all aspects of anxiety and anxiety disorder and would never again suffer with the disorder again. Boy was I wrong!! Unfortunately in the summer of 2014, anxiety disorder reared its ugly head once again and worse than before. As Jim Folk explains on the website, many people experience Level One recovery which was what I experienced and if one never deals with the underlying causes of anxiety disorder, it will only return again and again throughout one’s life.

Suffice it to say, I tried to self-help myself once again but to no avail. It was then I decided to contact Stacey Ellertson as I had previously heard some Skype recordings with him and also read some very promising testimonials, which made my decision all the more easy to make.

From our first session, Stacey was down to earth and talked to me as a person. This made me feel comfortable and allowed me to view him as being trustworthy. More importantly to me, he was a fellow Christian and would implement Christianity in our sessions as well, which also helped me tremendously. From the beginning I felt a deep trust for him and believed everything he told me. I began implementing all the strategies he told me to do and also began to stop all the behaviors which brought me to anxiety disorder in the first place. He was always so helpful and understanding in every session we had and was easily available through email whenever I had a question or was struggling.

After many sessions and months later, I began feeling better and finally and truly began to understand true, complete and lasting anxiety disorder recovery. Through the help of God, Stacey Ellertson, Jim Folk and the website, I now have my life back!! It is now even better than before because through therapy, I discovered all of my underlying factors and unhealthy behaviors which brought me to anxiety disorder throughout many times in my life. I now feel a profound sense of freedom because I never have to worry about anxiety disorder ever returning as long as I keep practicing what I learned in therapy to live a stress free life. And that to me is the best gift anyone could ever have given me.

I would like to give my sincere thanks first to God for leading me to find, and also to Stacey Ellertson, Jim Folk and the entire staff at I will forever be grateful to you all!!

God bless
Tiffany, USA

When I first started talking with Stacey I was in a very anxious state that I had never experienced before. I had a number of troubling symptoms, and my doctor had prescribed anti-anxiety medicine which I was very reluctant to take. Stacey was able to walk me through the symptoms, and gave me the information I needed to fully understand how anxiety could cause so many symptoms. I completed my sessions with Stacey and I was able to avoid taking any medication. I now am able to understand my anxiety, and I can now cope with it effectively. I highly recommend this approach.

Scott, Alberta

I have suffered off and on with anxiety for most of my life. I did lots of therapy, read all the books, tried different remedies but never learned how to manage my thoughts and feelings effectively. This last bout of anxiety I experienced was by far the worst. I was a mess.

I have to honestly say that that I was truly blessed the day I found; and I am sure it was “Divine Intervention” that brought Stacey Ellertson into my life. He was the light of hope at a very dark time.

My experience working with Stacey has been nothing short of extraordinary. He has a way of explaining what goes on physiologically in an anxious person’s body that helped me to better understand how my thoughts and reactions to my feelings and sensations were feeding my fear. He listens and hears what you are saying. He has a way of tactfully calling you on your “stuff”. His demeanor is calming and compassionate.

I really looked forward to our sessions and although I miss talking to him, he is always with me each day as I apply what he has taught me.

What I know for sure is that recovery from anxiety is an ongoing process. Applying what you learn doesn’t stop just because you feel better.

I thank Jim Folk for creating the website that is such a comprehensive and valuable resource for all anxiety sufferers. And, most importantly, I thank you, Stacey, from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and facilitating my growth to become more whole. Thank you!

Barbara, USA

To anyone suffering from anxiety in this fast paced world full of stress and pressure, I highly recommend seeking the advice from the true professionals at the and their fantastic website.  

Being a former marine and patriarch of my family and business, I would never have thought of counseling or seeking advice from strangers!  So when I decided to visit their website and signed up for personal coaching with Stacey Ellertson, my life was changed!

I learned that I was living a toxic lifestyle and discovered my underlying issues that were causing a lot of my anxiety!  

We all need an oil change and Stacey was a fantastic resource during this difficult time in life! I highly recommend their program to others and am happy to say I feel wonderful and look forward to a life free from anxiety!  Thanks again, Stacey Ellertson, for the great work you do!  

