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What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Facial Blushing Anxiety Symptoms?

Facial blushing is commonly associated with anxiety. If it is caused by an active stress response and/or stress-response hyperstimulation, it will subside when the active stress response ends and/or when you have eliminated your body’s hyperstimulated state. This is similar to all anxiety symptoms.

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Most often, however, facial blushing is a result of common underlying factors of anxiety, such as low self-esteem, people pleasing, the fear of rejection, and the fear of making mistakes, to name a few. You can read more about anxiety's underlying factors in Chapter 7 in the Recovery Support area of our website.

If your facial blushing is tied to underlying factors, the best way to deal with them is to work with an experienced anxiety disorder therapist/coach, such as those we recommend at our website.

Since it is difficult to successfully address these types of underlying factors on your own and if you aren’t professionally trained to do so, working with an experienced therapist/coach is almost always required for meaningful and lasting success.

In this regard, I suggest you connect with one of our therapists. I believe you’ll find his/her help to be invaluable.

The combination of good self-help information and working with an experienced anxiety disorder therapist, coach, or counselor is the most effective way to address anxiety and its many symptoms. Until the core causes of anxiety are addressed - we call these core causes the underlying factors of anxiety - a struggle with anxiety unwellness can return again and again. Dealing with the underlying factors of anxiety is the best way to address problematic anxiety.

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Authors: Jim Folk, Marilyn Folk, BScN. Last updated September 10, 2017. Information, support, and coaching/counseling/therapy for problematic anxiety and its sensations and symptoms, including the best way to get rid of facial blushing.