All of us at have experienced debilitating anxiety. But we’ve also overcome it and returned to normal and lasting health. Because we know the hardship anxiety unwellness can cause, we are committed to helping others, with over 27 years of service.” - Jim Folk, President,

Amanda Diehl, M.A. - Counselor

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Amanda has personally experienced anxiety and stress in her own life. In childhood, Amanda experienced multiple near-death experiences, and the death of loved ones. In adulthood, Amanda found she had come to live with the anxiety these events had fostered in her life on a daily basis.

Amanda tried alternatives to deal with stress and anxiety, but it was not until she herself sought counseling that she was able to recover from her own issues and find healing and empowerment to shape her life into something she truly loves living.

Through Amanda's own personal and professional journey she has developed the ability to be truly empathetic for those dealing with anxiety, panic, stress, and fear, and has the professional tools to facilitate the possibility of change. It is in both her professional skills and compassionate heart that Amanda has been able to collaborate with clients, share in their life story, and “re-author” with them to find a new outcome in their life story.

Amanda has a master's degree in counseling. Through this educated approach, Amanda is able to look at the 'whole picture' of what is going on in one's life, and provide support. Some areas that Amanda specializes in are marriage and family counseling, pastoral counseling, addictions counseling, abuse recovery counseling, anger management coaching, self-esteem, and life skills coaching including effective communication skills.

Amanda has experience working at a homeless shelter in which she provided support and counseling to those who had severe anxiety levels, addiction, physical and mental health concerns, experiences of family violence and other abuse issues. Amanda provided support to clients when some were at the most desperate time of their lives. Amanda received an award for her ministry skills in this challenging environment.

Amanda also provides family and individual counseling at a local public organization in which she provides parents with tools to become more effective parents. She also provides therapy through play and individual counseling to children and youth, as well as provides family and couples counseling.

Amanda truly loves her work as a professional counselor and considers it a profound privilege to do what she does.

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I began a very dark period of anxiety 3 1/2 years ago, after the sudden (and 10 days apart) deaths of my dad and my father-in-law. I did not know what was wrong with me, but I assumed the symptoms were surely caused by a dreadful disease such as MS or even worse, ALS. I made an appointment to see my doctors, in fact, I saw 2 doctors and a physician's assistant. They all diagnosed GAD and prescribed medications. I had horrible reactions to 2 of the meds and did not get the 3rd one filled. I felt hopeless and did not know where to turn.

The worse symptoms involved my central nervous system, and included horrific muscle twitching, jelly legs, and extreme muscle tension. I also had a swooshing in my ears, heart palpitations and a general feeling of poor health. These symptoms, along with a largely fearful way of thinking resulted in a very miserable and nerve-wracking way of life for me. I was terrified that this would be a life-long problem.

During my online research, by the grace of God, I came across I read every word on this website and knew that this was my solution. I became a member and faithfully followed all the advise, particularly doing deep breathing, muscle relaxation and eliminated 95% of the caffeine I was accustomed to. I knew the symptoms had to become an incentive for me to follow through and get past this. I would do well for weeks, even months at a time; however if I faced the least stressful situation, I would invariably experience the symptoms again, although sometimes on a much reduced level. After working on this on my own for about 3 years, I came to the conclusion that there really must be an underlying issue preventing a full recovery. So, I decided to seek the help of one of the therapist on your staff.

I emailed you and requested an appointment with Amanda. She really had to create an opening for me, for which I will be forever grateful! I cannot say enough or speak highly enough about her ability to very quickly ascertain what the issue is and get to work on a plan of action. Amazingly, after a few short months, Amanda congratulated me on my success at achieving full recovery. To put it simply, I feel extremely equipped to live life without the burden of an anxiety disorder. My regular doctor told me a couple of weeks ago during my annual physical, that something seemed different about me, that I seemed to be in a much better place in life. I told her about and Amanda, and what had caused this huge improvement in my quality of life.

I am maintaining my membership so that I can have access to the constant update of information as well as the resources provided. Thank you seems inadequate, but I can assure you that I have expressed my gratefulness to God for the commitment you have to helping provide healing and recovery to people who experience anxiety. May God continue to bless you and this ministry!


Hello Amanda,

I hope you and your family are well.

I wish I could write this in my language since I cannot express myself as well as I want in English, but I will try.

I wanted to contact you for a long time, but I thought I would wait a year from our last appointment.

I feel totally recovered! I am free of anxiety for more than a year. No set backs, no second thoughts, and no doubts.

So, I am writing this email to formally thank you for the work and effort you put in to my personal recovery in the past 3 years. It’s something I hoped for, but I didn’t believe it would ever happen.

I remember vaguely how I used to feel, but I clearly remember how much I didn’t know about anxiety and why it was causing my problems. Thank you for giving me the facts, for teaching me new skills, and for your patience.

I was damaged—as I used to say to you—and my hopes and dreams were broken, I felt miserable, and I avoided everything and everyone. My everyday life was a struggle. I could not drive, have fun, enter closed places, or feel anything!!! I was numb. Even going to work or getting up every morning was difficult. I wanted to just disappear.

With your help, I managed to overcome everything. It took a while, but recovery takes as long as it takes, right?

Through that time, I became a better person. I learned to live out my values, to relax, to accept myself, and how to contain my feelings!!! Remember, I didn’t even know the meaning of containment and how to apply it !!!

Now, I am happily married and have the most wonderful daughter in the world because you taught me to live the life I wanted to have. I feel blessed everyday of my life.

You said to me that it was a privilege to have been working with me. I say that the privilege was mine.

Thank you Amanda.