Doug, USA

In 2011, I was at my wits end.  I had just about every anxiety symptom. I was in pretty bad shape.  I had researched and looked at’s website for months.  I’m so glad I finally made the decision to call. 

Stacey was so easy to talk to, listened to what I had to say, and together we dealt with my core fears and issues.  He was very understanding but never let me get away with anything.  He gave me homework and tips on how to recover.  I looked forward to our sessions and liked that he really understood me where no one else could.  I felt better after every session.

It took me three years to graduate.  But during that time, I wasn’t anywhere close to where I was when I started. I improved steadily.  I understood and applied the techniques he had given me to work on but it was something that he told me in our last session that finally clicked and I new exactly what I needed to do.  Since then, things have been so different.  The symptoms I have felt are very minimal, if any, and I have started living and enjoying my life again. I am happy and I am no longer thinking of my symptoms. I am thinking of what exciting fun things I am going to do today.  I appreciate the big things in my life now, the birds singing, sunrises and sunsets, walks in the park, and take time for me now. My family and friends have noticed the difference and participate now, not just sit back. I have noticed I think less and less about the symptoms which were the focus of my life in the past.

Thank you so much, Stacey. You have aided me in getting my life back. And now, I am enjoying it one day at a time.  I could not have done it without you.   I finally feel capable in handling whatever journey my life takes.

Heather, Canada

I turned to the Anxiety Centre after many years of anxiety and trying various programs and therapy. I liked the idea of working with somebody who had struggled themselves with anxiety. Stacey was very good at getting at the roots of my struggles. He often was better at describing how I was thinking or feeling than I was myself.

I am very grateful to Stacey for pushing me to be honest and candid about values and goals and helping me to use these values to overcome my anxieties and fears. I cannot believe how much better I feel now than when I first came to Stacey.

It has been several months since I finished the program with Stacey and I think I get stronger each day. Life certainly has its challenges but I have gained the tools to be able to overcome and be better because of these challenges.

Thank you Stacey and the Anxiety Centre for giving me my life back.

Tim S., USA

Struggling with anxiety and all that it entails sucks. There are no two ways around it. It festers and grows like a fungus. For me, it started off with a panic attack about 7 years ago. Terrifying would be an understatement.  I continued to bear the brunt of an illness I didn’t understand which added to my life of panic and uncertainty. The weeks of anxiety turned into months and quickly the years passed by. Life had, seemingly out of the blue, become a painful struggle. The good times didn’t seem that good and the bad times sure were awful and often scary.  I was an emotional mess when I found the Anxiety Centre in 2010.

Initially, I felt I could read every word on the website and train myself into getting better. The website was a huge help but unfortunately, wasn’t to be my only route. I made an appointment with a local psychologist who told me, “Chris, you need to get in touch with my philosophical side.” Was he joking? Seriously? About a month later, I made one of the finest decisions of my life. I contacted Stacey for an initial phone discussion.

Stacey gave me the ability to breath again (literally) after our first appointment. My continued journey to recovery has been long, windy, exciting, frustrating, beautiful. I’ve learned more about myself in the past 15 months than in my 35 years prior. This journey would have been impossible without Stacey, my trusted advisor.  Stacey has shown compassion when needed and held me accountable at all times. He has provided me with all the tools needed to move forward with confidence and balance.

I highly recommend Stacey, without ANY reservation, to anyone who struggles with anxiety.

Chris, USA

Suzanne and family

I worked with Stacey for 18 months, and from the first meeting I was so relieved to talk with someone who listened and understood all the thoughts and symptoms I was experiencing. Working with Stacey was an answer to my prayers. Stacey was kind, compassionate and very professional in teaching me about the reasons behind my anxiety symptoms, helping to learn to contain my emotions, and make positive changes in my thinking and actions.

Stacey incorporated a strong Christian faith perspective, and used the Bible and teachings of Jesus as a basis for his therapy. My experience of working with Stacey brought me closer to the Lord, and what I believe His plan is for my life. Thank you Stacey for your gifts of healing, ministry and love. I am so happy to be symptom-free, and no longer fearful of anxiety. These are the verses I will carry forward with me:

Matthew 11: 28-30 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."

Suzanne Murphy, USA

Like many who suffer from anxiety, I was convinced that I had something wrong with me. I had every test performed and consulted with every type of doctor and received nothing but healthy results. I was adamant that they were missing something so (like every great worrier) I took to the internet to diagnose myself. Usually this is an extremely self destructive way to go about things but fortunately for me, my mindless browsing led me to

It was there that I began working with Stacey Ellertson. I immediately found comfort in the fact that he had once gone through the same trouble with anxiety that I had. After just a few weeks of working with him I began to notice improvement and as a result I started to really believe I could overcome this for good. I worked with Stacey over the following 7 months until he felt I was ready to graduate from the program.

My experience with the Anxiety Centre and Stacey Ellertson was life changing. I can’t thank him enough for the support and help he gave me during a difficult stage of my life. The program that was set up to help address my anxiety helped me realize what exactly it is and how it works. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that working with someone who has gone through anxiety and depression in their own life and overcame it, is far more beneficial than working with anyone else.

Thank you and thank you Stacey!

Daniel R., USA

Speaking from experience gave Stacey credibility that my previous therapist lacked. Stacey?s knowledge of how anxiety works and his encouraging coaching comforted me that I could beat it. His advice and techniques proved effective in calming my nervous system, allowing for confidence and rational thinking to set in. Thanks Stacey and the


Hi Stacey,

At long last . . ..

When I started working with Stacey in the summer of 2009, my life was a toxic combination of dread, stress, unrealistic expectations, and chaos.  Although there were no overnight miracles and a few setbacks along the way, I was able to slowly dig myself out of this dark hole with Stacey's advise, encouragement, and support. 

My life has changed dramatically and I am excited about my future for the first time in a long while.  Stacey was an active partner in my recovery whose own experiences wrestling with these demons gave me the knowledge that recovery was possible and that no setback was insurmountable. 

The compassion of someone who understood what it was like to walk in my shoes who could help me celebrate my small victories and put the next set of challenges into their proper context made me feel like I was never alone in this struggle.  Stacey genuinely cares and his practical, common sense advice, coupled with honest feedback, was a huge part in my recovery.

C.R., Canada

Three and a half years ago, I found myself in a situation where I felt completely stuck!!! It was my mind, so how was I ever supposed to escape it? My life haulted, and although I was physically going through life, emotionally, I was not there. I knew this was not right, so I sought out counseling.

I was temporarily feeling better, but still did not feel like myself. I found on-line towards the end of 2007 and signed up. The information was realistic!! It sounded hopeful!! I became to feel like myself again.

Still, though, something was missing. I decided I wanted to feel like myself again and not have horrible thoughts about myself and life in general. I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. In the summer of 2008, I decided to try the counseling from THIS WAS THE BEST DECISION I'VE EVER MADE IN MY LIFE!!! Stacey Ellertson is AMAZING!!! He is knowledgeable about anxiety and depression, and everything he told me throughout our sessions was true! There were days I'd still feel hopeless, but I would just trust the process. Sure enough, the process worked!! I started thinking differently and my life has turned around!!

Granted, I still have days where I may be down or anxious about something, BUT THIS IS NORMAL!! What has changed is that I no longer obsess over feeling this way, so those days are few and I quickly bounce back!!

I am so grateful to Stacey and Their program and kind hearts could be improving and saving many lives!! I pray many are able to find them, TRUST THEM, and get back to living life to the fullest :-)

Nicole, USA

It has been a long time since we last chatted. I just wanted to let you know that I'm feeling great again. My anxiety condition came on fast and left me fast. It was a struggle, but you gave me the counseling and tools that I needed to get through the rough times. I learned anxiety is a very scary and real thing, but can be beaten if you just realize, to let it go, it doesn't have to be scary, just ride out the scary moments like surfing a will pass and I'll be ok!