Theodora, Greece


I just wanted to take a moment, as now I am healed from those horrible, scary feelings I was having. I owe so much of my healing to you! THANK YOU for giving me my life back.

Although, my anxiety and panics didn't last but a couple of months, I felt so scared and confused as to why I was "all of a sudden" having these thoughts and fearful moments. When I found you, I realized I was not alone. I found someone that understood me, listened to me, heard me, and gave me reasons and ways to overcome my fears.

I wanted to say THANK YOU for your patience and giving me the tools to get through my fearful thoughts and emotions. I have my life back today and I am doing all the things you have asked of me to help continue to keep my life peaceful. Just knowing you are there for me when I need you gives me so much peace and comfort.

Thank you again and again for everything you did for me.

Client from USA

I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help over the last year. I am so grateful that people like you exist, and think that the work you do is so wonderful.

I had almost no knowledge of anxiety or anxiety disorders a few years ago, and certainly had no idea that anxiety is such a prevalent issue in today's world. I have learned so much from you and, and hope that others who experience anxiety look to for guidance.

I feel like I have come a long way in the last year, and though I know
I may experience symptoms in the future, I feel I will be able to cope with them. Talking with you has helped me get to know myself better, and understand myself and my relationships more in a way I was not able to before.

I will do my very best to incorporate the strategies I learned as I start a new adventure. I hope I am able to help others someday the way you have helped me.

I appreciate knowing that you are there should something come up in the future, and am hopeful that I will be successful on my own in anxiety recovery.

Thank you from the bottom for my heart, and I wish you the very best.

V., Eastern Canada

Thank you so much for giving me the tools I've needed to help me with recovery. I've really enjoyed our sessions. Thank you for your help and encouraging words.

I'm so excited for this new beginning in my life. I'm looking forward to keeping up with the strategies, and always keeping Christ first in my life. Thank you again for everything!


In the Spring of 2009, I knew that I had exhausted my own ability to decipher why I was so prone to cycles of anxiety, fear, anger, rage and collapse. The cycles varied in intensity but always followed the same pattern. There was no way out using my own rationality.

If Amanda had told me during that first meeting that my biggest stumbling block to disabling those cycles was to understand and attend to the idolatry that governed my life, I likely would have politely ended our counselling relationship. But by helping me contain and disarm the wild emotions on which I was carried, she created a space where I could see the idolatry of approval that made life so infuriating. Seeing my pursuit of everyone else's approval as true, Biblical idolatry changed my world. 

But getting there was a process I couldn't guide myself. Amanda's guidance led me step by step to see the effects of idolatry, to see the untruths that corrupted my view of God and to see that the struggle to be free is evidence of God's mercy and it is praiseworthy to be involved in the struggle.

"Change is the result of Christ loving me. Change is a result of my heart being transformed by Christ."

I think what drew me on, and still compels me to work toward more freedom, is the gentleness of Amanda's counsel. For those of us with painful histories of Christian family dysfunction, it is essential to work with someone who puts intelligence and compassion ahead of dogma. Amanda amazed me with her capacity to do that. Where I was certain that God was to blame for my suffering, I was able in the end to see only mercy. That was a long way to travel in one year after 40 years of struggle.

My journey with Amanda started where it needed to—where things were first broken—but quickly unfolded into a new understanding of my true identity in Christ. I would have rejected religious platitudes but there never were any. Instead, I was helped in seeing that my cravings for control and approval give life to crippling anxiety. Amanda's patience and compassion led me to see the mercy and compassion that God has poured out in Christ. The idols, and the anxiety they ignite, are no longer in control.

The words "I am a fruit tree" are written in large letters in my notebook. It was a phrase Amanda used only once and very quickly but it always makes me laugh and feel cheerful. It sums up the entire counselling experience despite its brevity. I was created in Christ for good works, I was made to bear good fruit. I am a fruit tree.

L.H., Canada

I want to thank you for all the help and support you have given to me. It has been a crazy ride but I believe the Lord lifted a huge burden in my life and I am looking very positively at my future...I am not afraid of the future anymore.

Client from USA

Thank so much again for your help and support.  To be honest, of all the therapists I have ever worked with, you are by far above and beyond anyone else.  You understand the situation I am in and provide some concrete and tangible feedback which I find extremely valuable and helpful.

Client from USA

Thanks so much.  I think things really are getting better.  I say that because my ability to manage my feelings and reactions seem to be much more under control.  Self-talk is changing, my ability to see things from the outside etc. Again, I don't want to overstate it but I don't want to sell our progress short either.  As you suggested I think the process of getting there is what is different which definitely sets the stage for change.

I am just so thankful for you. I really see God working everything together.  I am really starting to feel like my own person.  Even if that involves risks, changes, etc.  It feels really good and I am sometimes afraid it will not last.  But I think I am through the wall. My perspective seems quite different! Please know that your life and your work really do help to change peoples lives.  What higher calling could you possibly have?

Just remember there are those like me, whom you have helped immeasurably and that your efforts are appreciated more than you may ever know.

I am not the kind of person who ever forgets someone who has been important in my life.  For many years to come I will often think of you and give thanks for where God has placed you in life.  I find this particularly amazing since we most likely will never meet face to face, yet your work has impacted me so greatly.

R.V., U.S.A

I wanted to let you know how much your work with me has helped and how much I value it and appreciate it. I would be no where without your expertise, time, patience and help. My life is so much more enjoyable thanks to you. I wake up everyday looking forward to it instead of dreading it.

In general I am so much more happy! God blessed me by sending you. You and the Anxiety Centre are the true answer to anxiety recovery. Keep up the great work, you really are helping people.

Shelli, USA

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