Since our meetings, I've been helping others and passing on the wonderful advice that you have shared with me. You have been the world’s largest help to me. You helped me get through my hard times when I thought there was nothing I could do. I can't offer enough thanks to you! It's been a tough two years but my condition has been beaten and I'm now back to loving life’s precious moments.

Thanks so much.

Logan M., Canada

I decided to seek counselling through the Anxiety Centre in May of 2008 and it was the best decision I could have made. Stacey is a true professional who has "been there". He is easy to talk to and listens for what the real issues are. Then we work together to address them.

I feel as though Stacey and I are true partners in my recovery. I honestly don't think I would be feeling as well as I do without him. Thank you Stacey, and the Anxiety Centre, for making my life a whole lot happier, and me a whole lot healthier!

Cathy, Canada

Stacey has been wonderful over the past year while I struggled with the lowest point of my life. He was always there to remind me that I wasn't going crazy, that this was just anxiety and depression, and he helped me find my way to much better days. While I'm not 100% recovered yet, Stacey helped me get to the point where I could return to work and return to the outside world.

When I first started working with Stacey I was an absolute wreck and was quickly become suicidal. Stacey reminded me that he had been through this and had come out the other side with a much brighter future, and that this path could be mine also if I would practice patience and believe it to be true. I am much happier and peaceful today than at anytime during the past year and a half.


Julie, USA

For nearly a decade I struggled with debilitating anxiety and panic attacks. For seven and a half years, I coped by taking medication, but became disillusioned with the prospect that I would have to take meds for the remainder of my life. During that time I never fully understood what was happening to my body. My psychiatrist at the time told me I needed to accept that I would need to accept this "illness" just like someone with diabetes.

Needless to say, even with the meds, I just got by. and Stacey Ellertson came into my life, and I discovered the truth about what I was experiencing. Stacey, with his compassion and understanding, helped me greatly. I am now three months into recovery, thanks to Stacey and, and have no plans to look back.

Nick M, USA

By the time I encountered Stacey, I was at my wits end. I had been to countless specialists and read every book and there was no improvement. That gentle and understanding voice at the end of the phone became my hope.  

Stacey has a great combination of deep experience mixed with compassion while also not accepting any excuses. I am almost recovered from what was easily the worst period in my life.

N.C., Europe

Six months of counselling are coming to a close. Six months of looking at my past, pausing in my present and gazing toward my future - six long months of gut wrenching discovery and light-bulb popping realizations. If I could, would I change what lay in the dust behind me? You bet! Will I use that dust to mold the future diarama ahead - Yes!

Decade after decade I was whatever "you" wanted me to be. I set you up in the control tower and said, steer my ship; direct my path; and, make my decisions - and, you did. Now I say "Stop!" I breath deeply, I open my eyes and I see all around me as the traffic in my life grounds to a halt. I move into the control tower and I start finding the pieces that are me - attitudes, values, belief systems.

"Go", I say. In unison, the wheels begin to turn once more. I am gathering data like a software program might conduct a search when you type in the right word. I am compiling and analysing and storing so I can be truly me in the middle of all the decisions I will make over the next decades of my life. My path may be a little imperfect and the scenery may change along the way but it will be me choosing which fork in the road that I will take and what lies ahead will be my discovery as I set my compass on true north - my wise old-woman's heart.

E.H., Canada

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The combination of good self-help information and working with an experienced anxiety disorder therapist, coach, or counselor is the most effective way to overcome anxiety and its many symptoms. Until the core causes of anxiety are addressed - we call these core causes the underlying factors of anxiety - a struggle with anxiety unwellness can return again and again. Dealing with the underlying factors of anxiety is the best way to eliminate problematic anxiety and its symptoms once and for all.

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Authors: Jim Folk, Marilyn Folk, BScN. Last updated July 2016. Information, support, and coaching/counseling/therapy for problematic anxiety and its sensations and symptoms, including anxiety therapy, coaching, and counseling by Stacey Ellertson.